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Colt Frontier Scout,22LR,Dakota Territory Commemorative,1966,Rosewood grips,1 of 1000 made,4 3/4
Here is an unfired,47 year old Colt Frontier Scout in 22 Long Rifle,made in 1966 to Commemorate Dakota Territory from 18 ...(read more)
Gun #: 963645967
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Brand New CSC ARMS, LLC "Battle Model" 300 Blackout Stainless barrel 16". This is the hottest round in the market. Every ...(read more)
Gun #: 964913361
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 110
Introducing the NEW GOVERNOR® New. Versatile. Lightweight. The Smith & Wesson Governor revolver puts six rounds of ...(read more)
Gun #: 993176555
Seller: crownvick72
GA Sales: 0

NEW CUSTOM BUILD - BGA "COYOTE ASSAULT" LITE SASS Click on "All Items from POG LLC Black Gun Arsenal" to see our oth ...(read more)
Gun #: 976595245
Seller: POG LLC Black Gun Arsenal (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 380
PRICED HUNDREDS BELOW MSRP!! PRIORITY SHIPPING IS ONLY 25.00!! SKU: 163073 Smith & Wesson’s unique Scandium Alloy h ...(read more)
Gun #: 927616340
Seller: crownvick72
GA Sales: 0
Colt 1911 Government styled 45acp,Baltimore Maryland 250th Anniversary commemorative,gold engraved with ships,etc,faux ivory grips &  beautiful fitted pres case,that is in the shape of an antique book !! made in 1982
This is one of the coolest Colt Commemoratives I have seen in a long time.its a Colt Government style,semi automatic,45 ...(read more)
Gun #: 982057405
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
CSC ARMS AR.308 7.62x51 16
Brand New Model for 2014. CSC ARMS .308 7.62x51 AR 16". This is the the top .308 AR in the market. CSC All Billet receiv ...(read more)
Gun #: 927451340
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 110
Magnum Research,IWI Desert Eagle 50 caliber Hand Cannon,6
Here is another hand cannon 50AE caliber semi automatic Desert Eagle with 6" barrel from Magnum Research/ IMI made in I ...(read more)
Gun #: 953831346
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Ruger LCP 380 Muddy Girl Pistol
The LCP Muddy Girl is designed to be compact and fit a variety of holsters and conceal-carry options. The LCP has a rugg ...(read more)
Gun #: 940290054
Seller: Discount Tactical Supply (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 28
Smith &  Wesson model 36,fully master engraved by Flannery engraving,24K plated,real pearl grips,38spl,1 3/4
Here is another super rare Smith & Wesson model 36 Chiefs Special,round butt J frame,pinned barrel, fully 100% mast ...(read more)
Gun #: 981157746
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
SigSauer P220 in 45 ACP DA/SA
This SigSauer P220 in 45 ACP DA/SA has a 5" barrel and is in very good condition. It comes with Tritium Night Sights, 2 ...(read more)
Gun #: 975794944
GA Sales: 123
CSC ARMS,LLC. "Elite Model" 16" 5.56/.233 Stainless match grade barrel. Our Top of The Line Model with all the best pa ...(read more)
Gun #: 963288160
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 110
Colt SAA 45 Colt,3rd Gen.,fully master engraved by Flannery engraving,cattlebrand style,24k plated,real Ivory grips,4 3/4
Here is another Colt Single Action Army from Flannery Engraving, in 45 Long Colt,6 shots,single action only, 4 3/4" barr ...(read more)
Gun #: 948447740
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Kel-Tec SUB-2000 SA 9mm 16.1
SUB 2000 rifle is a self loading carbine for pistol cartridges. Different versions of the SUB-2000 will accept most mode ...(read more)
Gun #: 975871164
Seller: Parker Custom Arms LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 386
Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad FDE
Sometimes you need something a little different. A full sized battle rifle can be a tight squeeze in your truck or in th ...(read more)
Gun #: 941320925
Seller: Defenders Tactical Arms (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 0
Smith &  Wesson model 500,4
Here is a one of a kind Hand Cannon Masterpiece !! S& W 500,in 4" 500 S& W caliber,that has been polished to a b ...(read more)
Gun #: 997043864
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Brand New CSC ARMS LLC "CQB Model" 10.5" 5.56/.223. This is a NFA Item must be transferred to Class3 dealer to do all th ...(read more)
Gun #: 906090469
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 110
Hi Point 45HC in .45 ACP New in hard case 45HC
This new 45HC(hard case) by Hi Point is chambered in .45acp and made in the USA. It comes with one 9+1 round magazine, o ...(read more)
Gun #: 959800397
Seller: Deals on Guns (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 1217