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Damascus knives are nothing like what you would associate with Damascus shotguns. The patterns are heavier, and these days made from forge welding several types of steel together.

Cheap Damascus Knives for Christmas!


M1A Sniper – On the Cheap, or All the Way?

The Colt Mustang Pocketlite is today's version of the original pocket pistol, 1911 style. This version comes with a LaserMAX Centerfire laser on it, and that laser is also available to buy for your existing Mustang.

The Guns of 1776 – Musket Replicas from Davide Pedersoli

The Bump Fire Systems bumpstock worked really well.  This is a screen cap from the video with several rounds of brass visibly in the air. If you haven't taken the bump stock plunge, this is the cheapest we've seen, and it works.
Perhaps the best modern reference to the Kukri is Alice in the Resident Evil movies. She rocks two of them.

Bowie Knife vs. Kukri Knife – What’s Your Fighting Knife?


Taurus Curve .380 Pocket/Purse Pistol – Yes, the Gun is Bent!


Prepping 101: Catastrophic Radiation Events & How to Survive

You would think that all of these guns came out finished, cachunk cachunk cachunk, but they are each worked on by a human before a part gets put into them.

Taurus USA Firearm Factory – Miami Florida – Photo Essay

These are the three products I have tried from Armored Carry, which used to be called Double Tap Holsters. The top is a pocket holster, the left is the neck holster, and on the right is the trigger guard shield with a lanyard.

Deep Concealment – Pocket, Neck, Trigger Gaurd Holsters