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This is a batch of soap that I made about 6 months ago. It has dwindled because of neighbors and friends who always want another bar.

Prepping 101: How to Make Soap


Before You Book a Hog Hunt – Ask These Questions

The Little Dutch Maid mixer is an old product that has been produced for a generation. It is made by the Amish, and is popular not just in the off grid market, but also by fans of the local fair cookoff.

Prepping 101: Off The Grid Hand Crank Mixer & Food Processor

This video is often thought to connect to John Lennon to the Illuminati, but the reality is that he was just another paid off rich guy distracting the people from the real issues of the Vietnam War.  The hippies were fooled, and today they couldn't care less about the death and destruction that we will bring for our new fake enemy ISIS.  It is up to us to stop the next war, and we will do it with information.

Opinion: John Lennon vs. ISIS! – Is “Anti-War” Still Left Wing?

This picture was chosen to highlight that you have to really pay attention to the numbers when buying solar. There are tricks like this meant to get you into ads that advertise an old generation of technology for the same price as the new generation.  Deep in this long article you will find all of the details to make your choices right the first time.

Prepping 101: Piecing Solar Power Systems for SHTF


Ebola: A Critical Review of Mainstream and Alternative Media


Prepping 101: Live Well! Tips to Make Survival Not Suck!


“No Drill” 1903A4 Sniper Rifle – 1903 Springfield

The problem came when I clicked into the data to take a closer look at where I had been. It showed me going all over the state to places I have never been.  If you look closely it even has me either flying over or walking over Lake Okeechobee.

SCARY! Click Here to View Your Google Location History