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Colt SAA 3 1/2
SALE PENDING-AWAITING FUNDS.Here is a beautiful like new Colt SAA with a 3 1/2" barrel,in 44-40 caliber, 6 shots,single ...(read more)
Gun #: 940276665
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
America Remembers 216 OF 300 Uberti 1873
America Remembers Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Tribute A Model 1873 Rifle Honoring The Legendary Stars Of Buffalo Bill’ ...(read more)
Gun #: 959014212
Seller: msternal
GA Sales: 0
Slide Fire SSAK-47 XRS RH OR LH, $189.99 SHIPS FREE, NO CC FEE
***FREE SHIPPING"*** ***AND*** ***NO CC FEES*** ***SLIDE FIRE*** ***SFS SSAK-47 XRS RH OR LH Black*** PAYMENT: N ...(read more)
Gun #: 980577672
Seller: Nashville Gun Shop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 154
Colt 1908 Vest Pocket 25auto,hammerless,grip safety,made in 1913 or earlier-over 100 years old ! fully re-finished in bright nickel-as new !!
Here is another Colt 1908 Vest Pocket,2" barrel hammerless,with grip safety,& made in 1913 or earlier,so its at lea ...(read more)
Gun #: 975676043
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Custom Ruger #1, .350 Rem. mag/ Minox 3X15 Z5 scope!
CUSTOM stock of XXX English Walnut, Custom barrel .350 Rem. mag. Lyman banded front sight. Pachmayer Decelerator pad. Sh ...(read more)
Gun #: 910063044
Seller: shubey
GA Sales: 2
CSC ARMS AR.308 7.62x51 16
Brand New Model for 2014. CSC ARMS .308 7.62x51 AR 16". This is the the top .308 AR in the market. CSC All Billet receiv ...(read more)
Gun #: 983173741
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 106
Smith &  Wesson Model 500,4
This is the biggest,baddest double action hand cannon ever made, with the shortest barrel of 4" !! its the S& W 500 ...(read more)
Gun #: 975816044
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Magnum Research Desert Eagle-rare 10
Here is a really beautiful Hand Cannon Desert Eagle from Magnum Research & made in the USA with the very rare 10" ...(read more)
Gun #: 987496060
Seller: Bob Simpson (FFL Dealer)
Brand New CSC ARMS 5.56/.223 "Basic Model" With Reaper Skulls Camo . The lowest price on Billet receivers AR15. CSC Bill ...(read more)
Gun #: 911244591
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 106
Colt Police Positve, 32 Police, 98% very nice, 1925
Colt Police Positive, 4 inch bbl, Colt 32 Police CTG. 98% finish, no chips or cracks in grips. SN 203010. I believe this ...(read more)
Gun #: 925032694
Seller: Nicks Pawn Shop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 43
Winchester/Navy Arms1873 Turnbill 357, 24 inch bbl
Winchester 1873 Navy Arms/Turnbull Reissue, 357 mag, 24 inch bbl. This gun was manufactured by Winchester/Miroku. Navy A ...(read more)
Gun #: 944146847
Seller: Nicks Pawn Shop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 43
Cimarron Model P .45LC 5.5
Very nice Cimarron revolver. 5.5" barrel in .45 LC (colt). Cimarron Model P Single Action Army Revolver .45 Long C ...(read more)
Gun #: 972858082
Seller: firearms4sale dot net (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 17
Winchester Model 21 Duck - 12 Gauge SxS
Winchester Model 21 Duck - 12 Gauge SxS Shotgun NICE ORIGINAL GUN, 32", 3" MAG General Specs: Winchester, 12 Gauge ...(read more)
Gun #: 931669929
Seller: Vintage Firearms Inc (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 212
W.W. Greener 12 Bore SxS Shotgun CROWN GRADE?, 1893, FULL COVERAGE SCROLL General Specs: W.W. Greener, Year 1893, ...(read more)
Gun #: 914226334
Seller: Vintage Firearms Inc (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 212
Remington Rolling Block Saddle Ring Carbine SRC 45-70 Indian Wars 1870s Antique No FFL
Nice vintage Remington Rolling Block saddle ring carbine from the 1870s in 45-70 with Indian style brass tack patterns. ...(read more)
Gun #: 963305247
Seller: JP Winchesters
GA Sales: 55
54 caliber armsport sharps rifle UNFIRED display model
UNFIRED display model
Gun #: 903448186
Seller: The Hunters Shop (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 352
Semi-Custom 7mm-08 Bolt Action Rifle / Pac-Nor barrel
Never fired. New (2013) Remington 700. Pac-Nor installed, chambered, and head-spaced their custom 22 inch barrel, 9.5 ...(read more)
Gun #: 992275849
Seller: PRUND
GA Sales: 0
Brand New CSC ARMS "AR Pistol" 5.56/.223 10.5" barrel. This firearm is a hot item. Everyone has been asking for AR pisto ...(read more)
Gun #: 962476348
Seller: CSC ARMS LLC (FFL Dealer)
GA Sales: 106