‘Good Samaritan’ Saves Arizona Trooper’s Life

(Photo: The Associated Press)

Authorities are only beginning to unravel the incident that took place last Thursday in which a Good Samaritan shot and killed another man who was attacking an Arizona state trooper. No one knows why the suspect ambushed and shot the trooper nor why his car had flipped over into a ditch.

But one thing is certain: the Good Samaritan’s concealed carry firearm allowed him to save the trooper’s life.

“My trooper would not be alive without his assistance,” Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead said of the driver who stopped to assist.

It all started around 4:30am last Thursday. Arizona State Trooper Edward Andersson was responding to reports of gunfire along the median of Interstate 10 west of Tonopah, Arizona.

He pulled up to find a vehicle flipped over in the ditch. He did not immediately see anyone around the vehicle, so he began setting up flares.

The suspect shot Andersson twice as he was lighting flares, once in the shoulder and once in the chest. The attacker proceeded to beat the trooper with his pistol and slam his head into the pavement, according to CBS affiliate KPHO.

That’s when another man—who has yet to be identified and has told the media he does not give interviews—pulled up along the deserted stretch of road and asked the trooper if he needed assistance. The Good Samaritan retrieved his firearm from his truck and warned the suspect to stop his attack. When he refused, the Good Samaritan shot the suspect, who died at the scene.

But Andersson’s life was still in danger.

Fortunately, another man, who CNN has identified as Brian Schober, pulled up to offer assistance. Schober is a former EMT, who says some of his training “probably came back instinctively.”

He calmly used the officer’s radio to call for help and worked to stop Andersson’s bleeding.

“The timing was everything. If the civilian had been there any later the cop would probably have bled out,” Schober said. “If I hadn’t been driving that way at that time, the authorities probably wouldn’t have made it on time and the cop would have died. It was a two-pronged scenario, and we were there at that time for a reason.”

Milstead said the officer’s surgery went well and that it “looks like he will be okay after some recovery.”

But the suspect wasn’t the only casualty of the incident. A woman was found at the scene who had apparently been ejected from the rolled-over vehicle. She was airlifted to the hospital, but she died of her injuries.

Authorities believe the suspect was also involved in the initial car accident, but it’s too early to say for sure.

The Arizona State Troopers Association is now accepting donations to support Andersson and his family.

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  • Damon January 21, 2017, 12:09 pm

    Good job for the Good Samaritan!

    Also, I heard audio of Schober using the police radio to call for help. Impressive. Calm, concise, and all the pertinent information in a hurry. Getting help in such a rapid and effective fashion was at least as instrumental in saving the trooper’s life as the first aid rendered onsite. Well done, sir.

  • Jim January 21, 2017, 8:50 am

    Being a retired LEO and carrying 24/7 I of course would always stop and help a brother or sister Officer in need and if deadly force was required I have no problem pulling the trigger. Still I pray that never happens.
    As for the caliber of the firearm, shot placement and the type of bullet mean everything. FMJ, or hard ball ammo isn’t the best on humans unless you happen to hit the skull, Spinal cord, or the cradle that gives the hips support. Often the 9 is easier to fire than a large caliber pistol. It takes practice and more practice to become proficient using firearms. Like Joe McHugh I also carry the Taurus 24/7 Pro in .45 cal. It hold 12 rds. plus one in the chamber and those that claim it is dangerous because they can go off if you shake it, well not if you de-cock the weapon! I also tried mine with it cocked, empty chamber of course, and it did not fire. Still, I always carry it with a round on the chamber but the weapon de-cocked. All I need to do is draw my firearm and knock it of safety and pull the trigger like a double action and it goes bang and will go again in single action and should I have a ‘hard primer’ this firearm has a second strike capability.

  • No1hunter January 20, 2017, 11:44 am

    I saw this being reporting on one of the big Liberal News Networks. I gaged n my coffee and about fell off my chair seeing this actually being reported!

  • a11for1 January 20, 2017, 7:22 am

    I’d repeat Draino’s comments; both his relief in good news, and commendation for all but one of the participants.
    In other states, they’d be in jeopardy at some level for rendering assistance. That injudicious situation keeps other potential Good Samaritans at bay; from even offering.
    My hypothesis is repeated. Unfettered Freedoms need to be in place to advance society, keeping ne’er-do-wells at bay. Not subjecting others to evil in homes, in schools, in public.
    The other facet is perplexing. I speculate a fund for the officer is warranted, possibly spreading the Samaritan aspect more broadly.
    But how does Arizona place that toward grassroots; haven’t they support for the officers they commission in place? That is equal to how many non-federal entities are disposed aiding veterans.

    • WhiteFalcon January 20, 2017, 3:56 pm

      The hero would not be in jeopardy in my state, nor would he in many other states. I can’t say the same thing for states like New York or New Jersey or California or any of the other liberal meccas in this country. I hope Donald Trump can fix a lot of those areas of insanity.

      • Joe McHugh January 20, 2017, 7:44 pm

        WhiteFalcon, I reside in Upstate New York and I wouldn’t hesitate to assist a trooper or a deputy sheriff who was in a struggle with a miscreant. There are just some things that you don’t hesitate to do. I visit my gun club on a regular basis and I can out-shoot most of the police officers who belong to our club. Of course a perp might shoot at me, but I no longer have a family to support, and a younger law enforcement person’s life is just as important as mine, ….more if he or she has a family to go home to.

        Tomasz, (see below), is right about bullet placement verses bullet size. Nevertheless, I prefer to carry my Taurus .45 cal. apc pistol instead of my 9 mm Smith & Wesson pistol. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. Believe it or not, my Taurus .45 is easier to shoot than the 9mm. I think that this is due to the respective handle designs.

        I have been carrying my concealed and licensed handguns in New York State since 1963 when I was released from active duty in the Marine Corps. I have never had an occasion to draw my handgun, indeed most people never notice that I am armed. If I see a law enforcement person in a struggle with a person, I will be prepared to shoot and I won’t be aiming at the uniformed person. When it’s life or death, the bad guy will only be 4-pounds of trigger pull away from becoming one with the Universe.

  • Altoid January 20, 2017, 5:42 am

    I heard on local radio a few details on this incident. The perp was the driver of the vehicle and tested positive for drugs. He was also an illegal alien and a former Mexican federal officer. The woman was his girlfriend and a US citizen.

    The perp was shot three times with a 9, got back up after the first two (what do you expect from a 9?) and finally had to be put down with a round to the melon.

    • Tomasz January 20, 2017, 9:16 am

      I like the snide comment at the 9mm. There are no bad calibers, just inadequate shot placement and ammo. And yes I’ve been shot by a carbon 9mm plus p. It wasn’t fun and the only reason I’m alive is because I was in shape and my body was efficient at its job, paramedics were surprised I was still conscious. But I’m sure there’ll be some kick back of ” you wouldn’t have that problem with a 45″ , buy the appropriate ammo and you won’t have problems.

  • DRAINO January 19, 2017, 10:21 am

    Awesome! Mark one in the Win column for the good guys. Glad to hear stories like these. This needs to be told on the national level. I kinda wish the CCW guy would have done an interview but I understand why he didn’t. But his actions spoke louder than anything he could have said. He saved a life…by stopping a bad guy with his CCW gun…..that can’t be argued. These are the heroes we need in todays world.

    AMERICANISM!!!! NOT Globalism!!!!

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