Dying Website Attacks Gunwriter Jorge Amselle & Lies About NRA

In a last ditch attempt to gain some free national exposure, the dying website “The Truth About Guns” has gone way over the edge and attacked longtime gunwriter Jorge Amselle over his political beliefs. Jorge has been writing for the now defunct Harris Publications, and has been writing for GunsAmerica for the past several months.

I love a good fight as much as the next guy and would not have spoken up, but they went into his Facebook page and published his personal posts. That is off the rails, and shameful.

It is also somewhat personal, and I have have addressed this once before, in a note in an article posted by Blannelberry back when Facebook began to throttle free exposure. This was the last time TTAG wasted everyone’s time searching for free publicity, claiming that gun companies were intentionally targeted, which they were not.

The owner of that blog, Robert Farago, attacked me back in 2012. It was the same basic issue, the fact that I spoke my mind and the blogging community disagreed. What I find really interesting in this case is before that article came out from him, he had visited my SHOT Show booth looking to sell me advertising. Robert, standing right there at my booth, explained to me that he had gotten flack for allowing a left leaning guest to post on his blog, and he told me that it had been the best thing he had ever done for his overall traffic, which at the time was great, despite the negative attention from the bloggers.

His exact quote, because I noted it, was: “The truth is, if this guy didn’t show up I would have had to create him.”

He was talking about the left winger. He also explained that he had registered a number of “The Truth About” domains, and that the gun one happened to have taken off after the ’08 Obama gun boom. Guns were not a big deal for him, he explained, but it was making him money so he ran with it. Robert Farago was never on our side, and the fools who work for him to make him his living shouldn’t.

Fortunately, on the reader side, The Truth About Guns is about to become a footnote, despite all the kicking and screaming. Here is there current Alexa chart.


Now TTAG is claiming that NRA cut ties with Jorge, but all they said was that he was not a current contributor. Hello he is writing for us, and before that he was writing for Harris. NRA took almost two weeks to issue a statement on Sandy Hook. Do you think they would have a board meeting to discuss a response to a gun writer who used to write for them who happens to support Hillary probably because he is afraid Trump will cut his grandmother’s Medicare?

“The Truth..” is that very very very few people vote on the 2nd Amendment alone, and I would say that very few people even rank it above their wallet. People like Jorge can dance around why they claim they support Hillary, but an overwhelming majority of the time it is because they or someone they care about is getting free stuff, and they don’t want it taken away.

So now I’ll get to the whole 1st Amendment issue, and I really shouldn’t have to in this 2nd Amendment space. The 1st Amendment is of course about the government encroaching on our right to free speech, not citizens, and leastwhile useless fake gun bloggers. There is nothing wrong with publicly criticizing Jorge or anyone else’s political beliefs, but don’t treat it like a breaking news story when the guy is just a gunwriter. He isn’t a politician. He isn’t trying to make you do anything. He just knows a lot about guns and can write well, so it’s a gig. It’s ok to work at Starbucks and really prefer tea.

Jorge is of course wrong to vote for or to endorse Hillary Clinton, but if anything it shows he is a fool, or perhaps just ignorant when it comes to politics and the world at large. He has a right to be a fool, for now anyway.

This election is completely irrelevant, because Trump is most likely a shill for the same Oligarchs who have been running Obama, and the Rothchilds run fundraisers for Hillary, so you know she’s in the can. If Trump actually isn’t, and they can’t rig the election against him because the tide is too high, the shakeup will probably involve the real details of 911 making it to the mainstream, as well as what is really going on with Geoengineering, Vaccines, the financial system, and everything else. There will be blood in the streets. I think that Trump stumbled in the debate when he could have slayed her and been done with it suggests he’s in the can.

Anyone who wants things to continue tomorrow like they are today should in fact support Hillary. I’ll be surprised if we even make the election, like really surprised, but if you are a gambling man, I strongly suggest you don’t waste your vote on a third party candidate and just vote for Trump. There is a teeny tiny chance he is for real, and I personally would love to see a coke snorting gangster in The White House for a change.

Oh, and if I were you I would really read my Prepping 101 column, and put away some food. The music has already stopped, and it really doesn’t matter how much people like Jorge hope and think that tomorrow will be just like today, it isn’t going to be, regardless of who is in the White House. Trump is already publicly in favor of the surveillance and security state, and if you sit around watching Fox News all day, you probably are too, which is why we are in such big trouble you have no idea. The billionaires have already stocked their bunkers. Germany recently told their citizens to stock up food and water. Who is going to tell rank and file America if not me?

And as for Jorge, he will continue to write for GunsAmerica, with a byline, as TTAG fades into irrelevance, from whence it never should have escaped.

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  • dan October 2, 2016, 11:08 am

    Anyone with family heritage in/from CUBA….and can support Hillary…trashes THEIR families memories and well being…for those that can remember 1957 and the FIRST thing Fidel did after removing Batista was to remove ALL the guns from the’freedom fighters’ …and only HIS chosen were allowed to retain weapons…the rest is HISTORY….so ANY CUBAN that can support Hillary disrespects his self ,family and heritage….imho

  • Will Drider September 29, 2016, 8:11 pm

    I quit TTAG several months ago when they changed the format discontinuing story lead ins and the constant deversions to advertising sites. It became more of a pain in the ass to then provide anything useful. I told them this was a problem but they continued and we see the results now.

  • Mark N. September 29, 2016, 7:06 pm

    Yes, we know you love to hate on Farago, but is this counter-attack really something any of us out here give a hoot about? Umm, that would be a “no.”

    Oh by the way, where is your current Alexa chart?

    • Paul Helinski September 29, 2016, 9:56 pm

      There is this thing called the internet, and it’s pretty much self serve.

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