Prepping 101: The Meek Shall Inherit …What?

This week we are sending out the “Most Popular of 2015” for the Prepping 101 column, and I was thinking how odd it is that the most popular of this series has always been anything to do with guns. Granted, this is GunsAmerica, so the choir is a bunch of gun nuts like me. But so many times I have explained in these pages that we should all be doing everything in our power to avoid conflicts. In essence, everyone’s goal should be to hide and let everyone else kill each other. That got me thinking about who is going to actually survive. It isn’t going to be people who figure the government truck is going to bail them out for sure, and I don’t think it is going to be the gung ho fools who think that because they have a gun they can get as much food as they want either. My feeling is that who survives can be framed in a phrase that most of us, regardless of religion, grew up with. Paraphrased, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Since I would say the overwhelming majority of my readers here will be celebrating Christmas this week, it is a pretty good way to think about the year to come, and what our priorities should be. The entire world right now is in the process of collapse. Some will die. Some will survive. Some may even thrive after it all boils out. What does it mean, “the meek” ? And if it is true that they will inherit the earth, what exactly will they be inheriting?

Life Without Walmart

Have you ever tried to cook with a bunch of cotton wicks and kerosene, or for that matter diesel fuel? Have you even ever seen anyone do that? Because in the third world, that is how most cooking is done. In America we have been sold on propane when it comes to “primitive” cooking, which requires an expensive pressurized tank. And for everyday life, most of us of course rely on either electricity or gas from the local utility to cook. How would you cook if you had to do so without the current infrastructure? In the third world they know that one cheap plastic 5 gallon can of kerosene or diesel will giving you cooking fuel for potentially weeks, and the stoves themselves cost less than a family trip to McDonalds. How many Americans know that? You can get them here, (they cost a little more) but you won’t find them at Walmart.

How do you get your water? How do you get your food? What value do you bring to the world that you swap for the resources you consume? Most of us just sell things that other people made, in return for currency, which we swap for food that other people grew.

In a third world country, if you don’t bring value, you don’t eat. Most of you think that here in the Western World we will be insulated from that requirement forever, but I don’t think so. The situation in Greece has disappeared from the mainstream headlines, but things have gotten so bad there, cash is so scarce, opportunities so few, that many women have turned to prostitution. So many, that in Greece, prostitutes are now charging 4 Euros per hour. When you think about the value that you bring to the world, if there is nothing left to sell each other, what are you of value? Prostitution is the lowest and simplest of value, and less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes in New York City, those women don’t appear to have any other options. Many of those girls used to work in retail, or at the local coffee shop, or at the dry cleaners. To eat they now have to sell the only thing that have left. How will you bring value when there is nothing left to sell?

When people trumpet that the meek shall inherit the earth, most times they are talking about themselves. Maybe I work a blue collar job, or I’m unemployed, or maybe I’m just a student living on loans, and sure, I feel pretty damn meek. But there are very few of the meek in America. We live in a world of Walmart, open 24 hours, with all the food and goods we could ever want. Usually there is also a local supermarket or two, and maybe a Starbucks if you feel like spending 5 bucks on a cup of coffee (remember Greece). I don’t think the Western World even has a concept of how a truly meek person lives. Every day is a challenge to eat, and some days you don’t eat.

After a civilization dies people look back and say well of course it had to die. Look at how fooled they were with their own mythology. Our mythology in the West is that we can produce nothing but currency, and trade that for an unreasonable percentage of natural and human resources to live a lifestyle we have not earned. Evidence this very successful business that supplies live butterflies to fill your feel good moment with a unique memory.

After a civilization dies people look back and say well of course it had to die. Look at how fooled they were with their own mythology. Our mythology in the West is that we can produce nothing but currency, and trade that for an unreasonable percentage of natural and human resources to live a lifestyle we have not earned. Evidence this very successful business that supplies live butterflies to fill your feel good moment with a unique memory. Ours didn’t have much gusto. They probably had to sit without water for several days. Well isn’t that just magical?

Harbingers of the collapse? How close are we? Look around for Heaven’s sake! I went to a gathering a couple weeks ago of natural childbirth couples, and one of the features of the event was releasing live butterflies. There is an actual company in South Florida that provides live butterflies inside of folded paper, just so you can release them and make yourself feel good. Look around and you’ll see these valueless examples of a perverse society that thinks all the wrong things are important. We are a society at the end of its usefulness to the world, and we are the only ones who don’t seem to understand the concept of the word pariah. That is the way the rest of the world sees us, and it’s true.

Food, water, shelter, heat, light, security, communications, and a system of fair exchange. Those are the real important things for a society to support itself. I’m not saying that everyone should grow their own food and be subsistence farmers, but we all should view ourselves in how much value we can actually bring to ourselves and others. There are merits in producing paper products, even though you can’t eat them. Transportation is a great things when goods need to move from where they are grown or made to where they are needed. It isn’t just core survival. Knowing how to run or fix a machine that makes pots and pans is useful, but most of those jobs have been shipped offshore.

We pervert value in America, and I would say this is true of the entire West. American cell phones are $700 and up. Chinese cell phones, and the cell phones of people who just need them for communications, are $50. I bought them for my kids, under the Doogee name. They carry the same operating system and functions, but they don’t have a name brand on them and they don’t have the best cameras on them. When I bought them, I made a point to put away a little more survival food, another 300 lbs of beans ($80), and 300 lbs. of rice ($100). When I have time, I’ll also be storing more flour, which as I explained in my Survival by the Numbers article, is the highest calories per dollar food you can buy. You can not buy a kerosene wick stove in America through normal retail channels, yet millions of them are sold in India, China, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. every year.

The big picture isn't GMOs, vaccines, false flags, "active shooter" hoaxes or Illuminati. If you follow the money, it leads to those planes spraying white mist in our skies, worldwide.  You may have seen these billboards and thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory, but we have been indoctrinated to think that.  The spray is called Solar Radiation Management, or SRM, and it is made up of nanoparticulate aluminum, barium, strontium, and even coal fly ash. They are trying to reflect the sun  in order to keep our planet from overheating. It is not working, and most likely their efforts are making the problem worse, by causing irreparable holes in the ozone layer, and by pushing warm water into the arctic, which is melting the frozen methane deposits under Siberia.

The big picture isn’t GMOs, vaccines, false flags, “active shooter” hoaxes or Illuminati. If you follow the money, it leads to those planes spraying white mist in our skies, worldwide. You may have seen these billboards and thought it was a crazy conspiracy theory, but we have been indoctrinated to think that. The spray is called Solar Radiation Management, or SRM, and it is made up of nanoparticulate aluminum, barium, strontium, and even coal fly ash. They are trying to reflect the sun in order to keep our planet from overheating. It is not working, and most likely their efforts are making the problem worse, by causing irreparable holes in the ozone layer, and by pushing warm water into the arctic, which is melting the frozen methane deposits under Siberia.

I guess my point is that if we hope to survive after this all burns down, we have to learn to look at our own value, and truly become meek. Technology isn’t meek. I will be covering both LED lighting with solar, and kerosene (diesel) lanterns in the coming weeks. I have some experiments with cheap solar cookers, and kerosene cookers with wicks, using diesel. There are many articles here on using Rocket Stoves to be able to cook and even can food with a handful of sticks. Technology isn’t going to bail us out of this one folks (or at least I don’t think it will), and technology, “green” or otherwise, isn’t going to help you survive.

The same thing goes for an expensive “30 day supply” of survival food. Most likely you got less than 200 calories per dollar, while common supermarket foods that will easily store for decades are in the 500-5000 calories per dollar. We throw away more food in American than many entire nations eat. If you are on a tight survival budget, buy the $70 canner I used in my first canning article from Walmart, and buy some of that food that would go to waste, and can it. You can get perfectly good carrots, beets, string beans, spinach, and many other veggies by the case from your local wholesale farmers market for next to nothing. Carrots at Walmart are the same price per pound as Tilapia! Ball canning jars in the quart size are less than $1 each. They hold a ton of food. Get canning! Meek people store and save every shred of food that comes to their hand. Every bit of currency they acquire goes first to food. Get meek with whatever resources you can muster, and you need to do it right now.

If you are a new reader here and you haven’t read my article from May on Geoengineering, do yourself a favor and dig in. There are a lot of deceptions in our world. The biggest is the climate, and our control over it. Those white trails you see behind the planes in the sky are not “contrails.” They are a chemical spray mixture of aluminum, barium, and other metals, and you are being sprayed like a bug every day of your life. It is called Solar Radiation Management, and this top secret program is in force all over the planet, attempting to reflect the rays of the sun back into space, because our planet is overheating at a frantic pace. It isn’t working, and military industrial complex behind the scenes is getting desperate. I had 3 planes over my house creating cloudcover on what should have been a bright blue sky high pressure day in South Florida this past Saturday. We almost never have a day anymore where there are no clouds in the sky that are broken up in wave patterns from the giant radar wave stations that they use to move the clouds around. ‘

If you think this is all “conspiracy theory” and the realm of tin foil hats, that’s fine. Everyone has push back when it comes to challenging what you are prepared to accept. But you should check out this congressional report from 1978 that clearly explains the weather modification systems that were in place even a generation ago, and recently they found a Popular Science from 1958 that explains the new technology of using weather as weapon. There are patents owned by our government that detail exactly what you will see in the sky above your head, using the metals that you’ll find in your rainwater if you can find an honest lab these days. Monsanto developed genetically modified seeds that are resistant to aluminum. Why would they do that if our air wasn’t filled with it?

But depending on where you live, all you probably have to do is look up.

The World to Inherit

I have linked several times to in this article already, and I suggest you spend some time on what I have found to be the only 100% legitimate source for information on Solar Radiation Management, atmospheric heaters (like HAARP), and the collapse of the global ecosystem. Dane Wiggington, the founder and main contributor, has been at the wheel of this ship for over a decade, and public awareness is finally starting to reach the people, who are beginning to wake up.

If you have any doubts that the planet is warming at a rapid pace, take a look at this arctic ice thickness chart from January of 2012, which is about 5 years ago.

If you have any doubts that the planet is warming at a rapid pace, take a look at this arctic ice thickness chart from January of 2012, which is about 5 years ago.

The evidence of this awakening is clear, before the Paris climate conference, there was a staged terrorist event in Paris. This allowed them to lock down the city, and most of the EU, during what would have been an eventful week of protests. I’ve also noticed an explosion in “global cooling” headlines. Among them, 97 Percent Of Americans Aren’t Worried About Global Warming, GLOBAL WARMING? NASA says Antarctic has been COOLING for past SIX years, NOAA’s climate change science fiction, and a banner headline on The Drudge Report, Cold Sun Rising. Don’t forget those corrupt scientist emails either. As I explained in my May article, the whole story of the leaked emails of climate scientists has been beaten to death, even today, with Climate scientists to be grilled by congressional investigators, but their e-mails are still off-limits.

I’ve also noticed that several popular “truthers” have been co-opted into the team of those trying to convince the more free minded that global warming is a hoax. Dahboo 7 is someone you probably have even heard of because he gets coverage on Fox News, and he posted Global Warming Hoax: CO2 Levels Today Are The Same As In 1910. My old friend James Corbett, whose videos I have posted here several times, has been harping on it for weeks. Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink.

This is the ice over the last month.  As I explained back in May, the weather technology can create a thin layer of ice, but it can't create ice thickness.  That means that they can run a headline about a larger than usual "ice extent," while the entire extent is paper thin. Meanwhile there is methane melting from under the ice in Siberia, because of the warm water trapped by the thin ice layer. It's a mess.

This is the ice over the last month. As I explained back in May, the weather technology can create a thin layer of ice, but it can’t create ice thickness. That means that they can run a headline about a larger than usual “ice extent,” while the entire extent is paper thin. Meanwhile there is methane melting from under the ice in Siberia, because of the warm water trapped by the thin ice layer. It’s a mess.

That “liberal groupthink” narrative is specifically playing to those of us who consider ourselves conservatives, and Al Gore hating global warming denyers. We all of course want to believe that we are right. The planet is not dying. “Global warming” and “climate change” are a hoax.

The liberals, idealist fools that they are, took up Al Gore’s cause, because it became part of their party line, but none of them fully understood the chrony carbon credit scheme as it played out. If they knew how the bankers have profited and carbon emissions have not been reduced, they wouldn’t support it. But liberals are such a bunch of anti-capitalist useful idiots that they seldom think clearly, and they are easily used as political pawns.

This recent discovery, November 17th, 2015, of 337 dead whales in Chile is just one of many mysterious die offs on the Pacific coast over the last year.  UV levels, many of them containing deadly UV-C are being created by holes punched into the  ozone layer by the HAARP style atmospheric heaters.  This is killing the plankton, upon which all life depends, including us. Plankton creates as much as 60% of our oxygen, and in 2010 it was measured as being down by 40%.

This recent discovery, November 17th, 2015, of 337 dead whales in Chile is just one of many mysterious die offs on the Pacific coast over the last year. UV levels, many of them containing deadly UV-C are being created by holes punched into the ozone layer by the HAARP style atmospheric heaters. This is killing the plankton, upon which all life depends, including us. Plankton creates as much as 60% of our oxygen, and in 2010 it was measured as being down by 40%.

The question is, are you a political pawn too? Fox News, the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are no better. They are all being systematically used to distract the public from what is really going on. As I explained in May, we have all been suckered with foolish ideas of patriotism and terrorism and the myth that capitalism has even existed for decades in America. The system is fixed, and it is now crashing down. Please read the materials at GeoengineeringWatch, and you judge if the fish die offs, plant die offs, plankton die offs, bird die offs, and silent forests are just part of some kind of natural cooling and warming cycle. We are in deep trouble, and while I would love to think that this article will wake up enough of you to matter, it won’t. I don’t matter. You don’t matter. The music stopped already, and it is your job to find a chair before someone else takes it. That is the purpose of my Prepping 101 column. It is really about giving up, not standing up for anything. They just kill people who do that and get any traction.

If you want to cling to the Fox News perspective of the world, and your 30 day supply of survival food and a few gold coins, by all means I wish you well. The popular versions of “terrorism,” “conspiracy theorists,” etc. are easy on the brain, and they allow you to do nothing. Have at it. But I’m going to go on record and tell you that most of what you believe is false. And if you do any homework at all, you’ll soon be out selling your gold coins and buying beans and rice yourself. I hope the powers that be can string this along for the foreseeable future, but I don’t think they can. It isn’t just the financial system that has been stealing from the future. It is the unbridled growth of humanity itself, and a false faith in the wisdom of man to solve the problems we have created. Please go and enjoy your Christmas, have a Happy New Year, and then start taking your life and the lives of your loved ones seriously. The chairs will be gone soon. It is time to think about what it means to be meek.

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  • Martin B December 27, 2015, 3:30 pm

    First of all, Jesus spoke not just about the current time here on the present Earth, but also about the time after His second coming, when a new Earth and heavens will be created. If you look at Revelation, the consistent call is for faithful Christians to follow the Commandments, and to have the Testimony of Jesus. Reading, absorbing and obeying the Commandments will produce a change in character, which could be interpreted as “meek”, i.e. capable but obedient. Only those who believe in Jesus and follow every word of the Commandments, will qualify for entry into the new Earth. Obviously meekness gets you nothing but killed in the current Earth. Things will be much better in the new one. I encourage everyone to read the Bible carefully, to ensure your survival into the next world. Remember that the prophetic books speak mainly in symbolic language, but every word of the New Testament appears first in the Old Testament, and the clues to understanding Revelation are mainly found in Daniel. Eternal life is well worth the mild effort. The trials and tribulations to come in the current Earth, will be forgotten in the new Earth. God will wipe away the tears from every eye. Prepare your soul as much as your larder.

    • Michael January 3, 2016, 2:02 am

      not in agreement with our Biblical theology… “Only those who believe in Jesus and follow every word of the Commandments, will qualify for entry into the new Earth.”
      This is not true and totally impossible. Man can never follow every commandment and succeed. This will only happen at death. As we move thru “sanctification” we can however grow closer.

    • Courtney February 12, 2016, 7:37 am

      Job 9.24 says the earth is given into the hanfs of the wicked. Which means the so called whiteman is in control of the earth and he will be destroyed When the black Messiah returns. And the true worshippers of God are the israelites who are the (blacks hispanics and native americans) Deu 1:1 Deu 28:68 Ps 148:14 Ps 50:5 and God is only dealing with us Ps 147:19-20 once the true worshippers start keeping the commandments then the end will come and yall peppers hiding in your holes we will be coming to get you Ps 149 Isaiah 45:14 Isaiah 14:1-3 Rev 13:10 Jer 30:16 Gal 6.7 Isaiah 60:10-14. Best advice for you heathens enjoy the world because in the next one you will be going into slavery.

  • Randy Gonzales December 24, 2015, 4:12 pm

    I have been reading your post or web pages Iam sorry for the typing in this but I wasn’t good at proper grammar techniques but I know how to spell and I have never done this before even though Iam 34 years old. With that being said I would just like to thank you for your research and information you have giving me ever since I joined the NRA and have been getting gunsamerica emails. Anyways all though Iam younger than you fine gentleman haha!! Just Kidding!! I knew this was coming when I was just out of high school and have been prepping ever since. Iam now a carpenter and am so close to being a master carpenter all though I probably am now haha!!! Iam from a small town in south Texas and we as a community have been preparing for the end for awhile now. All though Iam not a hunter I let my friends and family to use my rifles to hunt so we can eat Iam more of the farmer type all though I haven’t had time to do since I became a father two years ago. So to wrap this I again apologize for the periods commas and other grammar mistakes but thank you MR. Paul Helinski for all of your information I have learned from you and I will continue to learn from until the day comes when we have no emails and will have to send smoke signals to each other. We have a plan for survival down here in are little part of the great state of Texas and hopefully we can all “meek ” up and have a bowl of your famous squirrel stew!! Anyways thank you for your time if anyone read this and keep of keeping as Mr. Joe Dirt would say and hopefully we can survive this mass cleansing of the earth by mother nature or the government keep prepping. Thank you!!!

    • Martin B December 27, 2015, 3:36 pm

      A carpenter is the most honorable profession there is. Ask Jesus. Be strong and have faith. Our greatest danger lies in falling to the snares and lies of the Enemy (Satan), but trust in the Word of God and you and your family will be safe. You are a good writer, I understood every word. May God bless you and yours.

  • puz December 23, 2015, 8:13 am

    Great insightful, article. And nothing beats the taste of mountain spring water; for I’ve had it many times at my in-laws house in Pocono Mt, PA

    • Paul Helinski December 23, 2015, 9:04 am

      …but if an animal dies upstream from your collection point, you could die if you don’t take proper precautions. You can also get giardia from animal excrement. They call it beaver fever.

  • Ram6 December 22, 2015, 12:30 pm

    “Have you ever tried to cook with a bunch of cotton wicks and kerosene, or for that matter diesel fuel? Have you even ever seen anyone do that? Because in the third world, that is how most cooking is done.”

    Actually yes. I grew up in the Republic of Panama in the 40’s and into the mid 50’s. My father was a civil engineer for the United Fruit Company (Chiquita Banana and all) and we lived in the interior of the country. My mother did all of our cooking on a range and oven combination powered by wicked burners supplied with kerosene. She even baked our bread in a kerosene oven. It worked quite well actually.

    As a company employee my dad had furnished housing provided and the kitchen had the afformentioned range/oven and an ice box refrigerator. We were supplied a huge block of ice each week as I recall which went in the freezer compartment and it cooled the entire machine. Perishable food was kept up top with the ice and things like drinks and non persihable but refrigeratorable items were in the bottom. If we wanted ice for drinks we just chipped off some chunks to put in the glass. Did we have electricity, yes but it was shut down every day at 11PM and not turned back on until 5 the next moring so things like an electric powered refrigirator were not practical.

    I would submit to all who care it’s not so hard to live with these types of appliances. It just takes adjustment however at the time I didn’t know any better so I thought everybody lived that way.

  • Brad Fletcher December 21, 2015, 6:45 pm

    You had me until you started talking about global warming & chemtrails.

    Bunch of bullshit.

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 6:51 pm

      Then what are those white trails champ? If you bothered to read either this or the prior article that it links to, you would perhaps notice that there is a body of science behind what you call “chemtrails.” That word was itself created by a congressman to label a “conspiracy theory,” so meatheads like you would just keep watching football and drinking Budweiser, laughing at the “conspiracy theorists.” You are what America has sunk to. So go listen to some Rush Limbaugh and get your Donald Trump bumper sticker. Everything is awesome!

      • DAVID January 26, 2016, 12:46 pm

        So at what point when I am sitting at the airport waiting for them to clean the plane and empty the pooper are they reloading all of the crap you say they are putting into the planes? If you go back to some old time historical footage of say WW2 you can see high (for there time) bombers leaving “chem trails” on there way to bomb Berlin. So they “the government” have been doing this since man flight? Come on man put the bloody cool aid down. There is no way the government and the mega rich who tell the government what to do would allow chem trails to disperse through the sky as there is no way for them to know where to be to not get exposed. Even the best weather/ wind mapping patterns are just a best guess. So if they put something into the air then there is a possibility that everyone is going to be exposed including the ones that started it. That’s right up there with planes dumping there toilets mid flight. There is no way for a supposed project this big to have not come out with 100 percent hard evidence. All we have seen is Kool-Aid drinking whack jobs spewing BS and that is what it is till 100 percent proof comes out. I do not believe that any government has anybodys interest but there own at heart. I do not trust our government one iota. That goes for candidates as well. But I can not believe any of this drival not just what you put out but everyone else that puts out the exact same thing. It is almost copied word for word. But no body comes forward to say I worked on the project and I have this video evidence of us doing it. Until that happens It’s a load of BS. Now could I see the government trying this you betcha especially after the great syphilis experiment.

    • Rob December 21, 2015, 8:06 pm

      You yourself, like almost everyone in the US, are full of heavy metals. Especially Aluminum from Geoengineering aerosol spraying. There are places where you can have a hair sample tested for heavy metals present in your body. I challenge you to have such a test done on your hair sample and when you see the lab results repeat what you said at the bottom of your message.
      There are people out there working hard on saving your life as well as the life of your children (in case you have any) and you don’t even know it. If you have young children there is little chance you will ever become a granddaddy because your children will be infertile unless you let go of your ignorance and act to protect them.

      • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 8:11 pm

        Most of the labs are not sending positive aluminum results anymore. It has become part of the coverup. You can’t find that article on aluminum GMO seeds on Monsanto either. As soon as something circulates in the geoengineering truther world they get wind of it and it goes away.

        • Rob December 21, 2015, 9:55 pm


          They claim to do hair analysis for toxic heavy metals, including aluminum, here:

          I did ask a water testing lab if they would test water for aluminum, barium, and fluoride (all in one sentence) and I never received a response from them.

          Here is information about Monsanto GMO aluminum resistant crops:

          • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 10:25 pm

            There is already a link to the original PDF in the article.

            If you read the page on the hair analysis, they are just supplement scammers.

  • SpYcHo December 21, 2015, 5:50 pm

    I must admit that I appreciate ALL the information in your articles for what they contain. Information… What one does with it up to them. Thank you and please keep them coming, one is never too old to learn.

  • Thor Mollmann December 21, 2015, 5:31 pm

    Wow, there is a lot of great info in these articles…been reading them for a few hours now. I thought I had it together after about 4 years of being in the “Cockroach Club” (my name for being a prepper, lol). I am realizing how much I really don’t know. You have taken me in whole new directions!
    Thank you Paul for all the great insight and information.

  • Cold Dead Fingers December 21, 2015, 11:54 am

    4 EUROS AN HOUR???!!! I’M MOVING TO GREECE!…LMAO @ this article… Good grief, where do you people come from?? LOLOL

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 11:55 am

      Ok hands up. How many people were surprised that our friend couldn’t get laid without having to pay?

  • Jerry French December 21, 2015, 11:06 am

    My god what tripe. Jet contrails are formed by hot exhaust condensing in cold air. The Germans invented jets before the end of WW2. They produced contrails then. Hum?

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 11:51 am

      Current “jet” engines are not jets Jerry. And those con-densation trails lasted only a few minutes. A modern high bypass turbo fan engine, which is on all current “jets” is almost incapable of producing any condensation trail at all. And certainly not one that would last for more than a few minutes. These trails last all afternoon, and are spread out in wave patterns by large arrays of antennas. Just look up and keep looking up for a few hours. The tripe are lazy brained comments like these, or are you a paid commenter, working in Manhattan because you can’t get a real job?

      • David January 26, 2016, 1:03 pm

        So a jet flying at altitude sucking in cold air that is then being introduced to heat does not condense and leave a trail of condensation along the way? They spread at wave pattern because of wind patterns not because of antennas.

    • Rob December 21, 2015, 2:53 pm

      Reactions of “denial” such as yours are a very natural human reaction when first confronted with information about crimes against humanity being committed on a very large scale. Geoengineering is such a crime. Paul has given the information here to educate yourself ( website link and Youtube video). Consider yourself lucky because most people out there are not being presented with this information and have absolutely no idea what is being perpetrated upon them on a daily basis. Use this information to your advantage and spread the word.

  • Rob December 21, 2015, 10:36 am

    First off I would hereby like to apologize for what I said in an earlier comment you did not post a few weeks ago or so about Geoengineering.
    Thank you for having the courage to address the subject of Geoengineering, including the links, and the video in this post.
    Be safe, there are certain people out there who are going to try to end your life (or frame you to be the next “mass shooter”).
    Other people reading this post; go to the Geoengineering website and read up on all that you can handle, watch the video in this Prepping 101 article, and spread the word. This is real!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Robert McCallum December 21, 2015, 10:26 am

    Thanks for another good article. I now look for Guns America emails to see if you’ve done another article. Even If I don’t agree with everything you say, I always get new ideas on making my preps better. Here is a little of my recent prep lessons.
    I have been making my own sealed mylar food bags. Its more time but definitely cheaper. I have been using the 1 gallon bags vs the 5 gallon. They are easier to transport and I feel would make great trading. They perfectly fit 5 pounds of rice, flour, sugar, and spaghetti (or whatever you want). I started bagging spaghetti . The kids love it and I don’t want to eat rice all the time either.Don’t make my mistake GET THE BETTER .5 mil or .7 mil bags, not .3 mil. Amazon carries them with oxygen absorbers as a kit. The spaghetti was putting holes in the .3 mil bags and would not seal. I had to redo all of them and double bag them. Leave the flour and sugar in their original paper. If you dump it in loose it’s a pain to seal the bag if it’s filled to the top. Buy “pot ready” spaghetti that is already broken in half. It wont have the sharp edges and is less likely to put holes in the bags, as breaking regular length spaghetti in half makes it sharp and not all the same size. When sealing I used my vacuum cleaner and sucked the air out. Seal the bag until only about a finger width opening is left, now suck the air out with the vacuum and QUICKLY finish the seal. All my bags are completely sucked in and look professionally done. Good luck and keep prepping. IF, IF , nothing happens, we are no worse off with our preps( we eat it eventually since we rotate), but when something happens and you have nothing, you are SCREWED. Prepping is just like car insurance, you have it just in case and I have never been in a car accident at 46 yrs old.

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 10:32 am

      Pasta is in both of my food articles. The walmart elbow pasta in large boxes is the best buy.

    • Rob December 21, 2015, 10:52 am

      My apology for the analogy and please don’t take it the wrong way, but you talking about sealing pasta while tanker airplanes are flying overhead spraying you and your family with Neurotoxins (Geoengineering) is like Jews in a German gas chamber talking about what they are going to have for breakfast the next day.

      • Robert McCallum December 21, 2015, 2:41 pm

        Robert,I can’t argue with your logic. But I can only do what I can to protect my family. I was responding to specifics Paul mentioned about “30 day supply buckets” and buying 300 lbs of beans and rice. I can’t stop whatever the Gov is spraying into the atmosphere. If you can tell me a way to stop them that doesn’t get me killed, I’m all ears.

        • Rob December 21, 2015, 5:14 pm

          I agree with you and I do the same thing as far as protecting my family. That includes detoxifying myself and my children (and my wife if I feel like putting up a real fight…) on a regular basis to get the aluminum, barium, fluoride, etc. out of their systems. These Neurotoxins cause a long list of health problems including irregular heart beat, heart attacks, high blood pressure, infertility, and Alzheimer’s to name a few.
          What you could do yourself is to stop acting like a helpless victim, learn as much as you can about Geoengineering, spread the word to as many people as possible, make a donation to Dane Wigington at so he can continue to do his work.
          Personally I like to copy and distribute this documentary: ” What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length HD Version)”
          When I look up in the sky and see these tankers spray me, my wife, and my kids I think to myself that the politicians that are allowing this to happen were elected into office by voters like you and me. So I no longer have any party affilitation and I stopped voting.
          I have one comforting thought when I see these pilots fly through each others and their own spray patterns and that is that they will probably end up the same way as some of the former “Agent Orange” spray pilots from the Vietnam era, which is that they will die after a period of illness caused by the toxins they sprayed onto others.

          • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 6:35 pm

            What in the world are they spraying is good, but he is a global warming denier, and part of the Alex Jones/Time Warner disinformation club.

  • Don Roney December 21, 2015, 9:54 am

    In the scriptures Matthew 5:5, the word Greek word used for “meek” means “strength brought under control” the word describes a wild horse brought under control by the handler. In this case, the meek person is a strong person controlled by God. It is not a door mat. God wants us to be strong with an urge to run hard but allow Him to control our lives. Hope this helps.

    • Shane December 21, 2015, 1:55 pm

      We’ve all heard it said there’s no atheists in the foxhole. All else being equal, if I can only know one thing for sure about the otherwise apparently skilled prepper that wants to throw in with me, that later may be sharing my foxhole or watching my six, it is that he’s already rock solid squared away in his faith. He’s more likely a dependable man of integrity who won’t cower or shirk his duties when facing evil. We should all strive to be that guy more if we’d been lax in that department.

      • Smoke Hill Farm December 25, 2015, 7:46 pm

        In a page filled with some of the most arrogant, self-congratulatory claptrap this side of Youtube, this gets the prize.

        “No atheists in foxholes” — I can’t imagine the ignorance and narcissism it took to originate this hackneyed old piece of mythology, but after 20+ years in the Army, I still marvel at its stupidity. I don’t need to rattle off my list of awards and decorations, but my years of service (’64 – ’85) in Combat Arms & Intel/Ops should suggest that I wasn’t exactly a REMF, and have a wee bit of practical military experience.

        If I share a foxhole, I’d prefer it be an experienced NCO than any General, though in my rather vast experience with generals (I spent my final years in the Army Chief of Staff’s Office), generals get a bad rap. There are duds, just like in any rank (especially outside the Combat Arms field), but they are quite rare, and the overwhelming percentage of two, three & four-star generals are spectacularly intelligent, good at what they do, and pretty damned nice guys when they don’t HAVE to be hard-assed. I was constantly amazed when the General Office promotion lists came out and those I personally knew to be superb, but were just not as “flashy” as their peers …. were selected at the top of the pack. Unfortunately, now that Congress & the President carefully vet (and prune) the lists, we lose some great ones to political correctness, but that’s not the Army’s selection process at fault. It’s just political corruption — the same reason we’re soon getting an Army Secretary that never served a day in uniform, and whose only qualification seems to be that he likes to take it up the ass. A smart officer would probably profess to be a fag nowadays, strictly as a career move.

        I was an “open,” though rather quiet, atheist my entire career. I did not preach it or advertise it, but everyone I worked with knew it and we all got along fine, even a few seriously Bible-thumping generals. You must respect and honor the opinion of others, even if you believe otherwise — and you must have a sense of humor. I “affirmed” all my reenlistment oaths, rather than “swore” them, but at one ceremony my three-star boss, big grin on his face, switched to the “swear” version — ending of course with the usual ‘So help me God’ — knowing that I wasn’t a big enough asshole to make a big deal out of it. Of course I smiled back & repeated the ‘So help me God’ part. As we all headed for the cake & punch, I muttered to him, “Sneaky.” He replied, “Yup.” … but we both appreciated the humor (as did many of the others there). Believe me — generals ain’t so bad, and most of them (Combat Arms, anyhow) could share my foxhole anytime, but ordinarily an NCO is going to be a younger, more fit guy — who has handled weapons & small-unit tactics much more recently.

        I’ve probably attended far more combat valor award ceremonies than most, purely because of where I happened to be stationed, and more than a few of those were for soldiers whom I personally knew to be atheists or agnostics. In addition to the usual Purple Hearts or Bronze Stars, it included dozens of Silver Stars, at least two Distinguished Service Crosses (just under the Medal of Honor), and a few Distinguished Flying Crosses. And two Medals of Honor. So perhaps you may understand why I get a bit incensed whenever I hear that stupid and insulting phrase about atheists and foxholes — usually blathered by someone who has never been in combat, let alone volunteered for multiple tours and, all too often, came home in a box. They cannot speak for themselves … but I can.

        You are free to choose whomever you like to depend upon when SHTF, but for myself I have little interest in their religious beliefs, or lack thereof, since it has nothing to do with whether they’ll have my back when things get ugly. Ask anyone who’s ever been ear-deep in ugly.

        Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming that all atheists are the same as the howling, activist loons that file unending lawsuits over trivia and babble like idiots on TV, apparently to hide the fact that they have no real life of their own. Not so. Most of us know that religious symbolism on currency or public areas is traditional and not a personal attack on those who don’t share those beliefs. Not being vampires, crosses do not send is into panic, and most of us consider publicly preaching some evangelical form of atheism as not only really bad manners, but foolish.

        • Paul Helinski December 27, 2015, 11:23 am

          Most people who claim to be athiests are just mentally lazy and don’t even understand what it is they even claim to believe. Ultimately, if you do the math, you have to ask the question when did “nothing” turn into “something,” and is there evidence of an intelligent designer. To someone not on prozac and not just fundamentally a fool, you then have to go one step deeper and ask the next question, then the next, then the next. The saying “there are no athiests in foxholes,” merely means that few if any people do not in their hearts understand the fundamental requirement in the complexity of creation and not believe in a Creator of sorts, one that is bigger and more in control than they.

  • ClifH December 21, 2015, 9:02 am

    OK. So now I’ve read your articles. I have to say that there is one word in them that causes me to pause and wonder, “Just what are you?”. A serious Prepper/Survivor or just another person spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). You come across as NOT being Politically Correct but that word says that you are PC. What word? G-D. If you are not PC, then you would use the word GOD. What? Are you afraid you might offend someone? Your other language would appear you are not but yet you persist in using G-d. Curious!!

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 9:08 am

      And how is that PC? Because the only people who ever do that are G-d fearing orthodox Jews. There is a prohibition in Torah against erasing any name of the Creator, and there are opinions that this applies to any language, not just hebrew. When a Jew writes G-d, he is just trying to not cause the erasure of a name that could by secular people be used to refer to the actual 1 G-d that most people believe in, which is actually true.

      Lazy brained isn’t going to cut it Clif. It isn’t fud, it’s FUBAR. Go do some homework and as Taylor Swift advises, stop worry about the dirty dirty cheats. Shake it off. Shake it off.

    • Fred Smith December 21, 2015, 11:17 am

      Well, I was going to lusten to this person UNTIL they got on the global warming thing…………….globa warming is why there were 3 ice breakers STUCK in the antartic this year…….PULEZE!

      • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 11:48 am

        They stuck because the arctic cap was artificially ice nucleated so quickly that they couldn’t get out in time. If you bothered to read instead of just digitally running your piehole you might learn something, and perhaps be moved to do something to help your family survive when the truth uncaps for the masses. I explained how they keep the “ice extent” up, and the Chinese even admitted to doing it until they disabled their own capital city with an unnatural ice storm. Look it up.

  • M D Jefferson December 21, 2015, 9:00 am

    Just like every other document gets its “meaning” changed, so does any saying.
    That being said, “The meek shall inherit the earth” is totally wrong these days…….It really means: “The Entitled shall own everything.”

  • Chad J. December 21, 2015, 8:14 am

    Please be advised that, as in other languages, a word may have many meanings. The same word in Aramaic and Hebrew that can mean “earth”, can ALSO mean: “dirt”, “dust”, “floor”, ‘parasite” and “worm”. Just a fact, not trying to be a wise ass.
    I also wonder if the reference do Samson killing 1,000 with the “jawbone of an ass” isn’t the then slang in use for a sword shaped like the Green Macheira and Spanish Falcata (the latter the Uzi of its day and very feared by the Romans). After all, haven’t we GIs popularized the term “Grease Gun” for the M3 .45 caliber submachinegun? People throughout he ages, especially those in military service, have given nicknames to various weapons and other things. That’s why the 1st Logistics was referred to as “The Leaning Outhouse” (the more vulgar word for outhouse); the XXIV Corps as “SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”; the 9th Infantry Division as “The Psychedelic Cookie”. Who is to say the “Jawbone of an Ass” wasn’t the colloquial name for said type of sword. So, “The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth” may not be exactly “a good thing” for the meek, lol
    SFC, US Army (Retired) amateur historian.

    • Paul Helinski December 21, 2015, 8:42 am

      You know what’s actually really funny lol. I’ve just explained to you the thing that is probably going to uncap to the general public sometime in the next couple years, and cause complete pandemonium and ruin, and you’re still trying to convince us how clever you are. Most likely your family and friends will die of starvation, or they’ll be killed in the war that will be used to cover it all up and shift blame to the Fox News “terrorists.” Speaking of jawbone of an ass…

    • Rob December 21, 2015, 11:07 am

      You are arguing over trivia with a small mind. The reason why you are a retired Sergeant and not a retired General is that you are not able to see the “big picture” and act accordingly.

      • SkyNinja December 23, 2015, 4:33 pm


        WOW! That is probably the most obtuse thing I have read all week. Do you have any military experience? I’ll take the Retired SFC over a sycophant political General that rose to his position on the backs and sacrifices of his men any day of the week.

        20 year Retired Warrant Officer Aviator-

  • steven deatley December 21, 2015, 4:04 am

    i have been telling folks for a few years now that gold and silver wont fill the belly when your hungry. my granny usta the me boy hang on to this old pressure canner because it may get to be hard times again like when she was a girl growing up here in the mountains. I still have that old canner,and its easy to use,we can deer and bear meat in it and all,our veggies.another good item she gave me was her cast iron cook wear.some of it like the old skillet i make my corn bread in was my great can cook with cast iron anywhere you can build a fire,and a little bear grease with keep it seasoned just fine.Yes i do belive the meek will inherit the earth,and one day maybe sooner than we think the Good Lord will return,but times may get rough again.i grew up here in southren applacha ,we had no indoor plumbing,when i went to the outhouse at night i carried a coal oil lanteren,we carried our water from a spring box {i still drink that same old mnt.water} and we fetched our wash water from a hand dug well.I had coon or bear for supper a many a night and we always had corn pone and soup beans.most folks laugh or make faces when i tell them how to make squirrel gravy and biscuts.but i belive you are right because our nation as a people have forgot their God,and the good book says that a nation that forgets its God will be turned into hell.not like hell but hell,and thats exactly where we are heading 100 mph.the best advice i could ever give you is to repent and give your life over to Jesus Christ ,because if you think this goverment or some goverment offical can save you your wrong.what are folks going to do when the Lord comes back for his bride and its over? it will be chaos on this earth like you have never dreamed of ,so pay heed to whats happening around you and make yourself ready and in the meanwhile be prepared for it may get pretty rough before our Lord comes back.

    • PHA December 21, 2015, 7:28 am

      Ok. How do you make squirrel gravy?

      • Dave December 21, 2015, 8:38 am

        2 Squirrels cleaned and washed
        6 small white potatoes
        1 onion
        1 Bulb garlic
        1 Cup carrots
        1/2 cup cooking oil
        1/2 cup white flour
        1 cup milk
        1 cup water
        Spices: black pepper, cracked red pepper,and sage to taste
        Preparation time:30 minutes
        Cooking time:two, to tow and one-half hours.

        • Mr James December 24, 2015, 10:29 am

          That sounds tasty, surely there is a simpler recipe for squirrel gravy with more native ingredients. I live in the hills far from a retail market. I would like to use the abundant supply of oak acorns black walnut nut meats or other less known starchy foods for a savoury gravy.

  • Quisno December 21, 2015, 3:48 am

    Meek definition: Meekness is an active and deliberate acceptance of undesirable circumstances that are wisely seen by the individual as only part of a larger picture.

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