The Internet is a vast place where anyone can buy literally anything they want. From manuals that teach you how to make explosives to e-books on how to launch an effective hate campaign against the group of your choosing, you can buy anything that you can spell. But for some reason, guns are taboo. Sure, they are a traditional staple on the American culture and some people only want them to collect them. But, even the word “gun” is taboo in certain places on the internet.

There are federal guidelines in place allowing for the sale of guns online. They stipulate that guns can only be transferred through a licensed dealer, a dealer holding a Federal Firearms License. So, if you want to buy a gun, you have to clear it through a local gun shop dealer and have them fax a copy of their license to the seller. With these kinds of guidelines, your local dealer will run the required background check on you and if everything checks out, follow through with the purchase. But, there are some ridiculous trends throughout the internet even though there are federal regulations in place to ensure fair and safe exchanges of firearms.

There are no guns on eBay. You can get non-firing replicas and you can get pictures of guns. But, you can’t get a gun. Even with federal laws guiding the sale of guns on the internet, you won’t find one fully operational gun listed. Not even in the collectibles section. A federally licensed gun dealer can’t open up an eBay business unlike anyone else on the Internet. Anyone can set up shop selling anything from scalped concert tickets to phony jewelry. But, you can’t engage in the honest trade of selling guns that go through federally licensed gun dealers. Not even if they are collectibles and George Washington himself held one.

The internet is far from being an innocent entity offering nothing but the purest of family entertainment. With all the junk you can find, it’s surprising that the whole thing in the nutshell hasn’t been shut down if even the word “gun” is taboo. How is that supposed to promote gun ownership and gun trade as traditional American values passed down from family to family?

That’s why Guns America is so important. It allows gun owners to buy, sell, and trade guns – legally – using the internet with the highest level of security.

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