Video Shows Unarmed Shopkeeper Being Stabbed, Beaten by Youth Gang

The video above comes courtesy of LiveLeak, which added the following description:

A Korean-American shopkeeper was beaten and stabbed by a gang of youths on September 21, 2015 outside the 55th Street Market in South Los Angeles. According to the shopkeeper’s daughter, who provided the footage to news agencies, the argument broke out after three underaged youths refused to show IDs while purchasing alcohol.

The youths left the store and returned a few minutes later with a larger group. When the shopkeeper confronted them outside the store as they attempted to leave with the alcohol, one of the youths breaks a bottle over his head before the group kicks and beats him. The daughter released the video with the intent of getting the public to help identify the youths.

Here are five quick reactions I had in watching this:

1. Why isn’t every shopkeeper armed?

I know some cities and retail chains prevent shopkeepers, store clerks, gas station attendants from carrying on the job with anti-gun laws and corporate policies, but even so, if I’m going to work in a questionable neighborhood at a place that is frequented by questionable patrons, I’m going to gun up — no matter what!

To hell with those people who would rather I be a victim, than a fighter.

2. Don’t leave your station

I get it, he was probably frustrated with those deviant crooks, but I don’t know if following them out into the street was the right move. After all, he was outnumbered. Had he stayed behind the counter and called the police he may have avoided the physical altercation.

3. No property is worth your life

It’s true. Your life is more valuable than property. Again, maybe he didn’t anticipate the situation escalating in the manner that it did, but generally speaking, it’s best to let stuff go when your unarmed and outnumbered. And even if you’re armed, more often than not, it might be best to let it go and worry about it later when you have the assistance of police.

4. Would deadly force have been justified in that scenario?

I think so, to answer the question. Doesn’t matter how old they are, if they’re beating you and stabbing you with a deadly weapon, and it’s clear that your life is imperiled, shooting them with a gun would have been a reasonable and lawful response — IMO.

5. I hope they catch those little bastards

Crime doesn’t pay. And if those miscreants keep living a life of crime it will most likely catch up with them. I sincerely hope that they find those little bastards and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyways, that’s my rather brief armchair QB assessment.  What are your thoughts about the video?

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • Brian October 6, 2015, 9:20 am

    I hope the community steps up. I would speculate that these youths live in the area and are probably known. But I’ll bet no one steps up. Fear and apathy are prevalent usually rule in these neighborhoods. I hope the shop keeper will be ok. Isn’t he allowed some respect and support from the community for being brave enough to run his business in that type of neighborhood? Personally I would not risk my life or that of my family for a community that did not support my effort to bring some convenience to the neighborhood. IMO.

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