Australia: A Nation of Defenseless Victims

NRA investigative reporter Ginny Simone really hit it out of the park with this video.  It appears that it was recorded a little while ago, but nonetheless, the message is still the same.  Australia’s national and mandatory gun buyback program left millions of citizens defenseless, thus making it easier for criminals and evildoers to prey upon them.

In short, it did nothing but create more victims.

“We are a nation of victims,” says Australian Sen. David Leyonhjelm in the video. “You cannot own a gun for self-defense.”

Leyonhjelm goes on to warn other countries: “It’s not something that any country should contemplate, completely disarming the population.”

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  • Martin B November 13, 2015, 4:39 pm

    Ahahahahahah!!! Aussies are stupid. I really mean that. They elect the most corrupt, mendacious, vicious politicians ever to draw breath, and then wonder when they are screwed by them. And their Police leadership has responded to this crime wave by fudging the figures, which is also a world wide tactic. Home invasions become burglaries, murders become unlawful killings, and so on down the line. Nothing is ever reported honestly.

    But those thugs enjoying a heyday in Aussie will have a different time in New Zealand. We have kept our semi autos and pump actions, and we stand ready to defend ourselves, even though that is technically against the law. We have the same “keep ’em in the safe and lock the key away” rules, but our Police are a bit more understanding. There is not the ferocious hoplophobic moevement here, that there is in Oz. That was created by a core coterie of liberal urbanites who all live within a few minutes of a Police station, and can’t conceive of any situation where the Police might be unable to protect them. Oz is very heavily urbanized, and those votes cost the country folk their guns. The townies have never understood the history of how Australia came to be, and how the ANZAC spirit led them to be one of the most fearsome fighting forces ever known. Rommel once said that if he had had the Maori Battalion on his side, he could have taken North Africa.

    You may have heard of the ructions on Christmas Island. This was caused by the Aussies locking up any Kiwis not considered Ausiie enough to stay there. And these same Kiwis (mainly Maoris and Samoans) will be coming home to NZ in the near future. I hope they understand that committing the same offences that got them kicked out of OZ back here, will get them shot dead.

    Wee have a well armed population ready to defend our shores and our homes. Don’t let let that screaming bitch Hillary take your freedom away.

  • SuperG November 13, 2015, 11:48 am

    If you are a politician, and want backing from criminals, always preach gun control. Criminals are all for it. Also, the incidence of knife attacks in Australia went way up too. I’d be willing to bet that the Prime Minister has armed guards as well.

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