SHOT Show 2024

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Unlimited eye relief is a feature of this new red dot from Primary Arms.

Unlimited Eye Relief & No More Red Dot Batteries from Primary Arms — SHOT Show 2024

At SHOT Show 2024, Primary Arms turned heads with their latest optics lineup. Their new Discovery 2024 launch introduces innovative red dots in the GLX and SLX lines.

Kio from Leapers with the ambi AR.

Leapers American-Made Upper & Lower: Fully Ambi! — SHOT Show 2024

Kio, from Leapers, presented a fully ambidextrous upper and lower receiver set, packed with impressive features.

Burris' new clip on thermal.

Check Out Burris’ New Clip-On Thermal — SHOT Show 2024

Josh also presented a versatile clip-on thermal scope, a seamless addition for ARs or hunting rifles. Burris provides smart clip adapters separately in various sizes to ensure compatibility.

Bersa's new 1911s for 2024.

Bersa’s Affordable 1911s and BP13 Prototype — SHOT Show 2024

Bersa made a big splash at SHOT Show 2024, unveiling a new line of 1911 pistols and polymer handguns.

Armasight's new thermal optics.

New Thermals from Armasight — SHOT Show 2024

Steve, from Armasight, walked us through their newest gadgets, including the “Sidekick,” available in both 320 and 640 resolutions, featuring Armasight’s exclusive 12-micron Armor Core.

Nosler has a new line of suppressors.

Brand New Suppressors from Nosler — SHOT Show 2024

Tailored for hunters, this suppressor strikes a balance between sound suppression and portability, making it ideal for carrying in the field.

B&T's suppressor line.

A 4 oz. Can! B&T’s Rotex Suppressor Line! — SHOT Show 2024

When GunsAmerica’s own True Pearce thought he’d seen all the suppressor industry had to offer, B&T’s new creation turned the volume down and the excitement up.

True with the RM1C pistol at SHOT Show 2024.

Rost Martin Debuts Affordable, Feature-Packed RM1C Handgun — SHOT Show 2024

Priced at a competitive $459 MSRP, the Dallas-based firearm manufacturer is firing up the industry with this new offering.

The Rock Chucker from Rock River Arms.

Meet the Rock Chucker! 17 HMR AR-15! — SHOT Show 2024

Unlike traditional AR-15s, which have gas blocks situated much further forward, the Rock Chucker’s gas block is just a short distance from the bolt, making for a compact and efficient system.

The PWS UXR rifle at SHOT Show 2024.

PWS Showcases Versatile UXR Rifle in 7.62 — SHOT Show 2024

At SHOT Show 2024, the PWS booth was buzzing with excitement over their latest offering: the PWS UXR rifle.