CZ-USA Adding Single Action Shadow 2 SA to Lineup

The updated CZ Shadow 2 is now available as a single-action-only handgun. (Photo: CZ)

For more information about these and other new CZ products for 2020, head over to the CZ-USA website.

CZ-USA is expanding its line of Shadow-series competition handguns with the new single-action-only CZ Shadow 2 SA. Like many competition pistols by CZ-USA the Shadow 2 SA is based on the proven CZ 75 design, although just about every aspect of the handgun has been updated and tailored for competitive shooting.

The CZ Shadow 2 SA is a full-size, steel-framed double-stack handgun chambered for 9mm Luger. It is compatible with all standard CZ 75 magazines and comes with a 17-round steel mag for a flush capacity of 17+1.

It has a full-length 4.9-inch barrel and long sight radius to match. Many elements of the CZ 75 design lend themselves to good accuracy, which is why these pistols are such popular guns for shooting matches, and the long sight radius makes hitting small targets easy.

Every CZ Shadow 2 SA comes with a fiber-optic front sight and a click elevation-adjustable black target rear sight. This lets shooters use different loads for different matches, from hot and flat-shooting ammo to really low-recoil rounds for extremely fast follow-up shots.

It’s competition-ready with a 17+1-round capacity with flush magazines. (Photo: CZ)

Even with hotter ammunition recoil with the Shadow 2 SA won’t be an issue. Like other Shadow pistols, the 2 SA is a heavy handgun weighing in at 46.5 ounces unloaded. The handgun has a full-length dust cover with a single slot for accessories in order to put as much weight up front as possible in order to keep muzzle flip to a minimum.

Other competition-friendly features include a full-length beavertail grip, deep checkering on the frontstrap and backstrap and thin, machined and checkered aluminum grips with a bright blue anodized finish to contrast with a black polycoat finish on the slide and frame.

The single-action trigger has a blue finish to match the grips and an almost straight profile. It’s a thin trigger to give users the best reach even for small-handed shooters.

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Other nice touches include front and rear slide serrations, a light skeletonized hammer and full-size controls including an extended magazine release button. It has ambidextrous manual thumb safeties, too.

All in all the CZ Shadow 2 SA has all of the great CZ 75 race gun upgrades but stops short of rebuilding the design from the ground up. The Shadow 2 SA has a suggested retail price of $1,349 which puts it in line with other tuned and race-ready competition versions of popular service pistols.

For more information about these and other new CZ products for 2020, head over to the CZ-USA website.

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  • Rangemaster11B March 8, 2020, 12:01 pm

    Still waiting for the 10mm that was teased a year ago.

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