Articles by Paul Helinski

The light gathering ability of the 56mm lens is super HD even at far distances.
Where I grew in New Hampshire dandelions were a constant lawn pest, but I haven't seen one since moving to Florida. The USDA database has dandelion varieties all over the US, but the Florida website only has part of the state covered.

Prepping 101: Cheap Night Vision Riflescopes

This is the trap set, with the setter tool sitting in front of it to show you how easy it is to carry out to your sets in case you need it, or to reset sprung traps on your next trip.

Prepping 101: Killer Traps


How to Butcher a Wild Hog – Photo Essay


Prepping 101: The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind

Dialing a scope like the XTR II is much better than using holdover. But it takes practice.
The Gletcher M712 is a nearly perfect replica of the Broomhandle Mauser from WWI and most wars of the 20th Century.