Lead Faucet Tactical Accelerated Rifle & Pistol Course: Everything is a Rehearsal for Something

By Mark Miller

Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) provides tactical and shooting training to civilians, law enforcement, and military units. All of their instructors have extensive special operations backgrounds and real-world expertise which educates their teaching. They conduct basic classes as well as tailored training for specific agency requirements.

LFT offers relevant and realistic gunfight training with carbine and pistol by day and night. One of the biggest challenges to finding good training is sorting out the real companies from the Operator wannabes.  Dan Brokos is the boss at LFT and he is the real deal. There are Green Berets who specialize in shooting and teaching shooting. No, not those guys, you have never heard about these guys and I am not going to tell you. Dan Brokos is one of the quiet professionals. He also ran the Special Forces school that trains those guys. He knows his craft.

There are three main kinds of classes at LFT:

Accelerated Rifle & Pistol Courses are beginners to intermediate level. The shooting focus on the application of fundamentals of marksmanship with drills which require shooting in and around cover and shooting on the move from dominant and support side (Ambidextrous gunfighter).

The Urban Gunfighter Course is an Advanced Pistol and Carbine Class focusing on the ever-changing contingencies of a gunfight. The drills, run in both daylight or nighttime involves stationary and non-stationary shooting and shooting from cover and vehicles.

The Close Quarters Battle Course is a Basic to Intermediate course focusing on the fundamentals of CQB, Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action. The course focuses on building blocks of CQB: the actions of a 4-5-man Assault cell and how they clear multiple rooms.

I got to attend a three day LFT Accelerated Rifle & Pistol Course sponsored by a local SWAT team. The class was taught by Dan Brokos. As a Green Beret myself, I knew what was coming and I was not disappointed. It was high volume training, fast-paced, challenging and educational. There were drills that had my heart rate up and tested my aerobic capacity.

One of the key tenants reinforced over and over “We don’t live in a CQB world; you have to shoot out to 200 on demand, know your zeros and train at distance too.” Dan’s experience has taught him that endless rounds of CQB 7 meter shooting doesn’t prepare you for the real world where real bad guys move and use cover. As a sniper, Dan knows the enemy will seek to engage you from beyond your effective range.

In an LFT handgun and rifle class, you have to shoot both guns with both hands. Brokos believes that you must be an ambidextrous gunfighter. Many people talk about this, LFT training demonstrates and reinforces these critical skills for conforming to cover and staying in the fight.

The use of cover is vital. I have been through shooting classes where cover was not addressed. People who have been shot at love cover. Brokos says “Don’t hide behind cover, brace into cover and fight from cover.” If you aren’t returning effective fire, you can’t eliminate the threat. If you hide, they will maneuver on you and hit you. Fight back and get your hits.

Sometimes you have to move or shoot in the open. Brokos spends time explaining the need for rapid multiple hits. He insists that you build every shooting position to hold up to a 10 round string because you never know when you may have to re-address a threat.

There is no standard response. You engage the threat, asses the threat, re-engage the threat if necessary.  Shooting two rounds and moving to the next target is a training scar which could be fatal.

The three-day class was filled with shooting out to 200 yards, shooting from cover with both hands, long movements into and out of cover, shooting from every position and malfunction drills. There was no downtime, while we were reloading, Dan was talking and cramming in more training value.

I shot almost 3000 rounds. I took a new optic, which failed, I broke a rifle and tried a new belt set up that didn’t work when I ran more than 25 yards. The class was a great laboratory and a validation of all the extra gear I take to classes.

What is the one constant to all of this? Lead Faucet Tactical brings you current and relevant tactical, shooting and CQB instruction.  If you are looking for strenuous training that will work you and your gear to failure, look no further. LFT has your class.

Notes for attending an LFT class:

-Make sure your guns work.

-Practice re-loads and shooting with both hands on both guns.

-Bring twice as much ammo as you think you need.

-Bring extra magazines.

-Bring clothing for the weather. You are going to be outside training for 10 hours a day.

-Bring plenty of water and snacks. The breaks are few and far between.

-Zero your rifle out to 200 yards. Know where your handgun hits out to 50 yards.

-Check out all of your gear ahead of time.

-Warm up and stretch before you start the day.

Check out the calendar to find a course near you.

LFT also sells gear. They don’t sell anything they wouldn’t use.

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  • Mark Miller July 23, 2018, 8:29 pm

    The guys in this class were mostly SWAT cops in duty uniform. I am not sure who would arrest them. This is probably not a class for you.

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