Swagger Bipod with Crazy Leg Technology – SHOT Show 2017

The Swagger Bipod incorporates flexible legs that can twist and angle as the shooter adjusts for a shot.

Visit the SwaggerBipod website to learn more.


The key to successfully making any precision shot with a rifle or even a slug gun is, for most shooters, first having a solid rest from which to aim.

When hunting in the woods of the East, one can take a close shot offhand or find a tree trunk or low limb upon which to rest the firearm.  But when hunting in the prairies out West or in the fields of the South, it becomes a real challenge to find something upon which to stabilize the gun.  Hence the utility of the bipod or the shooting stick which in those environments can be as essential as a quality optic, the premium ammo or even the gun itself.

Simply twist the gun the direction you wish and the legs twist with it using shock-corded attachment springs.

But bipods and shooting sticks are imperfect creations when attempting to take aim from a treestand or on uneven ground, especially while attempting to take down a critter that may still be on the move

In a pinch, I’ve had to angle the gun awkwardly or not perfectly secure to the ground or risk final adjustments that may come too late to get a shot off. It’s a minor frustration, generally, and a major frustration, at times, if a shot is lost or not made because of instability.


The guys at Swagger believe they’ve solved the issue with a cool, original bipod design that involves flexible legs that can twist and angle as the shooter adjusts for a shot. Called “Crazy Legs” technology, the Swagger Bipod greatly expands the functional shooting zone of any shot.

Simply slide the legs from the chassis and rotate them downward to set them up for use.

Instead of single adjustment “stiff” legs that extend to limited ranges and once folded down are set in place, the legs on the Swagger bipod slip into a contoured sleeve that marries to the forend or lower rails of a rifle and can be slipped quietly and quickly out when ready to use.

Extend the legs to your desired length—there is a field model and a longer treestand/blind model—and aim. The legs are connected to the system via sturdy springs that allow the hunter to push the gun forward, back, to the left and to the right and even twist it if needed to raise, lower and switch your aim. There are a number of ways to move the flexible leg system into place to adjust your aim. After the shot, simply retract the legs and slide them quietly back into the chassis.

Once rotated downward, the legs simply slide into place.

Adjust the height of the legs like most bipods by twisting the tightening nut to loosen and sliding the legs to the appropriate height. Then tighten the nut.

The chassis of the bipod attaches easily to any rifle or crossbow with a lower Picatinny rail and can fasten to shotguns with an adapter that is sold separately.

Price and Availability

The Field model extends as tall as 29¼ inches, adds only 1.5 pounds to your firearm and retails for $220. The Treestand/Blind model extends to 41½ inches, weighs in at 1.6 pounds and sells for $230.

Visit the SwaggerBipod website to learn more.

To instantly lower your aim, simply push forward on the bipod. To turn it, twist your body in the desired direction.

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