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Very Early Unaltered 1860 Spencer Carbine 56-56
Very early all original 1860 Model Spencer Carbine, S/N 11527 make is one of the first carbines manufactured. It remain ...(read more)
Gun #: 996422491
Seller: Vintage Arms of Illinois (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 207
Nighthawk Guns &  Ammo Hava Auction
GunsAmerica is proud to present this Guns & Ammo Signature Nighthawk 1911, which is being auctioned in support of H ...(read more)
Gun #: 926514382
Seller: GunsAmerica Charity Auctions
KelTek KSG 12 guage Loaded! TOTALLY TRICKED-OUT!!!
This simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a l ...(read more)
Gun #: 989158104
Seller: TacOpShop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 21
Finally Here Commander size. CSC ARMS,LLC. Hand Fitted 1911 in all Stainless. 45acp. Commander slide with Office Frame b ...(read more)
Gun #: 971213944
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 109
Smith &  Wesson model 66-4,357 magnum,fully 100%+ master engraved by Jeff Flannery,with gold inlays, 2 1/2:earlite grips,1994,awesome one of a kind masterpiece- a work of art !!
S& W Model 66-4, 2 1/2"barrel,357 Magnum or 38 special,Combat Magnum,K Target frame with round butt grip frame,adjus ...(read more)
Gun #: 968815504
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Smith &  Wesson Model 60 no dash,1970,master engraved in deep relief by Clint Finley of Redding Ca.,stag horn heart grips,that look like ivory, 1 3/4
Here is a true work of art,masterpiece S& W Model 60 with no dash,deep relief scroll engraved by master engraver Cl ...(read more)
Gun #: 994448866
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Smith &  Wesson model 66-1,Chicago Police 125 years of service,4
this is a super rare commemorative for the Chicago Police Dept,made in 1980.still looks great after 31 years.might have ...(read more)
Gun #: 983853454
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Wichita Silhouette pistol Mk40 in 7mm IHMSA, bolt action,the next step up from a Remington XP100,hair trigger,dies,&  as accurate as any rifle !! a beauty
Wichita Silhouette pistol,MK40.These are very rare,super accurate long distance single shot bolt action pistols,the next ...(read more)
Gun #: 919860023
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Colt Anaconda Stainless Steel 6 inch Barre, 44 Magnum Colt Factory Letter
This 44 Magnum Stainless Steel Colt Anaconda Revolver has a Six (6) inch Barrel and comes with a COLT HISTORICAL AUTHENT ...(read more)
Gun #: 906607931
Seller: Palm Beach Concepts (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 447
Sharps Old Model 1874 Conversion .45-70, Antique
Here is a Sharps which could probably tell a tale or two. It is a standard factory conversion of the venerable .52 calib ...(read more)
Gun #: 965296374
Seller: Columbia Precision (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 352
Hi Point JCP  in .40 S& W New in box
This new Hi Point JCP is chambered in .40 S& W and comes with one 9+1 round magazine, optional three dot or ghost ri ...(read more)
Gun #: 977664545
Seller: Deals on Guns (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 1193
Ruger mini-14 Stainless Steel in .223. This is a lightly used gun with a collapsible Choate Synthetic Stock. The gun and ...(read more)
Gun #: 995349628
Seller: POG LLC Black Gun Arsenal (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 373
This is a real Colt type after market case set. The revolvers are Colt. both are numbered. One is US 2422 and the oth ...(read more)
Gun #: 962215208
Seller: Dnmerc
GA Sales: 4
Kel-Tec P3AT Parkerized Black in .380acp  P-3AT New in case
This new Kel-Tec P-3AT in .380acp. is high quality and light weight (only 9 ounces empty) . It comes with one 6+1 roun ...(read more)
Gun #: 948601624
Seller: Deals on Guns (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 1193
Smith &  Wesson .32 Regulation Police S& W - Pre War - 98% Condition
Offered for your consideration is this fine Smith & Wesson .32 Regulation Police revolver in 98% condition. This ea ...(read more)
Gun #: 965804844
Seller: JP Winchesters
GA Sales: 58
Colt 1st Generation SAA  Documented Texas Cowboy Colt Single Action Army Revolver c. 1904 in 38-40
Here is a very real Cowboy Colt Single Action Army revolver used in Texas after the turn of the last century. This is a ...(read more)
Gun #: 963411510
Seller: Columbia Precision (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 352
Please consider adding this beautiful and RARE Remington 600 Magnum scout rifle chambered .350 Remington to your collect ...(read more)
Gun #: 970488243
Seller: Sportsmen's Supply (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 28
Springfield Armory XD-M, .40S& W, 5.25" Competition pistol. ~500 rounds fired. Includes standard Springfield Armory ...(read more)
Gun #: 957143529
Seller: eruffini
GA Sales: 0