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1 Image(s) Russian Saiga 5.45X39 IZ240 AK74 AK 74
This listing is for one new Saiga 5.45X39 rifle. It comes with owners manual and 10 round magazine. These are no longer being imported due to import ban. This may be the last batch... (read more)
Gun #: 941664785
Seller: LMG Sales
GA Sales: 11
1 Image(s) ARSENAL SLR-104UR 5.45X39 RIFLE 1-30RD MAGAZINE SLR104-51
Details ARSENAL SLR-104UR 5.45X39 RIFLE 1-30RD MAGAZINE Additional Information Manufacturer Arsenal 6959 Speedway Blvd, W-109 Las Vegas, NV 89115 Ma... (read more)
Gun #: 957758757
Seller: GunProArmory
GA Sales: 20
1 Image(s) ARSENAL SGL31-68 SAIGA RIFLE 5.45X39 CALIBER 1-30RD MAG SGL3168
Details FEATURES: -16.3" chrome lined hammer-forged barrel -Black color polymer stock set -Standard mil-spec handguards -Black synthetic stock -Stainless steel heat shield ... (read more)
Gun #: 965680593
Seller: GunProArmory
GA Sales: 20
5 Image(s) AK74 Manufactured by Armory USA
AK74 Manufactured by Armory USA Model AUSA Semi-Auto Rifle, Hard Case with Bayonet, Sling, Stripper Clips & Original Magazine, 500 Rounds Ammo, 4 Magazine Pouch Set. 16" Barrel... (read more)
Gun #: 903606614
Seller: J B Armstrong
GA Sales: 2
Time Left: 2 days 22 hours 39 minutes
1 Image(s) CI M74 SPORTER AK74 RIFLE 5.45X39 CAL. 2-30 ROUND MAGS RI2148-X
Details FEATURES: -Hardwood stock -16.25" barrel -1:8" twist -Side mount rail -Bayonet lug -Two 30-round magazines Additional Information Manufacturer Century 430 S... (read more)
Gun #: 924329481
Seller: GunProArmory
GA Sales: 20
1 Image(s) 5.45x39mm
NIB 1 crate of 5.45x39mm surplus ammo. 2160 rounds total. I bought this ammo in hopes of purchasing a rifle to shoot it, but I never did. Now I'm looking to sell. (read more)
Gun #: 943872443
Seller: GA_1688544
4 Image(s) AK-74  ROMANIAN   MADE (CAI   IMPORT)
Gun #: 993738695
Seller: E and L Sports
GA Sales: 2046
1 Image(s) AKS-74U Short Barrel Rifle
Include in this package is AKS-74U XS Sights AK Lightning Bolt Gen 1 AK Lightning Lever Entire Gun Has Been Ceramic Coated Vertival Fore end Grip 2 Pic Rails ... (read more)
Gun #: 978354474
Seller: Colorado Shooting Sports
2 Image(s) SAIGA IZ-240 5.45X39 GGG-17-2
Gun #: 970353176
1 Image(s) saiga ak 74
fired a couple hundred rounds through it. very accurate. very custom. took a while for me to get it how i wanted it to look, but unfortunatly something came up in my life and i hav... (read more)
Gun #: 984405899
Seller: markafella
1 Image(s) Saiga AK74 Rifle Caliber 5.45x39
This is a Russian Saiga AK74 IZ 240 rifle in the popular, hard hitting and flat shooting Cal. 5.45x39.This rifle was manufactured at the world famous Izhmash Russian military ars... (read more)
Gun #: 909745953
Seller: BS Sales
8 Image(s) Arsenal SLR 104UR 5.45x39 New ON SALE
ON SALE! DOWN FROM $1339.99 Arsenal SLR 104UR 5.45x39 New Model: SLR 104UR Manufacturer's Product Number: SLR104-51 Condition: New Caliber: 5.45x39 Serial Num... (read more)
Gun #: 920598432
Seller: Boise Gun Company
GA Sales: 1427
5 Image(s) Century Arms M74 Sporter 5.45 x 39 AK-74 Semi-Auto Rifle
Century Arms M74 Sporter 5.45 x 39 Caliber AK-74 Semi-Auto Rifle. 16.25" barrel, flash suppressor, post front sight (no cant on front sight), tangent rear sight, bayonet lug, side ... (read more)
Gun #: 936787574
Seller: Grant County Guns
GA Sales: 667
1 Image(s) Izhmash Saiga in 5.45x39
New RWC Group Saiga in 5.45x39 that has been factory converted. The gun comes with a cleaning kit, lock, box, manual, and 1 30 round magazine. (read more)
Gun #: 975106392
Seller: Jays Guns IV
GA Sales: 287
1 Image(s) Russian Saiga 5.45
This RWC Group/Izhmash Saiga 5.45 rifle fires the 5.45x39mm round. It has a 16" barrel with an overall black finish. This semi-auto rifle has a side mounted scope base. It comes... (read more)
Gun #: 985947216
Seller: Jays Guns and Accessories
7 Image(s) Saiga/Izhmash AK-74 Rifle (5.45 x 39mm)
Brand new Saiga / Izhmash AK-74 Rifle (5.45 x 39mm). This rifle has a 16” barrel along with black synthetic stocks and comes with the manual & one 30 rd. magazine. 3% additional... (read more)
Gun #: 966887426
GA Sales: 490
1 Image(s) AK-74 Nodak NDS-2  5.45X39
AK-74 built on a Nodak NDS-2 receiver 5.45X39 16" barrel Very well built AK-74 with YHM threadee muzzle brake, Rifle Dynamics gas block sight, UTG quad rails, Tapco G2 trigger,... (read more)
Gun #: 922473754
Seller: 2W Tactical
1 Image(s) AK-74 ** 5.45x39 EASTERN BLOC BAKELITE MAGAZINE ** $59.00
AK-74 BAKELITE MAGAZINES - 5.45x39 caliber, Eastern Bloc military bakelite 30 round magazines. NEW $59.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING. CREDIT CARD SAME AS CASH. NO FFL REQUIRED LAYAWA... (read more)
Gun #: 968226453
Seller: Victor Reid
GA Sales: 1510
1 Image(s) Saiga IZ-240 Sporting Rifle 16.2" barrel NIB
Saiga Sporting Rifle Imported by RWC IZ-240 5.45X39 10 Round Mag. 16.2" Barrel. Russian Perfection AK-47/74 Action. Use this Gun to build an AK-74 or keep as is. You get a lot... (read more)
Gun #: 915767534
Seller: M and G Internet Firearms Express
GA Sales: 246
8 Image(s) Molot/Arsenal VEPR 5.45x39 Hunting ON SALE
ON SALE! Down from $699.99 Molot/Arsenal VEPR 5.45x39 Hunting Model: VEPR 5.45x39 Hunting Condition: Used Caliber/Gauge: 5.45x39mm Serial Number: AB0324 Action:... (read more)
Gun #: 965395554
Seller: Boise Gun Company
GA Sales: 1427
1 Image(s) Saiga/Izmash AK Rifle w/ Pistol Grip 5.45X39
Saiga/Izmash AK Pistol Grip 5.45X39 (IZ-240) semi-auto rifle, one 30-round magazine, new, unfired, no bayonet lug, no threaded barrel (16.34"), WARSAW length stock, pistol grip, op... (read more)
Gun #: 966444494
Seller: Jims Gun Shop
4 Image(s) NEW PMI AK74 5.45X39 30RD MAG BLK POLY 10/PACK AK-A6
NEW PMI AK74 5.45X39 30RD MAG BLK POLY 10/PACK AK-A6 ONLY BUY IF YOU INTEND TO BUY! Do not place a BUY IT NOW UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO PURCHASE THE ITEM. Contact me and ask que... (read more)
Gun #: 922657059
GA Sales: 2482
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