Current Events in the Gun Industry

I'm not sure what I was expecting, exactly, but it wasn't commemorative shovels. These are some fancy spades.

Beretta Breaks Ground in Tennessee

Photo Credit Reuters

Top 5 Guns to Defend Against Looters


Open Carry Texas Meets Armed Resistance?

Supreme Court building

Supreme Court Rules on “Straw Man” Gun Sales Case

Prepping is a stigmatized subject for two reasons. One is you look like a paranoid nutcase, but the other is that there is  whole industry of opportunists trying to sell us snake oil. As you'll see in our food overview, Walmart is a source of great bulk backup food and supplies.

Prepping 101 Series Intro – The Stigma of Being a Prepper

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and ardent pro-gun control supporter.  (Photo: AP)

Fire Your Mayor! Shut Down Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun MAIG


Beretta Expands Manufacturing Into Tennessee

The Real Sandy Hook Conspiracy – Disarm America

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