Viridian Green Laser Auto-On Holsters – SHOT Show 2013

Viridian Green Lasers

In a gunfight microseconds count. Turning on a laser can cost you a bunch of time, so several of the laser companies have come up with different ways to turn on the laser instinctively, without a separate thought operation required. Viridian’s take on it is the Tac-Loc holster, which they call an Enhanced Combat Readiness technology. Marketing terminology aside, the holster actual turns on the laser as you draw it, so you don’t have to put your finger in a certain place and press, and you don’t have to hold the gun in any particular way for the laser to go on. We have not tested this in house, so this Media Day at the range outing was the first we got at it in actual use. If you have been wondering how it actually works, it works great, but be aware that not all of their units fit all of the holsters. If you already have a Viridian green laser, make sure it actually fits the Tac-Loc holster before you buy one. We should have more stuff from Viridian this week. This is kind of a follow up to the introduction at last year’s SHOT Show because we haven’t actually gotten our hands on one over the course of the year. A cool idea is a cool idea, and this one seems to work really good.

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  • Stewart Frederick January 18, 2013, 10:43 am

    Saw the auto green laser video, dont like the button unless its for weapon retention. The laser should know if it is in the holser or out. How about concealed holster with auto laser and NO BUTTON is that a possiblity to?
    It looks like what people want, an unobtrusive reliable auto laser sight for daytime and nightime.

    • Administrator January 18, 2013, 11:16 am

      The button is just for weapon retention.

    • viridian user January 24, 2013, 12:51 pm

      Galco makes the King Tuk holster for Viridian.
      This also has the auto laser activation.
      No holster button

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