Top Five Pink Guns for Sale on GunsAmerica

If you ask most gun owners, the color of their firearm is its least important property. Sure, some of us love the look of a shiny nickel-plated wheel gun or the tactical allure of a matte-black autoloader, replete with matching tactical furniture, but for the most part the color of one’s gun is a tertiary consideration. We want guns that shoot, reliably and are easy for one to use, load and manipulate in stressful conditions. Whether or not it looks pretty isn’t really all that important when it comes time to use it.

Yet, when we find the platform that fits our needs and lifestyle, and various color options become available, that’s when typically when choice of color comes into play.

Believe it or not one of the top searches on GunsAmerica is for “pink guns.” I don’t know what to make of it. Is it an indication of the burgeoning female demographic within the firearms community? Is pink just a popular color for guns? Are guys looking to buy their girlfriend or wife a present?

I don’t have the answers to those questions, but what I do know is that pink guns are in demand. Put another way, GunsAmerica customers like pink! It’s with that in mind that I’m highlighting several of the pink guns that are listed right now for sale on the website.

Lady Pink Defender

Listing Details:

Lady Pink Defender “American Tactical OMNI HYBRID” Custom AR Rifle Package. This build utilizes the NEW FRONTIER ARMORY Lightweight Polymer Lower Receiver and a DPMS A-15 Forged 7075 T^ Mil-Spec Upper receiver with a mid-weight 16″ barrel with the most popular 1-9″ rifling twist. MAGPUL MOE “PINK” Furniture, M416 Muzzle Shroud, Ambi Single Point Sling, Holographic Reflex Optic 5.56mm / .223 Rem.

MAGPUL MOE Furniture. CTR collapsible rear stock, MOE Pistol Grip with Storage, MOE Forend. Comes with a UTG Military Spring Loaded Bi-pod Vertical Grip. UAG Holographic Reflex optic GRG M416 Steel Muzzle Shroud. Max-Ops Rear Single Point Bungee attachment plate and a UTG Single point Bungee Sling. This package also includes 2 MAGPUL 30 Rd PMAG magazines.

This gun is CA compliant.

For pricing and more info on this gun click here.

Beretta Nano

Beretta Nano -- in pink!

Beretta Nano — in pink!

Listing Details:

The Nano was designed with one goal in mind: creating the ideal micro-compact pistol for concealed carry and personal defense. Thanks to its thin, snag-free profile, the Nano effortlessly glides in and out of your holster, while its smooth contour and low weight offer you maximum comfort even for all-day carry. Its operation is simple and intuitive, and its modular design gives you several custom options requiring no gunsmithing. Whether you like to carry inside the waistband, on the belt or in an ankle holster, the Nano will meet and surpass your needs. At less than 1″ wide and just over 5″ overall length, it will disappear for ideal concealment and will not “print” thanks to its flat, low profile. Also, its organic, protrusion-free design will not dig into your body as you carry it, and its polymer frame and advanced metal coating will make it highly resistant to sweat–even on hot summer days. The Nano offers you much more than an ideal concealed-carry pistol. Thanks to its modular design based on a serialized sub-chassis, it can be easily modified with different grip-frames to accommodate your preferences and even a number of accessories like laser sights. And an optional 8+1 extended magazine makes the Nano a great choice for home defense or personal protection where deep concealment is not an issue. The Nano gives you easy assembly and disassembly, plus adjustable sights (no gunsmithing required) that allow you to always get on target even when you change ammo brands or weight. Also, the magazine-release button on the Nano can be easily reversed for left-handed use.

In short, ergonomics, size, modular structure and power make the Nano the best-in-class concealed-carry and self-defense pistol. Made in USA. Features and Benefits • Manufacturer – Beretta • Action – Semi-Automatic • Caliber – 9MM • Barrel Length – 3” • Finish Color – Pink • Frame Type – Polymer • Capacity – 6+1 Rounds • Length – 5.63” • Height – 4.17” • Width – .9” • Weighs 1.2 lbs with unloaded magazine • Lightweight and compact for easy concealment

What’s in the Box: • Beretta Nano 9MM Pistol • 2 Magazines • Safety Lock • Padded Carry Case

For pricing and more info on this gun click here.

Mossberg Pink Plinkster

Listing Details:

You’ve heard of the Pink Panther. Here is the Pink Plinkster. This is Mossberg’s trusty little .22 Semi Auto made up to appeal to ladies from Nine to Ninety. Manufacturer and warrantor is CBC of Ribeirão Pires, Brazil, the company that brought us the fine little Nylon 66 copies in the 1980s. Importer and Warrantor is Mossberg International of New Haven, CT, and Eagle Pass, TX. Type is clip fed blowback action semi-auto rifle. Barrel is one piece steel 18 inch with six groove 1:16 right hand rifling. Sights are screw on hooded ramp type front with beaded blade insert; and Nylon 66 type Windage and Elevation adjustable folding buckhorn type rear. Magazine is steel bodied, and holds 10 rounds of .22 Long Rifle High Velocity Ammunition. Trigger is .230 smooth faced steel, pulls at 5 pound vicinity two stage, with minimal to moderate felt creep and overtravel. Stock is schnabel type pink composite, with checkered laterals on its forend and pistol grip areas. Length of pull is a very adult size 14 1/4 inches from the trigger face to the end of the buttplate. Weight empty is only 4 1/2 pounds, with the center of gravity under the front of the receiver. Metal inish is blue steel barrel, white steel bolt, and black anodized alloy receiver.

This rifle and its mates are what we call factory demos. They came to us from Mossberg’s distribution system, and likely served as showgirls with Mossberg’s sales force at trade shows and on the road, signified by the factory’s U mark on the receiver. Each one comes in a relabeled factory box with lock, magazine, protective papers, and instruction manual that contains Mossberg’s warranty statement. Surface detractions are minimal, as the photos show, only faint occasional edge whitening and stock streaking. We rate it as Excellent, 90 to 95 percent vicinity, with really no more shelf wear than a person finds on display specimens in a store. Bore, chamber, and mechanism are all bright and clean. If this rifle has been fired at all, we estimate it was fewer than 100 rounds. 

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Listing Details:

We have a Cerakoted Glock 19. Chambered in 9mm. The cerakoted finish is very durable and long lasting. It prolongs the life of the gun. No Box or papers.

From Glock: The GLOCK 19 is ideal for a more versatile role because of its reduced dimensions when compared to the standard sized option. Chambered in 9×19, the G19 has found worldwide acclaim with both private and public security agencies. In addition to being used as a conventional service pistol, it is ideal for concealed carry or as a backup weapon.

For pricing and more info on this gun click here.

Charter Arms Undercover Lite

Listing Details:

Apart from its obvious female marketing target, this Charter .38 Special Pink Lady variant of Charter’s Undercover Lite line matches its competitors for lightness. Its 12 ounces empty weight is exactly in line with Smith & Wesson’s Air Lite series revolvers. Before the Undercover Lite series came online a couple of years ago, Charters all had steel upper frames and alloy grip frames. This one’s alloy frame is conspicuous because it has pink anodized finish where the S&W Competitor has black anodized on its comparable M&P Air Lite revolvers. The Charter Pink Lady, factory order number 53830, is double and single action, 5 shot capacity, 2 inch barrel with shrouded ejector rod, three point cylinder lock, transfer bar safety mechanism with no internal lock, fixed notch rear sight and ramp front sight, and black synthetic combat grips that will assist immensely with pointability and avoiding recoil fatigue. Photo specimen is one of only a handful that the Charter factory released as factory demos. Most likely, from their fired brass cases dated from April and May of 2013, they were showgirls displayed at the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas. Never fired except at the factory’s initial test firing; never had a 4473 form executed. This specimen has a small contact mark on the left upper side of its frame just above the yoke. Apart from that, only minimal Cylinder rotation marking is all we see. We rate it as Excellent and Unfired, but photos ought to suffice for our distinguished shoppers to judge finish grade for themselves. This Pink Lady comes in its original box with all its papers, lock, and never executed factory registration card.

For pricing and more info on this gun click here.


So, there are some cool pink guns for sale.  In general, what are your thoughts on pink guns?  What do you attribute their popularity to?  Do you own any?


About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Tanaya Gamble April 19, 2018, 1:56 am

    Do you guys have left handed guns

  • Rod October 19, 2015, 8:32 am

    Yes, have a Pinky backup to the Makarov 7.62 X 25, ankle holster. If nothing else, I figured when they saw my “Pinky” they would laugh themselves to death, and no wasted ammo.

    • Stacy October 19, 2015, 3:03 pm

      I don’t think people should look for a gun by color. First they need to find a gun that fits them, that is, they are able to function the gun properly and comfortably; and it fits their hand. After finding that gun, then go ahead and make it any color you want it to be. And maybe that gun is already manufactured in pink, if that is your choice of color.

      • Kenny Smith December 2, 2016, 2:57 pm

        Well said , Stacy, that’s the way it is !!!

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