Gun Industry and RKBA News

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Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to educate journalists about firearms.  (Photo: NBC).

Bloomberg Launches Indoctrination Camp for Journalists

KAK Super Sig Buffer Tube, the Perfect Fit for Improvised SBRs

No More Shouldered SIG Braces

The M9A3 is designed to fill the remaining contract, not to subvert the new pistol trials.

The Inside Scoop on the New Beretta M9A3


NY Attorney General tells Retailers to Stop Selling Toy Guns

The new Beretta M9A3.

New from Beretta: The M9A3!


Republicans Respond to Virginia Governor’s Gun Control Push


Sandy Hook Families Sue Bushmaster

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe keeps his promise to gun-control czar Michael Bloomberg and unveiled his gun violence prevention strategy on Monday. (Photo: ReadTheHook)

Virginia Governor Announces New Gun Control Agenda


Man Sues After Polling Place Told Him to Remove NRA Hat