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The Max-5 covered 930 against some reeds in a duck blind. The reeds in the pattern do look pretty good next to the real thing. Mossberg Duck Commander 930—New Gun Review
When I hear someone talking about a Mossberg, I think of dependable shotguns that get the job done. They might not have all of the bells and whistles of their more expensive competition, but they work. Work is the key word here. Mossberg is a workingman’s gun. Mossberg has been making the 930 auto-loading shotgun since 2005. It has proven itself as a versatile scattergun for hunting and reliable tool for defense. It also doesn’t break the bank. Though the latest 930 is dressed up in Duck Commander haute couture, this scattergun is first and foremost a Mossberg and could make a good all-around gun for turkey, ducks, or upland birds. read more 4 Comments

usnv-mag-wraps-cover USNV Mag Wraps – Dress Up Your AR-15 Mags
Back last fall, we did an article on Colt ARs with dipped patterns on them. One of the comments that came up on the article was, “Hey, have you seen these mag wraps?” What exactly are “mag wraps,” you ask? They are basically just stickers that you can put on your magazine to make them look cooler, or to just have people ask you why you have bikini models on your mags, and isn't that silly. read more 4 Comments

The TriStar P-120 was originally created for military use. The full-size 9mm features all-steel construction and is built to military specs by Canik 55 in Turkey. TriStar Sporting Arms P-120 Pistol – New Gun Review
The P-120 is the latest addition to the growing line of TriStar pistols. All TriStar pistols are manufactured by in Turkey Canik 55, a NATO-certified small arms maker that manufacturers small arms for many military and law enforcement organizations. All arms produced by Canik are manufactured to NATO specifications, with all internal parts chrome plated, and each model must pass a stringent 50,000-round durability testing protocol. Fans of CZ pistols will immediately recognize that the P-120 bears a striking resemblance to the CZ 75 SP-01 pistol. The P-120 is a 9mm full-size pistol with steel frame and slide and an accessory rail, and it ships with two 19-round extended capacity magazines. Unlike the SP-01, all external controls on the P-120 are located on the left side of the frame. Even with this major difference, many CZ parts can be used with the P-120 pistol. The black P-120, reviewed here, has a very attractive MSRP of $489 with actual street prices less than $400. read more 4 Comments

The wide variety of sizes and specifications allows for protection for both those on more limited budgets and those who are willing to pay for more accoutrements. What to look for in a gun safe: Liberty’s Lincoln line
A couple of years ago, I decided I needed something larger than my bedside fast-access handgun safe. I inherited a couple of worthless pistols from my father’s estate, and I loved them more than anything else I owned. My bedside safe offered no real fire protection. Its size and relatively light weight made my little safe a convenient way for a crook to carry my valuables out of the house. So I went in to see my FFL. The refrigerator-sized safes that lined the floor of the shop were visually impressive. Yet the visual impressiveness was short lived. When I knocked on their sides, they rang like old tin garbage cans. They were bigger, but not much better than what I already had. I needed a real safe. So what actually makes a safe worth buying? Let’s take a look inside a Liberty. read more 20 Comments

The OTIS RIPCORD has a retail price of $14.99. 34” rifle length RIPCORDS are available in .223/5.56mm and .308/7.62mm. 22.5” pistol length RIPCORDS are available for .380/9mm/.38/.357, .40/10mm, and .44/45 caliber. Additional sizes will be available in the future. OTIS Technology RIPCORD – New Product Review
Otis Technology makes a multitude of cleaning products and cleaning systems for firearms and optics. They offer task specific cleaning systems for Sporting, Law Enforcement, and Military applications. All OTIS products are made in the USA at the company’s facility in Lyons Falls, NY. One of the latest products, the RIPCORD one-pass cleaning device, was featured in the OTIS Technology display at the 2014 SHOT Show. The RIPCORD is a pull-through-the-barrel dry cleaning system. Each end of the RIPCORD has a coated brass tip that is clearly labeled with the intended caliber. These tips feature 8-32 threading so they can accept most standard cleaning accessories like brushes, bore mops, and patch holders. read more 2 Comments

Burris C4Plus Right Profile – The 4.5-14X50 Burris C4Plus isn’t a large scope at just 13” long and weighing only 18 oz, it’s perfect for an AR platform or lightweight bolt action rifle.  Possibly my one and only gripe is that when I received the scope the numbers on the power adjustment ring and adjustable objective were hard to read in anything but good light.  To remedy that I took a white paint pen and filled in the numbers. Burris C4Plus Riflescope—New Scope Review
When I first got into shooting there wasn’t the wide variety of scopes and reticles to choose from that we enjoy today. While the elements that make up a riflescope haven’t changed in many years, the technology and features have changed and continue to do so. I believe that we’re now at a point where there is literally an optic for just about any shooting activity to meet just about anyone’s budget. Hunting scopes probably have the largest market share when it comes to the total number of optics sold, but they also have the fewest features to offer the shooter. The typical hunting scope is a pretty simple affair with covered turrets and a simple duplex reticle for aiming. For most shooters, this arrangement works well for those shots that don’t fall outside of 200 yards across the fields or in the backwoods. However if a shot has to be pushed past that distance, the only choices are to apply some Kentucky windage and hope you know the drop of the ammunition well enough or to attempt to close the gap. This year, Burris released a new line of hunting scopes called C4Plus that provides options for shooters looking for more versatility from their optics in an affordable package. Featuring two popular variable magnification ranges, custom bullet drop compensating knobs, quality glass and a new reticle specifically designed for wind compensation, these scopes have the potential to reach past the hunting scope market. At first glance it appears that Burris has done its homework in the design and layout of these scopes, so lets take a closer look. read more 3 Comments

DSC_0148-1 Handi-Racker Just Got Handier!
The Handi-Racker is a small plastic block (available in several sizes) that fits over the slide of your pistol, on the muzzle end, and allows you to push the frame of the handgun to rack the slide rather than having to pull the slide itself. This simple change of motion and force will enable nearly anyone, regardless of age, strength or condition to work the action of a pistol. As I demonstrated in my review of Handi-Racker, it is also highly effective in clearing a jammed gun. read more No Comments

bucketsandboxesoffood Prepping 101: Food Storage – Beyond Cat Litter Buckets & Totes
Food is the one thing you don't have to tell anyone to prep for when it comes to long term survival. Everyone knows you have to eat. But the misconceptions come when you compare the differences between "homesteading" and "prepping." A traditional healthy American home keeps a good-sized pantry of food historically, though this practice has fallen away in recent times of plenty. A homestead-style pantry contains either home or store-canned food, along with some basic grains and rice and flour. Homesteading isn't prepping for the breakdown of society. Neither is planning for one month of Mylar packet survival meals, or even one year of meals. As I said in the first installment of this series, you really have to decide to be one of the crazies, then do the best you can. read more 43 Comments

tacticalrangebox Tactical Range Box – MTM Case-Gard
Rarely do you see a really good product for the shooting world at a cheap price, but the stuff from MTM Case-Gard is always an exception. This is a shooting box that holds all of your cleaning supplies and tools and doubles as a work station for cleaning and working on your guns. MTM makes both a classic shooting box model and this one that comes with an extra insert made specifically for the .223 magazine well of an AR-15 and compatibles. read more 5 Comments

A small $40 reloading kit that fits in your pocket Lee Loader Review— The Cheapest Way to Start Reloading Your Own Ammo
With the scarcity of ammo still unresolved, many are thinking about getting into reloading. However, it can require a big investment to try, especially these days with limited availability of components like powder, bullets and primers. And the equipment needed can be prohibitively expensive. So where should you start? Is there an easy and inexpensive way to try your hand at the art of reloading without taking out a second mortgage? There is: the Lee Reloader. read more 15 Comments

March 21, 2014