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Winchester Match produced the best groups and Lake City the worst with an over one MOA average. Still, not bad for a rifle with a list price of under $750.
With the right pocket pistol, such as this Ruger LC9s, and proper training, you can have everything you need to effectively defend yourself.
The Smith & Wesson 640 M&P.

Why My Concealed Carry Gun is a .357

Know the law Photo, Know the Law: Using deadly force rarely results in being charged, but it almost always results in a law suit. A firm grasp of the law will go a long way in winning the almost inevitable law suit.

5 Things to Consider Before You Carry Concealed

While a large gun with open carry certainly can be comfortable and effective, daily open carry could effect your civil case in the event of a deadly force event.

How the Reasonable Person Should Carry

bullseye camera1

The Bullseye Long Range Target Camera System

With reasonable weight, an easily adjustable stock are excellent accuracy, the Ruger Precision Rifle would make a great gun for almost any long range chore.

The New Ruger Precision Rifle–Everything Done Right?

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