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  • Review: Century Arms' USA-Made VSKA AK47
    We introduced Century Arms' new, American-made AK at SHOT Show 2019. It's the 7.62x39mm-shooting VSKA (pronounced vis-kuh, and, even though it's made in the USA, it sounds better with an Eastern European accent). I've had some time with this gun and I've put a few rounds through it, and I've carried it around a lot. I like it. Let me show you why.
  • Factory to Table Part - 1: The MiniFix Pistol by Q
    To take a 30,000 foot view of the MiniFix, and subsequently The Fix, it looks by all accounts almost like a bolt action dropped into a chassis.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The rifle (and in this case pistol) was designed and built from the ground up, from scratch.  The approach being to make a lightweight, accurate and ergonomic bolt action.  They decidedly achieved this with the design.
  • Three Shots That Doused the Light: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
    Yitzhak Rabin was a politician, statesman, and general who served as the fifth Prime Minister of Israel. He was also assassinated with a Beretta 84F.
  • MK Machining's Original MK1 Bullpup Chassis Reviewed & New MK2 Chassis Revealed
    The MK1 Bullpup Chassis is made by MK Machining and allows you to shorten any Remington 700 pattern rifle by nearly a foot without cutting precious inches off of the barrel. There are several reasons this can be advantageous which include the ability to add a suppressor without the gun becoming unreasonably long, putting the weight further back toward the shoulder, making the gun easier to shoot unsupported and shortening the gun to be easier to store and carry.
  • SIG P210: A Legend Returns
    Out of the box, the P210 feels like it was made for your hand. It's pretty impressive. There's no telling what this pistol is capable of.
  • Springfield 1911 EMP Unboxed at the Gun Counter
    Springfield has completely redesigned, and patented, the 1911 EMP with a shorter action and overall smaller dimensions than a standard 1911. The result is a reliable, ergonomic design that’s easy to conceal and a pleasure to shoot.
  • Side Cocking AR That Feeds From MP5 Magazines: Quarter Circle 10/ Strike Industries 9mm AR Build
    The new gun at SHOT 2019 was the MP-5. Importers and American companies are supplying clones and new AR pistol caliber carbines now run MP-5 magazines. Quarter Circle 10 (QC10) and Strike Industries (SI) are at the front of that movement and plug the excellent MP-5 magazine into the All-American AR to make a world-class 9mm carbine.
  • Mossberg’s New MC1 SC - Elmer Fudd Gets His CCW
    Mention the name Mossberg to anyone at the range, and they will almost certainly have a mental image of a shotgun. Depending upon the individual, that image might be a long shotgun for hunting waterfowl or it might be the more tactical Model 500, but you can bet that mental image is not of a tiny polymer-framed 9mm handgun. That’s about to change!
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