What Makes a Gunsmithing Screwdriver Different?

Do you geek out over guns the way I do? I’m no gunsmith. I’m not even a qualified armorer. But I live very closely with my guns. I know them inside and out. Anytime I can pick up some extra knowledge, I do.

To that end, I’ve just discovered the American Gunsmithing Institute. This is a crazy repository of firearms facts. If you want to build a basic skill set, AGI can help. If you want in depth skills for serious problem solving, they can do that too.


And earlier this week, when I’d run this piece, I had no idea that AGI was in the path of the California fires. While they’re all safe, some of their employees have had to evacuate their homes. AGI is now raising money to help with the relief efforts. Click here to visist AGI and find out more. https://www.americangunsmith.com/app/offercodes/redeem/FIRE15GA


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