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2 Image(s) Interarms Bulgarian Pattern AK74 5.45x39
This listing is for one new Interarms Bulgarian pattern AK74 chambered in 5.45x39. They feature a Bulgarian AK74 prts kit with an Interarms receiver, chrome lined barrel, and Inter... (read more)
Gun #: 917438389
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 34
4 Image(s) Arsenal Import SGL21-71 Russian Saiga AK47 AK74 7.62x39 Stamped Receiver Unfired
This listing is for one very clean Arsenal import Izhevsk Saiga rifle chambered in 7.62x39. It was manufactured in russia in 2011. It features a chrome lined cold hammer forged ba... (read more)
Gun #: 974006579
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 34
3 Image(s) Bulgarian AK74 sidefolder 5.45x39 w ammo
AK74 sidefolder 5.45x39 with sling and 4 mags. Serial number is BA 30 55XX. Receiver is a Childers model CGH2. Comes with unopened spam can of ammo.Appears to be little used. $11... (read more)
Gun #: 999903468
Seller: Pinetree Pawn
GA Sales: 38
1 Image(s) AK 47 SKS Magazine Mag Pouch , Sling, Cleaning kit , Accessories AK47 -  AK74 - AK 74
New AK 47, AK 74 4-30rd magazine pouch with belt loops, Complete with unissued Oil and solvent bottles, 5 piece unissued cleaning kit, Take down tool,short cleaning ... (read more)
Gun #: 911960060
Seller: Hicapmag
1 Image(s) Russian AK74/RPK 45 Round Molot Manufactured
Rare Molot factory produced Russian Bakelite AK74/RPK caliber 5.45x39 45 round magazine. Magazine is made for the AK74 and RPK rifle systems. Russian Molot factory magazines are co... (read more)
Gun #: 947250629
Seller: BS Sales
1 Image(s) Arsenal SLR104-31 5.45x39 AK74 SLR104FR
This is a true Bulgarian AK74 with folding stock, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, and AK74 brake. It comes with 1 30 round magazine, sling, cleaning kit, oil bottle, and owners ... (read more)
Gun #: 994883409
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 34
2 Image(s) Arsenal SLR104-51 Krinkov AK74 5.45x39 SLR104UR
This is a new Arsenal Krikov style rifle chambered in 5.45x39. It is made in Bulgaria and comes with a folding stock and an SBR ready 16" barrel (all NFA rules apply). 1 30 round m... (read more)
Gun #: 959053041
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 34
14 Image(s) AK47 Parts Kit Arsenal AD Bulgaria 7.62x39 AK-47 / AK74 Excellent Complete except for Barrel, both Trunnions, Receiver & Magazine made on Russian Milling Equipment
NO CA DC CHI CT MA NJ NY PR This item is not a rifle; it is a parts kit with the potential of becoming a rifle. Restrictions apply, however, we cannot ship to civilian non-dealers ... (read more)
Gun #: 913417337
Seller: Robertson Trading Post
GA Sales: 14503
1 Image(s) Acid Tactical® AK47 AK74 WASR Saiga Pistol Grip ABS Polymer Matte Black
Product Features Strong Polycarbon Fiber Material Fits AK47 AK74 Saiga WASR varients and others. Finger Grooves for comfortable Grip. Matte Black Color Easy 1 screw installa... (read more)
Gun #: 932950428
Seller: AcidTactical
GA Sales: 32
Time Left: 6 days 11 hours 26 minutes
1 Image(s) CI M74 SPORTER AK74 RIFLE 5.45X39 CAL. 2-30 ROUND MAGS RI2148-X
Details FEATURES: -Hardwood stock -16.25" barrel -1:8" twist -Side mount rail -Bayonet lug -Two 30-round magazines Additional Information Manufacturer Century 430 S... (read more)
Gun #: 956201840
Seller: GunProArmory
GA Sales: 98
1 Image(s) Russian Saiga 5.45X39 IZ240 AK74 AK 74
This listing is for one new Saiga 5.45X39 rifle. It comes with owners manual and 10 round magazine. These are no longer being imported due to import ban. This may be the last batch... (read more)
Gun #: 941664785
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 34
1 Image(s) AK74 Magazine Mag POUCH , SLING , STRIPPER CLIPS w / LOADER AK-74 New
This sale is for a NEW 4-30rd AK74-AK47 magazine pouch with a New Heavy Duty AK74 Canvas sling,and NEW Oil bottle. Also included are 3 NEW rare original 15rd AK74 stripper clips wi... (read more)
Gun #: 966632082
Seller: Hicapmag
2 Image(s) AK 47-74 2 30rd Magazine Mag Shoulder Pouch AK47 AK74
Rare 2 30rd magazine pouch for AK47 and AK74 magazines. Quality made and military issue, these new pouches have an adjustable shoulder strap and belt loops as well as snap closu... (read more)
Gun #: 958862479
Seller: Hicapmag
4 Image(s) NEW PMI AK74 5.45X39 30RD MAG BLK POLY 10/PACK AK-A6
NEW PMI AK74 5.45X39 30RD MAG BLK POLY 10/PACK AK-A6 ONLY BUY IF YOU INTEND TO BUY! Do not place a BUY IT NOW UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO PURCHASE THE ITEM. Contact me and ask que... (read more)
Gun #: 922657059
GA Sales: 2510
2 Image(s) 2 AK74 BULGARIAN CIRCLE 21 30rd Magazine Mag AK-74  NEW PRE 1194
This sale is for 2 New PREBAN AK74 5.45X39 Bulgarian Arsenal Circle 21 30rd magazines with matching pouch. Those collectors in the know actively seek out these rare magazines. The ... (read more)
Gun #: 941212748
Seller: Hicapmag
4 Image(s) 4 AK74 BULGARIAN CIRCLE 21 30rd Magazine Mag AK-74  NEW  Pre1994
This sale is for 4 New PREBAN AK74 5.45X39 Bulgarian Arsenal Circle 21 30rd magazines with a very good condition Bulgarian 4 mag pouch. Those collectors in the know actively see... (read more)
Gun #: 922693287
Seller: Hicapmag
1 Image(s) 5.45 x 39 ak74 ammunition 5.45x39 ammo surplus
Up for auction is a wooden crate containing 2 sealed tins of military surplus ammunition for an ak74. It is steel core so it makes it AP ammo. Will smoke though 3/16 steel plate. E... (read more)
Gun #: 923672492
Seller: GC Manufacturing
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