Top Five Quotes from LaPierre’s 2017 CPAC Speech

Well, boys and girls, the National Rifle Association has a new public enemy number one: the “violent left.”

Yes, with Obama gone and Hillary out of the picture, the NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre had to identify a new target that would strike a chord with the CPAC audience and, more importantly, get members and potential donors to cough up some cold hard cash.

LaPierre settled on the violent left, a nebulous mixture of left-wing judges, mainstream media, radical Islamic terrorists, Berkeley rioters, cartel operatives, anti-Trump protesters, drug dealers and, seemingly, whoever else fits the bill.

In his speech, LaPierre laid out the left’s agenda and urged CPAC supporters to literally “stand up” to show them “you’re ready to stand and fight!” With that in mind, I picked out five quotes that I think really underscore the themes in LaPierre’s CPAC address.

Meet the New Left, Not the Same as the Old Left

“But here’s what’s different from the leftist violence we’ve seen in the past. For the first time, we face an enemy utterly dedicated to destroy not just our country, but also Western civilization.”

To Hell with the Constitution

“The Left’s violence against America has taken many forms. For example, left-wing judicial activism can be a form of violence against our constitutional system. Look at judicial efforts to block President Trump’s executive order to take a longer look at people coming from countries that sponsor or harbor terrorists.”

Lamestream Media

“Folks, our country’s under siege from a media carpet-bombing campaign. You can hear it in their tone, their sneers. You can literally see the distain on their faces. Everything from their word choices to their inflection is trained on one target: Purposely and maliciously destroying the Trump presidency. No matter what it takes and no matter what that costs.”

O Captain! My Captain!

“Folks, the media said we were arranging deck chairs on the Titanic by backing Trump. But we’re still standing. We’re still here. And we’ve got President Trump’s back for the next eight years.”

Get Off My Lawn!

“And make no mistake: If the violent Left brings their terror to our communities, our neighborhoods or into our homes, they will be met with the resolve, the strength and the full force of American freedom in the hands of the American people. And we will win because WE are the majority!”


To recap, the violent left wants to destroy Western civilization. One of the ways it is working to achieve that goal is via left-wing judicial activism that seeks to tear asunder the Constitution. The media is the mouthpiece for the violent left and it is hellbent on taking down Trump. But the NRA has Trump’s back (our president for the next eight years, BTW). And if violent lefties try to raise hell in our neighborhoods, they got another thing coming.

What are your thoughts on LaPierre’s speech?  Do you agree that the violent left is the biggest existential threat to freedom and our American way of life? 

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Gerald March 6, 2017, 6:21 am

    Lapierre is as silent as John McCain or Mitch McConnell on rolling back anti gun legislation.

    He is just an establishment gas bag who is not really pro second amendment. He is a Fudd. If he was being serious he would mention the 1934 NFA, 1968 GCA, and the 1986 FOPA. He would say he is going to start pushing to repeal them. He should have been doing something long before now. His work should have started happening about 84 years ago, if he and others have been on the side they purport to be on in truth.

    He said what he said because he and others in Congress and the NRA don’t mind have infringements to the second amendment and actually like them. He and other long time members of the federal government ARE the problem.

    Bunch of establishment Fudds.

  • Mike Watkins March 3, 2017, 2:46 pm

    Mr. LaPierre’s job has always been to make sure we’re not asleep, or being lulled to sleep.

    He does it well. And I totally agree with his every word: the Left hasn’t given up; they are bent on destruction of the Nation as it was founded; and they rarely tell the truth or allow an exploitable tragedy to go to waste.

    Gun owners who don’t support the NRA are ignoring our absolute most effective voice in the fight to preserve not just firearms rights, but in large part, the true America that is a light of freedom in the World.

  • Kevin Walker March 3, 2017, 10:56 am

    So, now is the time to take away what the left values most, their power. We have won the election and conservatives continue to make gains on the state & local levels as well. Now is the time to take away the left’s “Money”. Without the infusion of public funds, union dues and free media air time, they will be unable to effectively operate as before.

    Public funds are easy; eliminate college subsidies and federal student loan programs. Federal science grants, except for defense, need to go bye, bye too. Labor Unions need to be 100% transparent in all of their financials to everyone. This includes salaries, gifts, perks, etc for their leadership and their political buddies. The law needs to be changed so that Corporations and Organizations are not “Persons” in a political sense (despite court rulings) and should not be permitted to donate to politicians or 501c3 or give any money for political purposes, etc.

    Broadcasters are easy too. What a waste of bandwidth the broadcast TV stations are today, especially the free extra bandwidth they received when HDTV rolled out. . These license holders of Radio and TV bands need to be shaken up. Frequencies need to be 100% digital and all broadcaster need to re-bid for these licenses. Companies like Clearchannel and network TV companies need to be limited, like in the old days, to owning maybe 10 stations maximum. PBS and National Public radio need to be shut down for good.

    The alphabet agencies that contribute nothing to America, need to be closed and shut down. The Post Office needs to go too, The more power returned to the states and the people, means more freedom and justice for all Americans.

    This is called a “Good Start”

  • Michael Dugas March 3, 2017, 10:25 am

    This political brew-up is really different than those of the past; the Undead Left, whose language is Gutterspeak, have no other program than the destruction of America as a nation-state.

    Sadly, Trump was elected in large part by the aging Boomers, who may be around in 2020, but in much smaller numbers. Hopefully, the generation that is following these ‘destroyers’, that is, the generation of the ‘builders’, is politically savvy enough to recognize the existential threat posed by these dyspeptic, irrational sub-humans.

    If America can crawl back the edge of the abyss into which the ‘destroyers’ are seeking to cast her, then we may have a chance.

    President Trump is doing great, but he needs GOP/RNC support in a united way to achieve what he supports. That, sadly, has not been forthcoming from a political party bent on serving its own selfish needs over that of the nation as a whole. A divided party of the President means a win for the Undead Left.

    • Griffendad March 3, 2017, 11:16 am

      Michael makes a great point! Us Boomers are indeed getting older. We’re the last bastions and descendants of the World War veterans. If we don’t teach the histories to our children all will be lost! We were taught to doubt everything growing up, not at all true today. We’re not part of the Collective.
      I worked for 40 years in mostly Obstetrical confines. I can tell you that we’re being outbred by all sorts of liberal minority groups that have latched onto the free ride mentality. Sometimes at a 4 to 1 clip. All future voters.
      Educate your children!!!

  • Capn Stefano March 3, 2017, 10:22 am

    That speech made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Where’s the beef? It’s way past time for the NRA to finally stand for the real 2nd Amendment, and work hard to overturn the 1968 and 1934 atrocities, and end the BATF tyranny

    If not now, with Congress and the Presidency ours, and with a possible 3 or even more new Constitutionally minded USSC justices, when?

  • Joe March 3, 2017, 5:51 am

    Your Dam straight i’m with LaPierre and the NRA !! Anybody that has been paying attention to the spam that the main stream media has been spoon feeding the voting public for the last eight years knows what kind of con job they have been attempting to pull over on us. I got so sick of it that I had to turn the news off after getting the weather and local news. Fox was the only news channel giving the conservative prospect and after weeding out the spam anybody with a broad spectrum of data input chose Trump over the same o same o prospects in the primary and Hillary in the national elections.
    Keep on the right side and God bless a free USA !!!

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