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It is the responsibility of all members, especially sellers, to familiarize themselves with the details of our fees & policies. Refer to the information below for details on our listing policies, selling fees, and membership fees. If you do not understand our fees & policies, you should not use our services until you do. If you've read the FEEs and FAQs pages carefully and still do not understand, please email Customer Service with your detailed questions. There are NO Fees payable to GunsAmerica for buyers to purchase an item from a seller. There may be membership fees for buyers & sellers, depending on your needs. Please see Memberships Fees link for more information.

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Seller's Quick-Compare Fee Chart

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Other policies & restrictions may apply to your listings. Be SURE to review the specifics for the listing type BEFORE you list. Special Feature Fees are EXTRA, in addition to any listing or selling fees. They must be paid even if the item does not sell. They are invoiced separately from Selling Fee invoices. All fees and policies are subject to change. NO POSTING FEES EVER!

Firearms After-Sale Fees

*Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns

Basic Seller: 4.0% of selling price ($20 minimum)
Trusted Seller: 2.0% of selling price ($10 minimum)
Platinum Access: NO After-Sale Fees Ever

Non-Guns After-Sale Fees

*Gear, Accessories, Ammo, Parts, Books, Knives etc.

Basic Seller: $4 minimum
Trusted Seller: FREE
Platinum Access: FREE

Listing Enhancement Fees, Features, and Policies

Listing Enhancements are the extras you can use to pump up your listings so they get more attention.

Bold Font

Makes the font (text) in your item "title" bold so it looks stronger and stands out. The text is seen this way when on search result pages. And, when someone clicks through to view your listing/ad alone, the text is no longer bold because it is no longer needed, making it easier on the eyes to read.

Bordered Listing

Places a thick, crisp, dark red, hard line border around your thumbnail listing photo (the smaller photo shown on a page with other ads), making your photo stand out from the rest. A bordered listing combined with Highlighted Summary makes a big impact.

Highlighted Listing

Highlights your listing/ad summary in yellow (while listed on a page with other seller's items) to make it stand out from other listings. The listing is seen this way when listed on the summary page (when shown on a page with other ads). When someone clicks through to view your listing/ad alone, the listing is no longer highlighted because it is no longer needed, making it easier on the eyes to read.

Featured Listing

Your listing/ad is moved to the top of the category or subcategory in which it has been placed along with other featured listings (in listing number order). Keep in mind this means it is a "featured listing" in the exact category & subcategory you put it in, not the general or top level main category. For example, if you listed a gun in the Guns / Rifles / Browning / Bolt Action / Hunting category & subcategories, that means your gun will appear at the top of the Guns / Rifles / Browning / Bolt Action / Hunting category & subcategories and NOT necessarily at the top of the Gun category, NOT at the top of the Rifles category, NOT at the top of the Browning category. The best part of this special feature (besides coming out on top) is that if someone sorts the listings in any way (price, time, etc.) your item will still be at the top with all other Featured Listings, regardless of the sort order the visitor chooses. This is a great advantage!

Display My Other Listings

Places a "More from this Seller" button in your listings when they come up in search results (while listed on a page with other seller's items). When members click on the image it takes them to a special page with all of your listings. Trusted Sellers get this feature for free; a button "GA Store" link which is a hot link to a page with just their listings.

Home Page

This special feature places your listing on our homepage for 7 days. Your listing is one of 10 homepage listings, seen by anyone who lands on the GunsAmerica homepage. Since the number of homepage listings is limited, your ad is served on rotation if there are more than 10 homepage ads at one time. This means your ad could be on the homepage for a few days without leaving, or it could be rotated every few minutes. How long your listing stays on the homepage depends on the number of homepage listings purchased. There is no guarantee as to how long your listing appears on the homepage. Choose the Homepage feature for items you want to have immediate exposure. There is no refund for this or any other special feature.

Additional Images

The first photo for every listing is always free. There is a small fee for additional images, depending on your membership level and how many images you upload.
Basic Seller
Trusted Seller
Platinum Access
Bold Text on Title
Bordered Listing Box (Red Border)
Display My Other Listings ("More from this Seller" Button)
Feature Listing (Top of Category/Subcategory)
Highlighted Ad (On Summary Page)
Home Page Listing
Additional Images (First image is FREE for all members)



In order to sell an item, you must first register with us. Registration is simple, secure and easy.

  1. The information used in your seller account is what buyers see on your listings and when they submit a new order. Make sure the contact information you enter is the most current information for buyers to get in touch with you.
  2. During the seller registration, you are required to enter your credit card to reduce fraud and to pay for after sale fees and listing enhancements that you might select.
  3. If you are an FFL, you may enter your FFL details on the seller registration page. By enabling firearm transfers, your store will show on our FFL locator available for buyers. If you do not accept transfers, you do not show on the FFL locator.
  4. We take account security and privacy very seriously and will never sell or share your information to third parties.

Seller Membership Levels

We offer a couple different membership levels for users who want to sell privately and for large volume stocking dealers who want to increase sales and build their brand online.

Basic Seller

Basic Seller membership is for users who periodically want to sell a few guns or for dealers who want to liquidate items that are not selling in their local market.

See Membership Fees

Trusted Seller

The Trusted Seller membership is ideal for sellers who are selling 5 guns or more per month online. Trusted Sellers are allowed to show their phone number and upload a custom banner to all their listings to make their listings stand out and look more credible. Trusted Sellers get a %50 discount on all after-sale fees and listing enhancements.

See Membership Fees

Platinum Access

Platinum Access users can sell an unlimited number of items and never have to pay after sale fees. Gun Shops with Platinum Access can use all of the Customer Connect dealer advertising features for no additional fees. Platinum Access gives you a Free Live Storefront custom website, Free Premium Connect Advertising, and Free tactical nukes! Platinum Access is for dealers who want it all- online sales with $0 after sale fees, your own personal website, distributor feeds, and featured placement for dealer ads.

See Membership Fees

Ad Types on GunsAmerica

Local Only Ads vs. National Ads

  1. Local Only ads are always FREE and you never pay an after-sale fee for local sales. Local sales are defined as sales that take place within 50 miles of your zip code.
  2. Local Only ads are Classified ads that only appear to buyers within 50 miles of your zip code. Buyers outside of 50 miles of your zip code do not see your listing at all. Local ads appear on the homepage under Local ads, and between the Dealer Inventory Map and the National ads on the search results pages. They have a “local only” tag and simply look like a line listing similar to Craigslist style ads. Local ads are only active for 30 days at a time for Basic Sellers, and are limited to 5 listings. Local sales do not have the option of being shipped, and you must arrange for local pickup with the buyer.
  3. National ad listings are visible to all buyers who come to our site. National listings show in two different places- they are in the local search results to buyers who are within 50 miles of your zip code. They also show in the National search results that is accessible to all buyers. National listings can be Classified Ads or Auction ads. There is no limit to how many National ads you can place. Any National item that sells within 50 miles of your zip code is considered a local sale and is completely Free. All local sales on GunsAmerica are absolutely free.

Classified Ads

  1. A Classified ad on GunsAmerica is like a line ad in your local newspaper. You describe what you are selling along with the price and photo(s), and potential buyers will place an order to buy or ask questions to get more information. There is NO Listing Fee unless you choose to enhance your listing with special features. Classified ads are the most common and easy to use listings.
Ad Types on GunsAmerica

Auction Ads

  2. An Auction means that there is no pre-determined final sale price. Potential buyers will "bid" and at the end of the auction period, often right down to the last second, the highest bidder “wins" the right to buy for its final price.
  3. The seller posts an auction with a starting price and an optional reserve price or buy it now price. It is set for a predetermined time period Once an auction is started, it cannot be ended early unless using the BUY IT NOW feature if the auction has one.
  4. The starting price is the starting price of the item being auctioned. The reserve price is the minimum amount you are willing to sell the item for. If a bid does not exceed the reserve price, there is no auction winner. The Buy It Now price is the amount you are willing to accept for someone to outright purchase the item before the auction ends.
  5. Members place bids during the time the auction is posted - right until the last second of the last day.
  6. At the end of the auction the highest bidder wins the right to purchase the item (of course all laws and regulations must be followed for them to actually make the purchase)
  7. If the BUY IT NOW choice was offered by the seller (optional) and a member uses it, the auction and bidding ends at that time and that member wins the right to purchase the item immediately.
  8. NO Listing Fee* unless you choose to enhance your listing with special features.
  9. Buyers can use credit cards to pay for auctions if you have Live Checkout enabled.

Things to Keep in Mind About Auction Ads

  1. Many users find auctions to be more complicated than classified ads.
  2. Many users feel accepting a "blind" bid from an unknown person in an auction creates complications when selling firearms.
  3. Auctions can not be ended early for any reason.
  4. Auctions can not be edited or changed for any reason.
  5. You must have the auction item available to sell right to the end of the auction's scheduled end date.

Posting Inventory

There are two different ways to post your inventory online. You can post inventory manually, one at a time, or you can use our Bulk Upload system to upload an inventory spreadsheet to post your complete inventory at once!

  1. Manual Listings - Posting inventory one at a time is easy to do. Select national or local ad, Classified or Auction, then select the categories for the item you are posting. On the next page is where you fill out the item details, price, and upload photos. You can also purchase listing enhancements at this point.
  2. Bulk Upload - The bulk upload system takes an inventory file you created in either Excel (xls) or CSV format and loads your items all at once. You can upload 1000’s of items at once using the bulk upload. Upload your complete inventory files on a daily basis and automate your listing management! Bulk Upload maintains your active inventory automatically if used daily and will sync items with your Live Storefront. Items that have never been uploaded before are added to your online listings. Any item that is missing from the next inventory upload file is considered a drop so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your listings, we did that for you. Click Here Learn more about how to use the bulk upload


The order system simplifies the buying process for buyers and streamlines the sales process for sellers. When a buyer purchases an item, it generates a new order and sends both the seller and the buyer an email alert. The email alert contains a link to the item, the buyer contact information, and receiving FFL (if provided). You can enter a tracking number directly from the email which will notify the buyer their order is on the way. If you have Live Checkout enabled you can charge the buyer’s credit card and eliminate the need to wait for payment details.

Order Management

You can manage your orders in the emails that are sent to you on your GunsAmerica Dashboard or your Order Management page. You can view the full order details and print out the customer order to go along with your shipment.

Each order has status messages telling you what needs to be completed before you can ship the order. If a buyer has paid with a credit card online, you can charge their card and have funds show up in your gateway account immediately. You can also view your completed, and canceled sales history.

Canceling Orders

If an item sells in the store before it sells online, or if a buyer is ineligible to purchase an item, you can cancel their order with a brief message explaining why. This automatically relist your item for sale so you don’t have to do any extra work.

After-Sale Fee Invoicing

24 hours after an order is placed, you receive an after-sale fee invoice for the item sold. If a buyer doesn’t follow through on their purchase, you can cancel their order and receive a credit for the after-sale fee on your account.

Maintaining Active Inventory

Managing items online is simple. As orders are placed on items, they automatically become inactive. If you use the bulk upload system, items are added and dropped according to the items in your inventory file.

Items listed on GunsAmerica that sell before they are sold online can be taken down without any fees by marking items as unavailable in your classified ads section. You can’t remove active listings if there is an open order on the item. You must complete the order first. You can remove an auction early if there are no bids.

Paying Invoices

Invoices are automatically charged to your account when they are due. If you are a Basic Seller, all invoices are due immediately when they are created and are charged the following day.

Dealer Services

Dealer Advertising – Customer Connect

You can spend thousands of dollars advertising your store on radio, billboards, newspapers and social media and still not get the results you will on GunsAmerica Customer Connect programs.

Customer Connect specifically targets buyers when they are in the buying process by reaching them when they go to manufacturers’ websites or are doing searches online and come to GunsAmerica.

A picture of your store, store name, address and phone number along with the inventory you have in stock is displayed on an interactive map. Your ad appears to buyers in your area so they can easily just drive to your store to buy it there or, if you have online payments enabled, buyers can pay online and pick up in store.

The Customer Connect Maps appear as a familiar Google map with your store location on it. Your ad appears above the map if you have Premium Connect or below if you have Local Connect or Partner Connect. The Customer Connect Maps use location and inventory to serve your ads. If you have the item the buyer is looking for, and you are within 50 miles of the buyer, your store appears. The more inventory you have posted online, the more times your store is seen!

GunsAmerica Dealer Maps

Manufacturer Maps, GunsAmerica Maps, Editorial Maps

Customer Connect Maps can appear on manufacturer websites, GunsAmerica or GunsAmerica Editorial reviews. Which map your store appears on depends on the Dealer Advertising Package you have selected.

Manufacturer Maps

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars on marketing to bring customers to their websites. Until now, they have not had a way to connect them to Gun Shops in the buyers’ area that have the item in stock or can get it for them. Partner Connect and Customer Connect Maps solves the problem by matching your inventory to what the buyer is looking at. To appear on the map, you must have the item in stock or be able to get it from distribution so that there is a match. The more items you have posted, the more buyers you attract to your store.

All sales that take place from manufacturers maps within 50 miles of your zip code are absolutely free. Some manufacturers have chosen to expose dealers beyond the 50-mile radius from the buyer. In those cases, you are charged an after-sale fee if the buyer is more than 50 miles from you.

GunsAmerica Maps

Each month millions of buyers come to GunsAmerica as they search for their next firearm purchase. In most cases, GunsAmerica has more buyers looking for a manufacturer’s item than the manufacturer does on their own website. You can bring these buyers into your store when you have what they are searching for and are using the Customer Connect Maps.

GunsAmerica Editorial Maps

Every week GunsAmerica reviews several guns on the GunsAmerica News & Reviews website and sends the articles to over 850,000 people who subscribe to the GunsAmerica Digest, our digital newsletter, that goes out every Monday and Friday. Many of these reviews have the Customer Connect Map included so readers can find the item at their local Gun Shop. When you use Customer Connect Dealer Advertising your store appears on these maps if you have the item or can get it.

Every Tuesday GunsAmerica sends out a Dealer Alert Newsletter that tells you what guns are being reviewed so that you can be sure that you have them in stock and posted so you appear on the map.

Compare Customer Connect Dealer Advertising Packages

Partner Connect or Customer Connect, Which One is Right for You?

Partner Connect maps only appear on the manufacturers’ websites. Customer Connect Maps appear on manufacturers’ websites AND GunsAmerica AND GunsAmerica Editorial maps.

Partner Connect is free to Gun Shops that have a code from the manufacturer. As codes are added, they are sent to dealers in the Dealer Alert emails. Manufacturers can also provide them to you by request or through their reps and sales people.

Customer Connect or Premium Connect?

The Connect options are Dealer Advertising programs that you can add to your account. They work with Free Basic Seller and Trusted Seller accounts. Choose your account type first then, select the dealer advertising package that meets your needs.

Premium Connect ads show up at the top of the map and are the first ad that buyers from your area see. The Premium Connect option includes a Trusted Seller account that cuts your enhancement and after sale fees in half. When you select Premium Connect, you are automatically upgraded to a Trusted Seller Account. The cost is $199/month.

Local Connect puts your ad under the map where you appear with other dealers in your area. You can add it to your Basic Seller or Trusted Seller account so that the fees associated with the account stay the same. The monthly cost is $99 to add Customer Connect to your account. That means for a Basic Seller account with Customer Connect the cost is $99 and for a Trusted Seller account plus Customer Connect the cost is $149.90/mo ($49.95 + $99.95).

GunsAmerica Dealer Memberships

  Basic Seller Trusted Seller Platinum Access
Cost FREE $49.95/mo $999/mo
Local Ads 5 5 Unlimited
National Ads $20/4% $10/2% FREE
Non-Guns $4/4% FREE FREE
Bulk Upload N/A Yes Yes
Banner & Phone in Listing N/A Yes Yes
Customer Connect Optional with FFL Optional with FFL FREE Premium Connect

Customer Connect Dealer Advertising Packages (Must be an FFL w/store)

  Partner Connect Local Connect Premium Connect
Cost FREE $99/mo $199/mo (FREE with Platinum Access)
Partner Map Code Required Yes Yes/Top Placement
Guns Code Required Yes Yes/Top Ad Placement
GunsAmerica Map & Editorial No Yes Yes/Top Ad Placement
Distributor Feeds Partner Restricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Bulk Upload Yes Yes Yes
Fees Basic Seller Current Level Trusted Seller
Live Storefront Website $59.99/mo $59.99/mo $59.99/mo
Tactical Nuke Emails N/A $75 CPM $50 CPM/ 5 FREE with Platinum Access

48 Hour Guns

All Customer Connect packages include 48 Hour Gun Distributor feeds. The Partner Connect restricts the distributor feeds to that manufacturer’s items. If you select the Local Connect, Premium Connect or Platinum Access you have full access to all of the items on the distributor feeds.

What's 48 Hour Guns and How Does it Work?

It’s impossible for every dealer to carry every model of every gun, no matter how big of a store you may have and no matter how much of a demand there may be for an item. That's where 48 Hour Guns comes in. Think of 48 Hour Guns as “special order” items. 48 Hour Guns will allow you, the seller, to offer items for sale on GunsAmerica even if you don't have that item in stock or ever plan to.

The best part is you don't even have to create a listing, type text description, or upload images. You simply select which category of items you want to offer from a manufacturer, and allow orders to come in.

To utilize 48 Hour Guns to advertise and sell items you must have a current FFL and a “brick and mortar” store. That means just having an FFL and selling firearms from your home won't cut it, sorry. You must have a real storefront.

You also need to be on a distributor approved FFL dealer list before you can offer any item from that distributor. You can find out if you qualify by visiting the sign-up page from one of our distributors. We currently offer distributor feeds from Bill Hicks & Co, Davidson’s, Lipsey’s, RSR and Sports South. You must have a pre-established account with the distributor before you can start accepting and placing orders for your buyers.

Special Notes and Policies About 48 Hour Gun Ads

Orders are not automatically placed and drop shipped to your store from the distributor. Once an order is placed, you receive an email with distributor pricing and availability information. It is then up to you to fulfill the order for the buyer by placing the order through the distributor of your choice.

48 Hour Guns are only displayed to local buyers, and therefore, there are no after-sale fees associated with 48 Hour Guns sales. All local sales are free.

Must be a stocking dealer with a store enrolled in a Customer Connect package.

Must have a pre-existing account with our partnered distributors to place orders.

GunsAmerica reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member that violates policies - there is NO REFUNDS if this happens.

You may NOT post distributor inventory as regular listings.

Becoming a member, using our services, or creating a listing means you agree to our fees, policies, and TOS.

Accept Credit Card Payments Online Using Live Checkout

Allowing buyers to pay online for orders is the number 1 way to increase sales online. You can enable Live Checkout for free on your account and allow buyers to pay online and accept orders 24/7. The setup process is painless and there are little upfront costs. In order to accept online payments, you need to have a gateway account and a merchant provider.

Accepted gateway providers:, eProcessing Network, Fast Charge, Durango, FluidPay, FortisPay

Accepting payments online makes enhances your image and makes buyers more feel more secure buying from you. Many buyers prefer to buy from a seller who accepts credit cards than one who doesn’t. Buyers commit to purchase the item immediately and it is a secure transaction. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a payment to arrive so you can turn your inventory faster.

Live Checkout saves you time and increases sales. As soon as a buyer submits an order with their credit card, the charge is waiting for your approval. With one click of a button, the order is complete and the funds are in your gateway account. If a buyer is ineligible to purchase an item, you can simply reject the charge and order without penalty.

Custom Website for Your Store: Live Storefronts

GunsAmerica Live StoreFronts is a system to develop and design your own personal E-commerce Website. It streamlines the development process and makes it possible for you to be selling inventory on your own site the same day. Get started with a storefront in as little as 5 clicks. Inventory posted on GunsAmerica can be imported and populated on your Live Storefront in minutes. Display your distributor feeds on your storefront for no extra costs.

Use your own personal domain name or we can provide one for you. Live Storefronts can also have a personalized shopping cart so buyers can pay with credit cards directly on your site.

No “after sale” fee is another very important feature of Live StoreFronts. We believe that customers who purchase directly from your website are YOUR customers, not ours. Therefore, we don’t charge you any selling fees for doing business on your website. Value is what drives everything we do at GunsAmerica, and Live StoreFronts is an incredibly good value for your business.

Live Storefront Pricing

Each Live Storefront has a $299 Setup fee. You may also add personalized checkout to your website for $100/yr.

Basic Seller


Trusted Seller:


Platinum Access:


Targeted Email Marketing: Tactical Nukes

Local Email Marketing Campaigns

GunsAmerica offers local email marketing campaigns to help promote your store in your area. We allow you to tap into our user base and send them your store specials or current sales you are having. Dealers use this option frequently in the summer months when things slow down and during holidays to increase store traffic. Getting new buyers in your area has never been easier. Submit your email message to Dealer Services and we send it out when you want to subscribers within 50 miles of your area.

Targeted email marketing is restricted to Local Connect users, Premium Connect or Platinum Access.

Tactical Nuke Fees:

Basic Seller:


Trusted Seller:

$75 CPM

Local/Premium Connect:

$50 CPM

Platinum Access:

4 FREE emails/yr

+1 bonus email during holiday season

FFL Locator

If you are an FFL and you accept transfers, enter your FFL details and transfer pricing on your seller account and show up to on our FFL locator so buyers can start using you for transfers. It is absolutely free to sign up to be a seller and enter your FFL details. You must enter your complete FFL number when signing up. However, this number is hidden from buyers and is only visible to you.

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