Captured! Muddy Matrix Cellular Trail Camera Review

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For those in search of an all-encompassing cellular trail camera, the Muddy Matrix stands out as a compelling option. With its impressive array of features, including high-resolution 36MP imaging, 1080P full HD video with audio, and an extensive 80-foot detection range, the Muddy Matrix is ready to capture the wildlife traversing your target area. Notably, Muddy offers one of the most cost-effective cellular subscription plans in the market, further solidifying the Matrix as a top choice for a cellular trail camera.

Muddy Matrix Specifications:

Image Resolution: 36MP/8MP/4MP
Video Resolution: 1080P Full HD Video with audio
Illumination: 4 Power LEDs 850nm
Reflex Trigger: 0.4-second trigger speed
Battery Operation: 8 AA Batteries
Recovery Time Out: 5 – 180 seconds
Image Data: Camera / Time / Date / Moon / Temp
Photo Burst: 1-3 Image Sequence
Detection: 80 Foot Range

Out of the Box

From the factory, Muddy provides an antenna, strap, owner’s manual, and a Matrix camera sticker in the package. Although batteries and an SD memory card aren’t included, simply insert them, and you’re ready to deploy this trail camera at your favorite hunting spot. While the camera seamlessly functions as a conventional trail camera out of the box, it is specifically designed for cellular functionality. If you purchase the subscription, it enables direct image transmission to a downloadable app on your phone. Nevertheless, during the off-season, the Matrix can function as a standard trail camera when instant detection is not a priority.

Two Muddy Matrix cameras with included contents
Two Muddy Matrix cameras with included contents

Picture Quality

When using the Muddy Matrix, the first thing that surprised me was the image quality. Taking up to 36MP pictures, the resolution is quite clear. All the images presented in this article undergo compression, which does not fully showcase the camera’s true capabilities. However, they give a good perception of what the camera is capable of. Day or night, the Matrix provides clear and high-definition photos. Those seeking to conserve memory on their removable SD card can opt for 8MP or 4MP pictures as well.

Deer and Turkey enjoying the sunset together
Deer and Turkey enjoying the sunset together
Three bucks playing it smart and only coming out after dark
Three bucks playing it smart and only coming out after dark

In addition to pictures, the Matrix is also capable of taking 1080P Full HD Videos with audio. Muddy’s most affordable cellular subscription is currently $5 a month. With this plan, users have the capacity to transmit 200 video previews and 600 photos per month.

Movement Detection

The Muddy Matrix has an impressive 80ft detection and flash range. This allows for long-distance camera activation for cameras placed in more open environments. Adjusting the sensitivity for movement can prevent the camera from capturing endless pictures of grass blowing in the wind. At first I received pictures as rapidly as the Recovery Timeout was set. However, adjusting this factory pre-set helped tremendously.

Captured! Muddy Matrix Cellular Trail Camera Review

Harnessing an ultra-swift 0.4-second trigger, the Muddy Matrix excels in capturing even the fastest of deer dashing across its lens. Its customizable Recovery Timeout, which users can set anywhere between 5 to 180 seconds, presents an advantageous feature. This flexibility allows for swift follow-up photos or a more deliberate, spaced-out sequence, ensuring optimal utilization of allotted photos in non-unlimited subscription plans.

Bobcat caught a rabbit and decided to show off his evening meal
Bobcat caught a rabbit and decided to show off his evening meal

Muddy Matrix Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, this varies widely based on different criteria. While weather plays a part, the amount of pictures and videos being taken and especially transmitted cellular make a difference. During the past few months, I was able to get the 8 AA batteries it takes to run the Matrix around 1 month taking an average of 40 pictures a day.


While some trail cameras feel cheap and cheesy, the Muddy Matrix feels solid and robust. The polymer housing gives the camera a water-resistance rating which held up just fine through the rain and sleet. The housing features a RUB decoration and also has a natural finish that helps it blend with any tree to which it is mounted. Throughout this review, both Matrix cameras I had set out ran without an issue.

Cell Service

One thing cellular trail cameras need to transmit your photos remotely is cellular service. To address this and the potential lack of coverage, Muddy has a dual network AT&T and Verizon carrier with preinstalled SIM cards. This allows the Matrix to automatically detect which carrier has the best signal to ensure you still receive your pictures sent wirelessly to the app. While cell service varies by location, checking AT&T and Verizon coverage maps or your own cell phone coverage at your hunting location should give you some idea of compatibility.

Captured! Muddy Matrix Cellular Trail Camera Review
Captured! Muddy Matrix Cellular Trail Camera Review

Mobile App for the Muddy Matrix

Navigating the Muddy Stealth Cam Command Pro app is swift and user-friendly, providing seamless connectivity with the Matrix using your cellphone from any location. Among its standout features is Muddy’s innovative ON DEMAND function, allowing you to remotely control the camera to instantly capture real-time photos and videos of your hunting area. This is perfect for checking the target location before making a move to the area where the Matrix is set up.

The app wirelessly receives photos and videos directly using the cell service and subscription plan. This allows multiple users to share a camera and have access to the media captured. The system transmits HD images within about 30-90 seconds. This provides prompt access to the captured content. Currently, all subscription plans include HD photos so everything sent to the app is very clear. In contrast to other cellular trail cameras that may compromise image quality during wireless transmission, the Matrix excels in maintaining clarity – making tasks such as counting the points on a buck a breeze.


The Muddy Matrix proves to be an excellent choice for a cellular trail camera and has an MSRP of $119. Its industry-leading subscription pricing, starting at just $5 a month, makes it quite accessible. Sheathed in a robust camouflage housing, the Matrix blends into its surroundings, offering discreet surveillance. The innovative ON DEMAND function sets it apart, allowing users to remotely command real-time captures. Adding to its user-friendly appeal is the wireless Stealth Cam Command Pro app, ensuring convenient connectivity and straightforward navigation. With its advanced features and ease of use, the Muddy Matrix stands out as a tough contender in the world of trail cameras.

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