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Out of the Box MOA

A New Generation of Hunting Rifle
Pick up just about any gun magazine these days and you will see ads for MOA accuracy, guaranteed, out of the box. MOA means "minute of angle", which is 1/360th of a circle. It seems like a great selling point and I'm sure it sells a lot of guns, but I wondered if the claims were actually true. If you don't understand MOA it is understandable. What does a fraction of a circle have to do with the accuracy of a rilfe? But we'll get to that.

Not everyone is capable of shooting MOA, even with the most accurate rifle, so I employed our local neighborhood US Army Sniper (and GunsAmerica Magazine contributor), Ben Becker. The results are astounding. All of the rifles we tested (and we didn't just test rifles that advertise MOA) shot into or nearly into a minute of angle at 100 yards. Some even did it for 10 and more rounds in a row, without cool down. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are living in the Golden Age of firearms manufacturing ... read more
When I first heard about the Teludyne Tech (TTI) "Straightjacket", I was extremely skeptical. I have seen literally dozens of products come and go over the years that claimed to increase accuracy by "reducing barrel harmonics." I thought that the Straightjacket, if I bothered to waste my time on it, would turn out to be just something else to throw on the pile with all of the bore treatments, weights, stocks, stock beddings, even something resembling electrical tape, that have crossed my path over the years. Nothing, in my opinion, could make a big difference in long range accuracy beyond what we knew up until now. If you want a rifle that would reliably shoot sub-MOA, you had to work up loads, build your own consistent match ammo, bed or free float the action, get the best trigger, the best stock, and especially the best and most expensive barrel. Teludyne wasn't going to convince me that match grade accuracy would come out of a regular stock rifle with their "new technology".

The most absurd about thing about the Teludyne story is what they want you to do with your gun. This is no "try it and see if you like it" product. They want you to send them your rifle, after which they will take it apart, press fit (at something like 50,000 pounds of pressure) a steel sleeve around your barrel, then they fill that sleeve with a proprietary compound, filling in all around your barrel. Then they weld a permanent cap on top, grind and sand your stock down to fit the new inch and a quarter thickness of your new "Straightjacket"ed barrel, then put the whole works back together and send it back to you. ... read more
As many of you know Lipsey's is a large firearms wholesale company in Baton Rouge, LA. They have a history of creating interesting and useful limited edition firearms and before us is one of the best and most interesting I have encountered. The guns are flattop target Bisley-Blackhawk revolvers reminiscent of the good old days and are chambered for one of the most wonderful cartridges of all time, the .44 Smith & Wesson Special. Said another way, they are guns that Elmer Keith, Skeeter Skelton and perhaps even Bill Jordan would have gone to a lot of trouble to own. Beyond, they are very close facsimiles of what I think is the finest revolver ever created, Elmer Keith's No. 5 Colt.

What makes these revolvers so unusual, rare and wonderful is the combination of all three of these features: .44 Special, flattop target and Bisley. With these things we have a wonderful cartridge housed in an elegant target-sighted frame, with the Ruger “Bisley” grip; that to me is the most efficient and shootable revolver grip ever made. It is extremely close to Elmer’s wonderful No. 5. With that I realize many of you are not familiar with this revolver, so we will set the stage ... read more
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