Tube-Less Nightvision & ACOG Thermal from ATN—SHOT Show 2014

American Technology Network, Corp.

Electronic imaging systems are coming into their own and were much in evidence at this year’s SHOT Show. American Technologies Network, Corp., better known as ATN, has been developing night vision and thermal imaging optics in California since 1995. They introduced a new, high-tech thermal imaging weapons sight, Thor, in 2011. This year, they have an offshoot of Thor—Tico—intended to be used as a clip-on device with daytime scopes such as the ACOG. It has the same features as Thor and has four memory slots that allow you to tune it to different platforms/calibers. Tico starts at $6,195.

In a marriage of optics, electronics and ingenuity, ATN has introduced a new digital weapons sight, X-Sight, this year. X-Sight includes WiFi, GP and Geotagging, and it can record stills or video in 1080p high definition. The optical magnification runs from 3 power to 12 power, with another model that runs all the way to 18power. MSRP is $629 and $749 for these new daytime/nighttime scopes. The X-Sight is revolutionary because it doesn’t use a “Gen” tube, but is instead pure video imaging. We hope to get some of these cool new gun toys out for review from them soon.

In the video is also what appears to be a new zoom-able action cam. Cool stuff!

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  • John Cowles January 29, 2014, 11:10 am

    This appears to be some nice equipment (stuff). Everybody needs stuff and this is the stuff you really need.

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