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National After-Sale Fees:

2% of Sale Price

$20 min. for Guns | $2 min for Non-Guns

Unlimited National Ads - No posting fees ever

5 Free Local Only Ads - No posting/after-sale fees

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$999 /mo

NO After-Sale Fees Ever

Includes everything in Trusted Seller plus:

FREE GunsAmerica Live Storefronts Website

4 FREE Email Blasts per year to local subscribers


GunsAmerica Dealer Advertising Program

As a local gun shop, finding efficient ways to bring customers to your store is a real challenge. Customer Connect uses online traffic from manufacturer, partner sites and GunsAmerica to drive local buyers to your store.

A picture of your store, store name, address and phone number along with inventory that you have in stock and can access through distribution is displayed on an interactive map.

Buyers see you have what they need and call or walk into the store. You can even enable online check out so they pay online and pick up in store.

Interactive Inventory Locator Map

Compose Your Custom Ad on the Customer Connect Control Panel

In-Store Inventory Exposed First

Distributor Feeds - 5 Distributors and Growing - You Control Pricing and Fulfillment

Bulk Upload Inventory

​​​​​​​Drive Customers to Your Store & Sell Online

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Basic Registration & Posted Inventory is All That is Required

After-sale Fees Only Apply on Posted Inventory Outside of 50 Mile Customer Radius

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises

Reach Thousands of Local Customers Every Month

This package is inculded with Basic and Trusted

$99.95 /mo

GunsAmerica Maps to appear on GunsAmerica and Partner Maps

Reach Local Buyers From Our 2-5 Million Active Buyers Every Month

Includes Access to ALL Partner Maps

Includes Map on GunsAmerica Digest Gun Reviews

Closest Dealer w/Inventory Shows First Below Map

Don't Want to Ship Guns Ever? - Try Our Unlimited Local Only Brochure Mode Program

Local Sales Within 50 Miles Are Always Completely Free on GunsAmerica


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