“I’m Your Huckleberry” – GunsAmerica Poker Chip Sets For SHOT Show 2017

These are the poker chips in hand today. If you order a set, it should be there within two weeks. We’ll be submitting the orders to the printing company on Friday, and they will be printed for you.

GunsAmerica “I”m Your Huckleberry” Poker Set – $199 + Shipping

As all of you know, GunsAmerica doesn’t really sell anything, or at least not anything physical. But once a year when SHOT Show rolls around, we try to offer to our readers and lifetime devotees the opportunity to buy the promotional items that we are putting together for our dealer promotion.

This year we took a novel track and printed a special poker set, as you can see in the video and pictures. It is expensive, $199 plus shipping, but including administration costs we will make little or more likely nothing on them. We are offering them for sale for only 4 days, Tuesday to Friday this week, or we may leave it up until Monday. If we get smashed with orders it may not even last until Friday. The company that prints them is very small, and it would be better for 500 people to get them than 2,000 people to not get them.

This set hs 300 chips, two decks of cards, 4 dice and a dealer chip, though I have no idea what the hell you need a dealer chip for.

We had ten sets printed to display at SHOT Show just today, and as you can see in the video, they are pretty cool. The chip sets appear to be made in China, and the company that prints them is here in the US. They come with two decks of cards, a dealer chip and 4 dice.

If you are new to GunsAmerica, it won’t take you long to figure out that though there are a ton of private sales here, especially with our new “All Local Sales Are Free on GunsAmerica” program, we have always been primarily a gun dealer services platform. We provide bulk upload and website services, and if you’ve noticed, we just launched the new GunsAmerica Local Advertising platform, that showcases local dealers to the over 4 million buyers per month who current come to GA looking for a gun. Our GunsAmerica Dealer Services department, and of course our national advertisers, make all of this great free editorial possible.

Thanks as always for being part of GunsAmerica. If we don’t get crushed with orders from this article going out on Tuesday, we will probably do a dedicated email blast advertising the set. Or not. 😛 -ph

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  • William January 17, 2017, 8:59 pm

    Your link for the poker chips doesn’t work. Some of us would like to buy them regardless of the wacko comments above. Please fix the link.

  • Jeremiah January 17, 2017, 11:21 am

    The “DEALER” chip is used while playing Two Card Texas Hold’em. It lets all the players know who (where) the “DEALER” is (the position moves around the table with each deal). The dealer also determines where the “BIG” and “SMALL BLINDS” are situated – they move around the table with the dealer chip, too. Shooting is a lot more fun, easier and monetarily a lot safer!

    Like your columns a lot! Thanks for all the hard work you do bringing new products to our attention.

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