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Single port compensator

Sub $1,000 Taran Tactical Pistol?! Meet the CANiK TTI Combat!

This pistol proved to be a compelling option in a crowded market, offering a balance of performance and affordability worth considering.

Viper HD 5-25

Vortex Viper HD 5-25 SFP Review

With its illuminated reticle, capped windage, and a secure locking elevation turret, the Viper HD 5-25X50 is engineered to offer hunters and long-range shooters an affordable, durable, and adaptable solution.

Smith & Wesson Model 1854 Review: A Modern Take on an American Classic

Featuring a threaded barrel, M-LOK slots, and a Picatinny rail, the Model 1854 is meticulously engineered to provide both enthusiasts and collectors with an authentic shooting experience rooted in history.

Is Bigger Always Better?! Meet the New Vortex Defender-XL!

Engineered for speed, the Defender-XL excels in competitive pistol shooting, but its versatility also makes it an excellent choice for rifles and shotguns.

Optic-Ready Multicam Mossberg 940 JM Pro Review [w/Video]

Teaming up with champ shooter Jerry Miculek, Mossberg just improved upon these 12-gauge beasts by including optic-ready models in the existing lineup.

Vortex Viper HD 3-15 SFP

Testing the New Vortex Viper HD 3-15 SFP!

Vortex has just unveiled its highly anticipated HD series of scopes for their 2024 Viper lineup, boasting an impressive range of options tailored to diverse shooting requirements.

Getting Down and Dirty with "The Kit" from Two Vets Tripods

Getting Down and Dirty with “The Kit” from Two Vets Tripods

This versatile tripod has proven itself valuable for various applications, including glassing with spotting scopes and providing a solid platform for shooting with rifles weighing nearly 20 pounds.

Nitecore HC65 UHE Headlamp: Spelunking Review

Nitecore HC65 UHE Headlamp: Spelunking Review

The Nitecore HC65 UHE impresses with its simplicity and performance. With brightness settings ranging from 8 to 2,000 lumens, it caters to various performance needs and runtime preferences.

Unveiling the Bergara Premier Divide Bolt-Action Rifle: Full Review

The Bergara Premier Divide Bolt-Action Rifle: Full Review

Designed to bridge the gap between a tactical and hunting rifle, the Bergara Premier Divide weighs in at just 7.2 lbs.

Photo of the light shining at a cow nearly 900 yards away

Weltool W4Pro TAC Flashlight Review: Spotlight or Laser?!

In a world brimming with options, finding the perfect flashlight can be daunting. However, when it comes to a purpose-built spotlight, I’ve grown fond of the Weltool W4Pro TAC.