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NEMO XO Review – Groundbreaking Innovation!

Springfield Armory Heavy Operator 10mm w/RMR

New From NRA: Rock River Arms AR-15 .22 LR

Armorer tips for the AR-15 Panic Buyer

U.S. Handgun Used in Two World Wars; It Isn’t a 1911

XDM OSP 4.5 Custom Shop: No Trust Fund Needed

SIG VIRTUS – New Standard In Tough

Black Bear vs. the Mossberg 464 SPX Lever Gun

Hands On With the CZ 527 Carbine Rustic

Remington 870 DM – Follow Up

If You Could Only Own One – P320 X-Carry

Kimber Team Match II

Seekins 6.5 CM – Semi Auto Powerhouse

Glock 19X – A Commander Sized Glock

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