Waterfowlers: Protect the Core – New Hardcore Outerwear

MUSKEGON, MI (November 1, 2019) – Waterfowl hunters always keep an eye to the sky. Ideally the scene is filled with high skeins of migrating geese and clouds of ducks. Even better, those skyward glances reveal lower birds, locked-up and descending into the trap of a well-designed decoy spread. But things other than waterfowl come from the skies, too – namely, snow, ice, rain and numbing winds.

These elements are both waterfowler’s friend and foe. Harsh weather conditions drive a constant parade of ducks and geese down the flyways, building bird populations and increasing opportunities for fast-shooting hunting success. But those same conditions can just as quickly send the unprepared hunter hustling back to the comforts of home with an empty strap.

Never cut another hunt short. The entire line of Hard Core hunting clothing was purpose designed as a toolkit for today’s modern waterfowl hunter, delivering ideal, customizable layering combinations for any hunter operating in any conditions or situation. Hard Core’s FOUNDATION, REGULATE, and PROTECTIVE series garments work seamlessly with one another, allowing hunters to choose the right combination of high performance apparel perfectly suited for a successful day’s pursuits.

Hard Core PROTECTIVE Series

Harsh weather conditions are an inevitable part of every waterfowl season. Hard Core PROTECTIVE Series garments are designed to be a force multiplier. When Mother Nature conspires to shut hunts down, Hard Core PROTECTIVE Series apparel makes great hunts happen.

Delivering advanced features like waterproof and windproof options, abrasion-resistant overlays, thermal-mapped Primaloft® insulation and flex-stretch fabrics, Hard Core’s new PROTECTIVE Series consists of six versatile and hardworking outerwear garments available in hunter-preferred Mossy Oak Blades and Veil Avayde camo patterns. Engineered, designed and built for speed and mobility in the myriad ways you hunt, PROTECTIVE Series garments ensure comfort and protection from the elements in the pit, layout blind or marsh rig – no matter the conditions.

Harsh weather is an inevitable part of waterfowling. Everything must function in extremely cold, windy and wet conditions, and the hunter is the key to it all. You can’t kill birds if you’re heading for shelter. Hard Core PROTECTIVE Series apparel has been painstakingly designed and built to be a force multiplier, protecting and preparing the hunter for optimal performance when Mother Nature shows her worst and the birds fly best.Hard Core’s all-new waterfowl apparel is available now, online and at Hard Core clothing dealers nationwide. See the complete line at https://www.hardcore-brands.com/shop/apparel/hunting/.

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