Your Beloved Scope Deserves Zeiss’s New Rings w/ Bubble Level – SHOT Show 2020

Zeiss’s new Precision Rings include an integrated bubble level.

Scope rings are a simple tool that can either just hold your scope in place, or actively help you become a better shooter. Zeiss’s new Precision Rings have an integrated bubble level to help your shot arrive on target. Plus, they’re machined for reliability.

Built-In Level

Leveling your rifle is essential to hitting the target, and it becomes more necessary the farther you shoot. If your gun is tilted to the right, you will miss low and to the right, and it will be lower and even more to the right at greater shooting distances.

The bubble level is mounted on the corner.

These Precision Rings have the level embedded on the top side corner. That lets you see the bubble while keeping your head in the scope. Just close your scope eye and you can see the level then switch eyes to shoot. (Note: Only one of the two rings come with the level.)

Thoughtfully Designed

The rings’ design looks good and allows for more consistency. Inside, there are three channels machined around both halves. When you tighten the screws the channels allow the torque to distribute more evenly so that you don’t distort the scope tube.

The channels inside help distribute torque and reduce scope deformation.

Instead of a 1/2″ hex nut, Zeiss used a T25 Torx screw for mounting. Underneath, there’s a recoil lug that fits 1913 rails to keep the rings from sliding.

T25 screw for mounting.
A recoil lug to keep it from slipping. Torque specs are printed underneath.

They’ve also machined a fine chamfer into all the edges. That’ll help keep the rings from gouging the paint off your scope and it gives the rings a softer edge.

All the edges are chamfered to save the paint on your scope.

All Sizes

Zeiss’s Precision Rings come in 30mm, 34mm, and 36mm and heights from low to extra high. They come in a hard case and include T15 and T25 Torx bits for mounting. They range from $179 to $199. Check them out at

Top view of the ring with the bubble on the left.

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