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Welcome to GunsAmerica!

Since 1997, GunsAmerica has brought online gun buyers and sellers together in a safe, easy to use, and inexpensive environment. Our format is primarily classified ads, because most people know what they want to sell their guns (and other stuff) for, so you might as well just ask for that. We also have auctions for items that have a further range of price, but for most guns, auctions are an unneeded, and something of a waste of time and energy.

To post a FREE local ad on GunsAmerica, select the local only option from Start Selling Now!

Local Sales Are Now Completely FREE on GunsAmerica!

Shipping is also a waste for easy to find guns, and easy to sell guns. But with the death of the local newspaper and hostility to anything gun sales related on Facebook, Google and other social media, in 2015 GunsAmerica decided to remove all aftersale fees from any sales within 50 miles of the seller. We call it FREE Local Only.

To prevent abuse, we limit the number of FREE Local Only listings to 5 at a time (dealers, see our programs for you below). This should be enough for even the most active horse trader to post personal guns for sale throughout the year, without ever worrying about a GunsAmerica aftersale fee.

There are never any posting fees on GunsAmerica. But if you choose to pay for one our listing upgrades, please note that FREE Local Only ads are only shown to local buyers on GunsAmerica. They will appear on the line item local ads on the homepage, and they will be interspersed within the national ads when we detect that the buyer is local to you.

National Ad Listings are just as you would expect, as are GunsAmerica Auctions. Our fees are simple. There is a base fee of 2% of the selling price, and for guns there is a $20 minimum fee, and for nonguns a $2 minimum fee. Obviously your National Ad will be shown to all of our 2 – 5 million visitors at GunsAmerica per month. Note that even if you select National when you post a gun/item, there is still no aftersale fee if the buyer is within 50 miles.

Discounted National Selling Fees

We have recently simplified our GunsAmerica Discount Packages to two. The first is called Trusted Seller and costs $49 per month. If you are an FFL dealer in firearms, or a serious horse trader on high ticket guns, the Trusted Seller discount reduces your aftersale fee to 1% with a $10 minimum. It also cuts in half all listing upgrades and gives you permission to bulk upload your listings from an exported file, and if you are an FFL dealer with a store, you can sign up for our 48 Hour Guns distributor feed service (see below). You can also sell all the nonguns you want for free, up to $10,000/month with no aftersale fee.

The other discount package is called Platinum Access and costs $999 per month. It is for gun shops that want to do a lot of business here selling guns, ammo and accessories nationally, and who want a top level presence in our GunsAmerica Local Dealer Advertising ads.

You will find all of the Discount Packages and Customer Connect pricing options on one page.

GunsAmerica Customer Connect

If you go do a search on GunsAmerica, the first thing you will most likely notice is a big map at the top of the search results. These are matches from local dealers who are in our GunsAmerica Customer Connect Local Advertising system. If you aren’t seeing one, change your zip code to 77055 (Houston) or any other red state major metro area.

The monthly fee for the GunsAmerica Customer Connect map, which will reach tens of thousands of buyers per month in most red state metro areas, is $99/month for Local Connect (under the map) and $199/month for Premium Connect (the top of the map).

The only slightly confusing details are that Premium Connect includes a free Trusted Seller discount package, so your fees for National Listings shrink to 1%. And Platinum Access (shown above on Discount Packages) gets Premium Connnect (the top of the map) for free. All also will give you access to all of our Partner Maps. Customer Connect Options are on the same Discount Packages page, and the fee structures will seem much simpler when you see them side by side with each other.

Both Local Connect and Premium Connect allow you to bust the 5 limit on Local Only ads as well. You can upload your inventory directly from your POS system. We also have a “Brochure Mode” option for large gunshops and bigbox stores that don’t want to deal with online payments at all (our Live Checkout uses your merchant account, not ours, so you are paid directly).

The Partner Maps appear on manufacturer websites, and in our own GunsAmerica Digest articles (over 800,000 subscribers). These maps will potentially drive thousands of additional customers into your store, and many of them will have already purchased the gun/item online from you if you have enabled checkout. You will need to go into your Customer Connect local settings page to sign up for the Partner Maps individually. There is no additional cost.

Compared to ads on local radio, billboards, and direct mail, GunsAmerica Customer Connect local advertising is an absolute no-brainer for even the smallest stocking gunshop. You will see buyers in your store right away.

If you are a gun dealer and just want more information for now, please make sure to set up your selling details, and mark yourself as an FFL gun dealer with a store. This will trigger a special email from us explaining all of GunsAmerica Dealer Services. GunsAmerica is a powerful tool to build your gun business.

If You Have a Partner Map Code

The GunsAmerica Customer Connect Partner Maps, like this one at the SCCY Firearms website, will drive customers into your store like nothing you have ever seen. This is FREE with a special code from the manufacturer or your distributor.

We hope to launch GunsAmerica Customer Connect maps on every major manufacturer website within the next 12 months. If you have been contacted by us or one of our partners, inviting you to appear on the map for FREE, don’t worry, THERE IS NO CATCH!

If you have a code, make sure that your seller details are filled out on GunsAmerica, then visit the Customer Connect Settings from your GunsAmerica Dashboard. Set up your ad with your gunshop name and picture, then start selling. You can bulk upload from your POS system, hand post listings for sale, and be sure to also sign up for 48 Hour Guns for the manufacturer who whom you are registering.

To explain a bit, most of the firearm industry manufacturers advertise on GunsAmerica at some point. They judge their success here by how many clicks we send to their website, but until now there was no way for them to turn website visits into direct sales. The Customer Connect Maps provide a way to make everyone happy. The customer gets his or her gun. The gunshop gets a sale with no fees attached (and hopefully a new customer for life), and the manufacturer gets to finally turn ad dollar investments into actual sales.

By registering for one of our partner maps, and posting inventory for sale, and signing up for that manufacturer’s distributor feeds, you are helping GunsAmerica justify the ad dollars that the manufacturers spend with us, and that is why it is 100% FREE for that map.

There is no limit to how many maps you can register. We are currently in Beta with our first major firearm company SCCY Firearms. You can see the map in action at http://www.sccy.com/product/cpx-2-tt-9mm/

As explained above, you can sign up for either Local Connect or Premium Connect and all of the maps will be available to you without requiring a code.

If you have general questions, please email customersupport@gunsamerica.com

For GunsAmerica Dealer Services, please email dealerservices@gunsamerica.com

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