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Prepping 101: Guns & Guitars NOT Gold & Silver


Prepping 101: Rocket Stove Canning

I am going to post the rest of the high res pics from the current Ebay auction for the same stove at $500 more expensive.
It kind of makes you feel stupid to think that in 1984 the same fear porn was playing that we have experienced since 911.

Prepping 101: Two Minutes to Midnight

The point of this series is to get you going with a clear picture for yourself surviving a collapse of our support systems. Like this squash seed, saved from a Walmart squash, even slow growth eventually leads to an actual squash.

Prepping 101: Sowing Seeds for Survival

My big concern with this gun was accuracy, but it came in at about the same accuracy at 25 yards that I can shoot with a handgun. The top groups is where it came zeroed from the factory, I adjusted it down to zero at 25 yards.
The Truglo TFX is their new tritium night sight. They are glass capsules filled with a glowing radioactive isotope of hydrogen, and they don't need to be charged up by a light source first. They last about 12 years before starting to dim.

Tritium Night Sights for My XD-S – $127?

I don't suggest that anyone bring a crossbow to a gunfight, but as a survival tool for hunting, killing animals you may have trapped, and possibly taking out intruders under the cover of not a lot of noise, a crossbow is an effective tool.

Prepping 101: The Silent Kill – But NOT a Silencer!