Articles by Paul Helinski

Dialing a scope like the XTR II is much better than using holdover. But it takes practice.
The Gletcher M712 is a nearly perfect replica of the Broomhandle Mauser from WWI and most wars of the 20th Century.
Hornady Critical Defense tightened the group up some.

Cheap Guns: The Cobra CA380 Semi-Auto $199?

My only issue with these is that they blink green in the front when they detect an intruder. No thanks!
I tried to power the 857D directly from a solar panel but it didn't work.
By the time I got the door closed, most of my initial handful of sticks had burned up.

Prepping 101: Rocket Stove Cooking – The Fuel Miser

Damascus knives are nothing like what you would associate with Damascus shotguns. The patterns are heavier, and these days made from forge welding several types of steel together.

Cheap Damascus Knives for Christmas!


M1A Sniper – On the Cheap, or All the Way?

The Colt Mustang Pocketlite is today's version of the original pocket pistol, 1911 style. This version comes with a LaserMAX Centerfire laser on it, and that laser is also available to buy for your existing Mustang.