ZCO Drops A New Reticle: The MPCT 3 Changes the Game! – SHOT Show 2020

When you combine top-of-the-line optics with designers that have actual field experience, you get an amazingly high quality and versatile Zero Compromise Optic. New for 2020, they are offering their new MPCT 3 reticle in the ZC420 and ZC527 models.

ZCO’s new reticle is designed for the precision rifle shooter, whether that person is in law enforcement or military, civilian rifle competitions or hunting in the field, their system is designed to provide you with an edge over other optics.

The MPCT 3’s most noticeable addition is dubbed the “fatal funnel”; to law enforcement, this will sound familiar. It doesn’t have anything to do with doorways, but it has everything to do with ranging targets quickly and accurately in the reticle based on size.

The new MPCT 3 reticle is not yet on ZCO’s website, so take a look at it here.

This “fatal funnel” is designed for ranging 4 different sized targets; 18″, 12″, 9″ and 6″. All you have to do is superimpose the fatal funnel over your target of known size and line it up appropriately and read the distance. For example, you have a 12″ target and when you place the fatal funnel over it, one edge on the right side of the funnel and the other edge on the left side. Then, you take note that the target touches the left side of the funnel in-between the 4 and 5. This tells you that the 12″ target is ~450 yards away without the use of a rangefinder.

Other changes to the reticle include replaced full MIL hashes with open circles, opening up the center crosshair, adding a dropdown that accommodates a 308 Win. shooting a 175 SMK in standard conditions with a 20 MPH crosswind. Zero Compromise Optic chose to add these holdovers because basically any other long-range caliber will fit within this reticle beyond 1,000 yards.

Another subtle addition is the 3R and 3L designation on the dropdown reticle. This was added to designate a 3 MIL hold left and right. The eye starts to lose track after about 3 MILS in most reticles, so ZCO chose to add this in to improve speed and efficiency in finding holds over 3 MILs. Within the dropdown reticle, you will also notice the continued theme of open circles at each full MIL value. The purpose of this is twofold; the circles draw the eye more easily to full values, and when on the lowest power, these circles will stand out more when illuminated. This makes them useful while shooting even on the lowest magnification.

There are other additions and ways to use this reticle, but ultimately, this is left to the end-user. I like what I see, and I think anyone who has an application for this optic will as well.

Noteworthy Changes

  • “fatal funnel” for ranging 6,9,12 and 18″ targets
  • decluttered crosshair
  • half MIL tics across the reticle
  • open circles at full MIL values
  • drop down reticle designed for a 308 Win. with 20 MPH crosswind
  • 3 MIL wind hold designations

Learn more aboutZero Compromise Optic‘s new reticle!

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About the author: Riley Baxter is an avid and experienced hunter, shooter, outdoorsman, and he’s worked in the backcountry guiding for an outfitter. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Check out Riley’s Instagram @Shooter300

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  • Justin Barnes January 28, 2020, 11:26 am

    Still prefer the ACSS reticles from Primary Arms. Dimitri is the man when it comes to designing reticles

  • Mad Mac January 28, 2020, 8:36 am

    Aaaargh !!! So near, yet so far.

    The “Fatal Funnel” concept is something I’ve been looking for in a hunting rifle scope since taking tank gunnery in 1969. The M60 tank main gun optical sight was a binocular fixed 10 power. It had a reticle with parabolic curves. They were designed in such a way that when a Russian tank about 20 feet long fit between the curves the correct elevation was achieved for a 105mm high explosive anti-tank round (HEAT). If the tank was facing you it was about 10 feet wide. Fit the tank between the centerline and one curve, shift the centerline to the middle of the tank and bring on the HEAT.

    In my view, ZCO has missed the main advantage of their “Fatal Funnel”. It should be used not only for ranging but for instantaneously achieving the correct hold off. It would combine a ranging reticle a with bullet drop compensating (BDC) reticle in one reticle.

    This solves the main two problems for hunters, the range and the hold off. Fit the critter in the parabolic curves and press the trigger. Now that is a “Fatal Funnel”.

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