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The C100 pistol from TriStar offers shooters a CZ-75-style pistol from Turkey that delivers amazing performance at a good price.
NAA Sidewinder photo-05-cylinder
The Big Horn Armory Model 89 takes the classic lever-action platform and packs it with .500 S&W Mag. power.
The rifle comes equipped out of the box with a 3-9X scope that is mounted and boresighted.
The G.I. rifle, despite its low price, comes with several upgrades/enhancements such as an enlarged trigger guard and specially textured bolt catch lever.
Desert Eagle L6 thumb_dsc02718_1024
The author shot the Federal load into ballistic gel and received this impressive result.
The TEC-12 proved to be a capable performer on the range.
The author had a custom variant of this .260 Rem. Surgeon Scalpel built with a Proof Research barrel for a lightweight precision rifle.
Note the integral magazine well and x-pattern grooves on the front strap of the pistol.
CCI Makes a .17HMR designed for the A17. It moves about 100fs faster than other loads.
Seeing the Guncrafter .50 GI touch off a round is a thing of beauty.
The MMR is at its heart an improved AR. It takes all the strengths of the basic design and adds thoughtful upgrades and enhancements.

Mossberg MMR AR-15 New M-Lok & Sub MOA – Full Review

The LCP II still has the characteristics that made the first LCP popular—namely compact size yet capable power—and kicks it up a notch.
The 1873 is a classic design, pioneered by Winchester at its birth and offered as a high-quality reproduction today by Uberti.
The handguard is also free-floated - likely a key feature that contributes to the excellent accuracy of this rifle.

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