Springfield 1911 Ronin Operator 5″ Unboxed at the Gun Counter

Springfield 1911 Ronin Operator 5″ .45 ACP

The 1911 has been an American icon and favorite for over a century. Using the latest precision manufacturing and quality materials, Springfield Armory resurrected the classic custom 1911 and upgraded it with modern features in their most recent 1911 release – the 5” Ronin Operator .45 ACP. Steel forged components are at the core of the Ronin Operators and were made to withstand a lifetime of service.

The full size 5″ 1911 Ronin Operator from Springfield. Photo taken by: Springfield Armory

All full-size Ronin Operators have a hot salt blued forged carbon steel slide with a forged steel frame. It comes with a soft-sided pistol case, extra fiber optic inserts, and a single 8-round magazine with base pad.  Springfield offers the Ronin Operate in a commander size 4.25” model that features a forged aluminum alloy frame, and is available in 9 mm.

The two tone polished finish is flawless and classic.

A dovetailed fiber optic front sight is matched with a tactical rack white dot rear sight. Both have horizontal serrations to reduce glare, and rear sight has a tactical rack ledge allowing for one handed slide manipulation. The forged carbon steel slide is finished with a hot salt bluing treatment that is polished on the sides and matte everywhere else. Traditional 1911 slide serrations are found at the front and rear of the slide for easy cycling. The hammer is skeletonized and serrated for a better grip. The single-sided thumb safety is easy to engage and has a firm detent. Springfield uses a 5” forged stainless steel, match grade barrel, with a 1:16 twist. The barrel bushing fit is solid and has zero play. The Ronin Operator uses a standard GI recoil system and the recoil plug is checkered.

The machine work is precise and clean. The Ronin Operator is a quality piece.

The forged stainless-steel frame is finished like the slide with polished flat surfaces and matte rounded edges. Hybrid checkered walnut laminate wood grips featuring Springfield’s cross-cannon emblem contrast nicely with the two-tone finish. The steel mainspring housing is finely checkered beautifully machined.  An improved grip safety sports a “memory bump” ensuring the safety is depressed when gripping the gun. The magazine release is swappable with tools and has vertical serrations for added grip texture.

The Ronin Operator features Springfield’s updated Gen 2 Speed Trigger.

Springfield updated the trigger to their Gen 2 Speed Trigger. The trigger is skeletonized and tuned for ultimate performance. The break is crisp, reset is short, and there is very little take-up. It’s everything you would expect from a high-end 1911. One of the most amazing things about the Ronin Operator series is the $849 MSRP.

The Ronin Operator is available now at your local dealer.

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Learn more from Springfield: https://www.springfield-armory.com/1911-series-handguns/1911-ronin-handguns/

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  • Derol F Briscoe February 16, 2021, 9:49 pm

    What are all these Demorat Libs doing on a gun review site? Springfield makes a great 1911 and it’s plenty good for home defense or concealed carry. “the old gringo”

  • Craig Moritz January 24, 2021, 12:08 pm

    I bought one in 9mm. It shoots like a .22 rimfire! I’m amazed at the tasteful selection of accessories and the quality of the construction. My wife shot it and loves it. Now I have to but another.
    Nice job Springfield.

  • Frank Falbo January 24, 2021, 7:12 am

    Great looking gun.

  • Harry Lime January 23, 2021, 10:14 pm

    It’s over, satan won and has the White House. We are finished!

    • John Wadsworth January 25, 2021, 6:49 am

      thats for sure

  • Leonard January 23, 2021, 5:23 pm

    Enough with these 9mm guns. The first pistol I ever qualified with was a model 1911 in .45 ACP, and it hurts to go smaller with poorer results. If you can handle a .45, you can probably handle a 10mm, which works better for me. The weight of the gun is not an objection for me.

    • Nic January January 25, 2021, 2:57 am

      Oh, Ye of little faith! There is a rather large, dedicated group of people sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, who will soon make their presence and intentions known to the world. They cannot abide treason or foreign attacks upon the critical infrastructure of the United States (including our system of elections) when those attacks are supported by treason. All will work out well, but not for everybody.

      • Lidio Ronda-Pagan January 26, 2021, 6:43 pm

        Is very true,now satan is in the White House with his bride.I see the end of America as we know it.I fought for the US and I will gladly do it again.I am 72 ,I hope I can live to give a good fight.

  • Rickey Richard January 23, 2021, 1:52 pm

    Love to have one but to much money for me at the moment.

  • Mike Cornett January 23, 2021, 12:42 pm

    Just remember guys and gals. A single action pistol is NEVER a good home defense gun.
    ONLY a double action.

    • Pete faz January 24, 2021, 4:15 pm


  • robert prosser January 23, 2021, 12:13 pm

    Is the Ronin available in CA?

  • Earl R Griffin January 23, 2021, 11:40 am

    Love these weapons, carried one in Viet Nam.

  • KMacK January 23, 2021, 11:30 am

    The Ronin looks great and promises years of service, and the price is right for the budgeted shooter. Springfield always makes good stuff and this proves it. Will I buy one? Not likely. The price of .45ACP ammo is still sky-high (when you can even get it), and my existing 1911 is still doing fine. Maybe next year when the boom-pills come down in price…

  • James Kane January 23, 2021, 11:16 am

    only 1 magazine ?

  • gonzo 3 January 23, 2021, 11:12 am

    who votes for these ?

  • Charles Jenkins January 23, 2021, 10:48 am

    Springfield is a great weapon and I like it fir it is a good looking weapon and it has a great price.

  • John F. Allan January 23, 2021, 8:29 am

    I am a Cop in Chicago, I just put in my paper work, I am out of here, house is up for sale, looking to buy in Indiana, The hate Police bill H.B. 163 passed, at the last min. The Black Caucus and State’s Att. Kim Foxx added the DECRIMINALIZATION of Heroin and Fentanyl. 2020 SAW 781 KILLED, 1,200 Car Jacking, 2times what he had in 2019 ( remember the cov-19 lock down was on during 2020 ) 37,000 shot shots . We can record all gun shots in the city. 38 % of all O.D.s have Fentanyl mixed in with other drugs. I wish everyone a safe 2021,

  • Nicholas January 23, 2021, 7:27 am

    911 need mounting bar on bottom stainless in front of trigger for laser mont

  • Dalton January 23, 2021, 6:37 am

    Always a democrap

  • Rick January 23, 2021, 5:20 am


  • DeBee Corley January 23, 2021, 5:01 am

    With modern machining, just how much effort would it be to checker the front strap?
    Does anybody shoot at Springfield Armory?

  • Carl G. Scarbrough January 23, 2021, 3:08 am

    Your showing open box on the 45-springfield. not seeing your pricing on this item. Thanks, Carl.

  • Marine Won December 25, 2020, 4:16 pm

    Check out Chicago’s murder rate and violent crime rate in 2020. Another Democratic mayor. It’s worse than ever. Beatljuice as Chicago mayor and Fat Bastard as Illit governor. A leathal combination against law abiding armed Americans.

    • Joseph A. Ramirez January 23, 2021, 8:49 am

      Poor choice of words from a Ratpublican.

    • PB- dave January 23, 2021, 10:24 am

      Yep, and they couldn’t have done it without the support of the likes of SA & RRA ……. guess crapping in your own nest is OK if it benefits you.

    • Rex January 23, 2021, 10:36 am

      ILLinois politicians restrict citizen’s rights unabated. For gun owners, one of the few bright lights is the tenacity of the ISRA. Governor Jelly Bean Pigster, is a patronizing, race baiting, anti Liberty menace.

    • KMacK January 23, 2021, 11:24 am

      The problem with Chicago’s violence can be to a degree laid at the feet of the Police. When the cops are obviously corrupt* and resort to lethal violence at the drop of a hat, you can’t blame the Mayor for all the trouble the city manifests. The Chicago Police Union is little better than a gang itself, blocking attempts at reforming Police Action Policy at every turn.
      And the Democrats… Like the Republicans, they seek out and service those organizations that promise large numbers of votes. They do have to at least appear to be serving these people to keep those votes coming in. Blame our corrupt system, not the parties who have no choice but to operate under its twisted rules.
      *There are honest, non-corrupt cops in Chicago, but the ones who bend the law to do their thing – legal or not – get the coverage, and Violent Cops will produce Violent gangs every time.

      • Blake January 24, 2021, 3:58 pm

        Place the “blame” squarely where it belongs. On the criminal vermin who commit crimes against the general populace!

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