Prepping 101: Feminine Products Etc.

This week I didn’t have a lot of time to dig into a complex subject, like canning, which I almost did, so I elected to reprise probably the most “shock value” topic here on Prepping 101. Feminine products.

Last time I covered these cups, I coupled them with baby diapers. That was for two reason.

  1. The collapse isn’t going to wait for you to be all set up.
  2. You can’t live your life like it’s all coming down tomorrow.

Number 2 there is a fairly wide topic, and I did a full article on it years ago, where I explained my Leaning Tower of Pisa Theory. If you had never heard of it before, and you were just walking around Italy or wherever it is, and came upon the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’d think it was coming down right now.

If there were people standing on the leeward side of it, where it’s going to theoretically fall, you’ll yell at them to move, because clearly they did not understand the dangerous situation they were currently in.

But it has looked like it is going to fall for hundreds of years.

But it didn’t fall.

That is the same thing as our world, right now.

Back in the 60s, when the Soviet Union was shipping nukes to Cuba, it looked like the world could end right now.

When we all watched The Day After in the 80s, it sure felt like the world could end, right now.

And when you look at the world the way it is now, it sure feels like it’s going to end, right now.

You just can’t, at the same time, live like the world is going to end right now.

You have to be willing to get married, have babies, go on vacation, all of “normal life,” and just hope that everything works out.

But at the same time, if you have decided that it is prudent to prepare for a situation where everything does not just work out, you really should consider who the people you have to take care of are, and what they need.

Everyone needs toilet paper. Everyone needs water to flush the toilet. Everyone needs diapers for a baby.

And if you have women in your party, they are going to have a monthly cycle, and you have to prepare for that.

Here are the links to what I have found to be the cheapest reliable option:

With Valve

Without Valve


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