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  • The AccuSight Pistol Sight Tool from Lyman: Another Valuable Tool for the Work Bench
    If you are a licensed gunsmith, DIY oriented gun owner, or someone who will inevitably tinker with their equipment, Lyman's new AccuSight pistol sight tool will be a valuable asset to you for adjusting dovetail pistol sights. This tool is extremely versatile, fitting most pistol slides, including Glock and 1911 styles.
  • What Makes the Perfect Knife? Sandrin's TCK 2.0
    The only thing a knife needs to be all the time is sharp, and Sandrin's TCK 2.0 is always razor-sharp.
  • Springfield's New Elite XD-M Pistols - New Trigger, New Grip Safety, Bigger Mags - Full Review
    These new XDm Elites are everything that they suggest in the name. I was able to get my hands on all four new additions in order to test them and develop an opinion on them that I can now share. Here's your first look into the XDm Elites: The trigger is superb, they proved extremely reliable, the grip safety is redesigned and consequently more comfortable and reliably activated, and the magazine capacity is bigger than it has ever been, and so on.
  • Springfield Armory 911 9mm Unboxed at the Gun Counter
    The Springfield Armory 911, now available in 9mm, offers ultimate concealability with the familiarity and controls of a traditional 1911. It comes standard with a 6 round flush fit magazine, a 7 round extended magazine, and a soft sided pistol case with included pocket holster.
  • The 5 Best Glock 48 Holsters
    There’s a wide world of holsters out there and the options are practically endless, so be persistent and you’ll find the right one for you and your G48.
  • Back in Black: The Hot New Gun for 2020 is an MP5
    The MP5 was the go-to submachine gun of the cold war. It was a Hollywood chick magnet and the movies made it the sex symbol of a generation. Where the MP5 came from and where it went is a twisted tale of terrorism and ballistics.
  • OSS Redesigns the 22LR Suppressor: The RAD22 Full Review
    Because of the unique design of the "Flow Baffle," the expanding gasses are slowed and routed radially, between the outer tube and the core to then exit out of vent holes at the muzzle. This high pressure flow carries with it a ton of lead and carbon into the open atmosphere, keeping the inside much cleaner than traditional cans.
  • A Full-Bore Bloodbath South of the Border
    One need look no further than our Mexican friends to the south to find a nation embroiled in war.
  • SCCY 9mm Pistol Review: Sub $350 Red Dot Equipped
    This week, I got my hands on what may very well be the best deal in firearms today. If I told you a new, all American made, red dot sight INCLUDED pistol was $339, would you assume I meant only out of my trunk, behind the 7-11?
  • AR15, AK47, and SCAR have a Baby: Meet the M10X World Rifle
    A gun review 2 years in the making has finally happened, and I for one could not be more excited! The M10X has finally arrived, and what timing! We rarely see true innovation in the firearms industry, and rarer still in 7.62x39. But this one is going to rock your socks off.
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