Oklahoma Gun Store Declares ‘Muslim-Free Zone’ To ‘Protect Local Soldiers’

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An Oklahoma gun store and shooting range has closed its doors to all Muslims in an attempt to help protect a small town’s military recruiting station.

Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gear in Oktaha is managed by Chad Neal, a military veteran who served in Iraq. The town also hosts a mall with a military recruiting station inside, and Neal doesn’t want Muslims training at his range for fear that they might later attack the local military forces.

Neal welcomes guns on the store’s premises, but not Muslims. On the window hangs two signs.

One reads: “Guns are welcome on premises.”

But the other reads: “This privately owned business is a Muslim free establishment, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Thank you.”

“I didn’t want any terrorists, or Muslims, cult, whatever you want to call them, training on my gun range,” said Neal. “There is a military recruiting station in the mall in Muskogee, and I thought this was one thing I could do to help protect our local soldiers.”

While business have the right to refuse service to any customer of their choosing, that decision can’t be made on the basis of race alone.

“It is clear to us that the establishment of Muslim-free zones is a violation of the law,” said Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “There are clear laws that prohibit discrimination based on religion. This kind of thing is in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the American sprit of respect for the rule of law.”

Neal, however, argues that the Muslims’ religious beliefs pose a danger to his gun range.

“I know [what] the Quran says about lying to infidels and killing infidels,” said Neal. “I don’t want them practicing those religious beliefs on my range.”

CAIR has filed a lawsuit against the gun store, claiming that their segregation of Muslims violates the federal public accommodations law.

(This article was submitted by freelance writer Brent Rogers)

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  • 11Bravo OEF April 7, 2017, 4:34 pm

    As a man whom owns and operates a business, it’s signs like these that attract a certain type of customer. In addition, will attract certain type of attention. For someone to post it on the wall is not the most ‘kid gloves’ way to handle a decision or stance, but he wants to be heard and it is his property. On the opposing side, if you are being racially/religiously separated from the mass, it’s time for a change. The Jews marched accross a desert to free themselfs from an oppression. The radical Islamic Muslims have ‘invaded’ many countries of opposing beliefs. Why? To gain traction in recruiting as well as maintain the spotlight on their cause… It’s to overthrow the world powers and take all as their own. If all the radical Islamic believers wanted was to be free, they could have done it without going to places where their beliefs are seen as the true meaning of evil.

    What I’m saying is, why would you want to go to a place where you are not wanted? Where your beliefs are directly opposite of the consensus? Why would you pull up to an American patriot’s lawn and park your motor home, when you know they don’t beleive what you do and don’t want to deal with your ‘outrageous, evil’ beliefs? You are doing so with the want for friction, hostility, asking for violence. At what end? It’s not acceptable for 99.9%. The very few that do accept things like this are the few for a reason. It’s lunacy.

    Those who post signs are just at want for attention. To draw attention, stir up sales, no problem with a ‘redneck sale’ sign as that’s all it really is. Had my best patrols and TICs with rednecks by my side.

    The folks who think the sign is directed at them for their beliefs, the man who made the store has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Freedom fries taste good don’t they? The sign is the part of the constitution where you get to say and believe in whatever you want. Doesn’t that sound familiar? We don’t have to like what you are selling, don’t have to buy it either…

    Now, you’re in our country. But, are still trying to blow us up? Kill us? Murder our family and friends, officers of the law, officials and the average hump busters? Does this at all make any sense? We came to help, you blow us up, then, we allow you to come home with us to America!

    You now want to hurt us in our own country. Not sure there’s much difference in just continuing the trying to hurt us thing, death to all non believers is it? Then the strike 3s. That equates to: burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me…. Burn me three times? All bets are off the table. The third strike was the train station in London, the twin towers, the Boston marathon. We don’t destroy your track and field events (soccer) we don’t destroy your infastructure (we build roads schools and transport hubs, water sources and homes, women’s centers all in YOUR home countries of the Middle East)

    With all that radical Islam has thrown at the ‘non-believers’, all weve done is defend ourselves and families, try to save the lives of our buddies and YOUR neighbors, AND try to be respectable toward your beliefs, garb, food, odor, customs, religious prayer and all sorts of other things like the call to prayer that rings accross the whole country when we should all be sleeping instead. That is very loud. But we TRY to be accepting toward all of it. Your centers for worship, your women who should be allowed to be seen however they want but instead you hide the most beautiful thing in existence under a blue or black sheet and make her feel like a piece of scrap bait. It’s not acceptable.

    With us attempting to accept you, we still bring ourselves to deep thought about why should we even continue to try? You’re never going to be happy with what we Americans have given to you. The rights set forth by the constitution of the United States of America, are rights for United States citizens and those who embrace the American way. If you don’t beleive in the American way, if you want us all dead, if you want to erase the existence of Americans and America, you can just give up right now. We gave you the shot to achieve an AMERICAN Dream but you shit all over the idea of it and build another prayer center instead.

    If you don’t like it, how we built it, how we have slaved over the 9-5s and battles and losses and earned our pathway into our shitty little slice of freedom, then leave. I’m sick and tired of all the non-recyclable trash you radicalists have brought to every country you have moved to over the last 20 years. You haven’t brought anything good with you except the book you claim is the word of God. It is not the word of God, it’s words written by a person who was on very, very hard drugs. Your good book is full of lies. How do you believe in a God who only wants one person living on the entire globe? God wants all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, language and religion… God wants all, not just one people. How do you interpret those words to mean kill all and reign supreme? They are the words of a boy, not a man, and most definitely not a god. The Hebrew book does not tell Hebrews to kill all who oppose their beliefs. The Christian and Catholic books do not say anything like that either. How can you beleive in something that is so blatantly much of a lie that it is more easy to see than a fast food menu. Take off your blinders. Your book is false and will lead your people to their deaths. The beliefs expressed are that of a horrible person and it shall be burned. You will not only lose your lives, but your families, your gayman crush, everything and everyone that you radicalists have known, you will lose it all. And you are not going to get any virgins unless you yourself are also a Virgin. (I read that from your book) If you are not, you will then be sent to the depths of hell to burn for eternity. Don’t be a radical Islamic, you will die a horrible death and won’t get virgins. Women don’t like bomb builders, bad odor, tiny brains, women also like to display their beauty. It’s for all to see. Plus you aren’t wanted in many places where us vets spend our time. Remember we don’t like your smell, your clothes, your language, and we definitely don’t like having to look over our shoulder when your boys are looking shady and doing horrible deeds in the name of a false book.

    You radical Islamic folks are not ever going to have equal rights in our country. The thought of which just makes me smile because you will all be dead before we ever accept your radical beliefs. Until the day you stop acting like a bunch of guerrilas, killing Americans and our allies, murdering your women and children, doing unspeakable thibgs to animals, you fools will be die with your beliefs. Your women will become our women, your children will become our children, and they will enjoy an iPad and freedom fries, because goat and rice is just a bit dated, and they don’t serve it at McDonalds.

    America. Fu*k yeah. Freedom isn’t actually free, you’ve got to work for it.

  • DRAINO January 26, 2017, 11:41 am

    Men may twist the words of the Bible to get the meaning they want, but there is no mandate to kill(murder) or lie in the Bible. The Quran, however makes no questions about it….it says to lie to and even kill “the infidels”….which is anyone who is NOT muslim. These 2 facts CAN’T BE ARGUED! Any religion that specifically states to lie to and or kill anyone who is not of that religion….is NOT CONDUCIVE to peaceful co-existence with our constitution, therefore should be ILLEGAL. This is no rocket science…..its not even political science……It’s common sense. Islam even says to kill the muslims who won’t kill infidels. Why is this so hard to comprehend????

    AMERICANISM!!!!! NOT Globalism!!!!!

  • Andrew Ling January 6, 2017, 7:43 am

    The US Constitution provides for the freedom of speech and religion, among many other important rights. So, the microcosm of terrorism affects today’s society and is reeling from the carnage that we witness daily on the screen. We are all mentally aware and some have direct experience of such horrible inhuman(in our terms) behavior by certain deranged religious sects sprung from the mainstream Islam. Mr. Neal, presumably an American patriot, feels that he should do all he can to protect mainstream Americans for such possible acts of horror in his establishment. What he should have posted, IMHO, is to refuse service to anyone with unlawful and terrorist inclinations. We do know that not all Muslims are terrorists. We also know that there are other terrorists or non law abiding denizens. Having said my piece, I am not going to let any deranged or terrorist take advantage of me and people around me, not if me and my guns can help it. We are now living in an uncertain world. More so because of our tremendous ability to move around the globe and arm ourselves to the teeth. Let Mr. Neal say what he wants for his establishment. That is also guaranteed by our 1st Amendment.

  • Old_Warhorse December 16, 2016, 5:07 pm

    It’s very sad to see that Mr. Neal, a man who once swore to uphold and defend our Constitution, is now doing his best to violate the Constitution based on his own religious bigotry. All three of the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have a multitude of scriptures which incite heinous violence, so there’s no sense singling out Islam for that distinction.

  • Dave August 12, 2016, 7:15 am

    Noone has mentioned the no go zones, Dearborn, Minneapolis, . It’s OK for Muslims to take over Dearborn Michigan, and harass any non Muslim they feel like.
    Am I missing something here?
    The Muslim brotherhood, and Islamic jihad have groups in the city i live near.

    Perhaps more people need to start standing up, before the US is dealing with the same lunacy Europe is.

  • bamp August 5, 2016, 10:22 am

    Just set up a microwave and cook bacon in it, keep that lovely smell in the store at all times. Bake a ham and give samples to everyone that comes in!!

  • james fitzgerald July 18, 2016, 7:16 pm

    It is sad that we have to feel this way but I agree with the gun range owner. I as am American am against this PC stuff we have to put up with. The Muslims tell us we can not have references to “GOD” in our government buildings, our holidays etc. Well kill the infidels in the Koran is ‘BULLS_IT”. Sorry but I will back the Range.

  • Theo Braunohler August 17, 2015, 12:34 pm

    Someone should tell them about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, since what they’re doing is massively illegal.

    • Aaron August 17, 2015, 10:42 pm

      Only illegal when the policy applies to those who subscribe to the Islamic faith.

      It isn’t illegal to discriminate against political systems whose STATED goal is the violent overthrow of our government.

      The problem is that it isn’t a commonly held view that Islam is both a political and religious system. That the religion one can be lived without the political one. It is even less commonly believed that the two can ever be separated.

      • Aaron August 19, 2015, 11:42 am

        Was thinking about this again.

        Bernie Sanders has been accused of having dual citizenship with Israel. Only qualifier to get him indicted as a traitor? He’s Jewish.

        Kennedy was accused of being a papist. Despite his service as a vet, he was labeled a traitor. Only qualifier? He was Catholic.

        Both men were party to a religious system that has political/national implications, yet neither have given any evidence of being motivated by the political side. I may not agree with their decisions or principles, but they weren’t traitors. (Kennedy allowed federal workers to unionize, something private citizens understood add valuable against mining interests. But federal workers work for us, not mines. Country is closer to bankruptcy due to Kennedy. Sanders wants to ban all semi autos – enough said.)

        So why can’t Islam be allowed to separate into the pro Iran (for Shia) and pro Saudi Arabia (for Sunni) and regular religious folk? Is it because the religion puts the politics first? We’ll never know. We can’t know. We aren’t members of the oic, yet.

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