Winchester Awarded $145M U.S. Army Pistol Ammunition Contract

(Photo: Winchester/Facebook)

EAST ALTON, IL (April 20, 2022) — The U.S. Army Contracting Command has awarded Winchester a significant contract for pistol ammunition that will be manufactured at Winchester’s facilities in Oxford, Mississippi, and East Alton, Illinois. 

Winchester® was awarded a contract to manufacture .38 caliber, .45 caliber and 9mm ammunition with a potential value of $145,000,000. Winchester is the largest supplier of small-caliber ammunition to the U.S. Military, and this five-year contract award upholds Winchester’s position as the leading supplier of pistol ammunition to the U.S. Military. 

“The Winchester workforce is extremely dedicated to providing high-quality ammunition for the U.S. Warfighter,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester Ammunition. “We will continue to work extremely hard to provide the support required from our U.S. Military.” 

About Winchester Ammunition

Winchester is the largest small caliber ammunition enterprise in the world and the leader in delivering innovative ammunition products to hunters, sport shooters, law enforcement and the U.S. Warfighter. The 156-year-old Winchester brand is built on integrity, hard work and a deep focus on its loyal customers. Learn more about Winchester by visiting or connecting with us on Facebook at

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  • Todd April 22, 2022, 10:20 am

    I hope they get better than the average *Winchester White Box* that I have come across.

    I wouldn’t trust that crap in any semi auto of mine if it were a matter of life/death. Rifle or pistol.

  • Abby Normal April 22, 2022, 9:59 am

    There goes another ammo price hike and shortage. I sure am glad I learned to load my own and got stocked up on components because another dry spell is in the making.

  • survivor50 April 21, 2022, 9:27 am

    Seems the 62 gr Green tip is the ” Ammo du Jour ” … and none of the Clubs I shoot at allows them …

    Sooo… The military discovered 55gr Ball wasn’t doing the trick … Wish WE had told them THAT waaaay back when …

    ( Now they’re eyeballing the 6.5 … Hmmm didn’t we use to use a .270 deer round with GREAT success ??? )

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