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AK 47 Rifles (and copies) Folding Stock For Sale

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7 Image(s) Norinco NHM-90 AK-47 in 7.62 x 39 (Rare)
Norinco NHM-90 neutered 56S rifles7.62x39 (Rare) with stainless steel bolt and bolt carriers. Very nice wood and metal condition, and have small dent on the handle show in picture.... (read more)
Gun #: 977856274
Seller:  I Sancar I Sancar
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1 Image(s) Bulgarian AK74 Folding Triangle Stock w/CSS Lightning Bolt/Lever, Ultimak Top Rail, XS Sights
This Bulgarian AK74 has the left-folding metal triangle stock (with catch on left side of firearm), Colorado Shooting Sports Lightning Bolt that allows having the charging handle o... (read more)
Gun #: 975159037
Seller:  WindyWyoGuns WindyWyoGuns
GA Sales: 6
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1 Image(s) Bulgarian AK74 Folding Stock w/Ultimak top rail, FAB Defense Folding/Telescoping Buttstock, CSS Lightning Bolt
This Bulgarian AK74 has been outfitted with a variety of upgrades. An Ultimak rail replaces the gas tube, allowing the use of red dot optics. The buttstock is folding (to the right... (read more)
Gun #: 913331010
Seller:  WindyWyoGuns WindyWyoGuns
GA Sales: 6
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9 Image(s) Polytech Legend AK-47S 7.62X39 LNIB
Pristine Pre-Ban Polytech Legend AK-47S 7.62X39 LNIB, 16" barrel, shiny bright bore, good rifling, black finish, adjustable notch rear sight, post in wings front sight, underfolder... (read more)
Gun #: 939714769
GA Sales: 2006
1 Image(s) Arsenal SLR95 with MOE forearm
This is a used Arsenal SLR 95 chambered in 7.62x39. It has MOE furniture. It is in very good condition. Additional photos are available upon request. This is a cash price but you c... (read more)
Gun #: 923651524
Seller:  RPJGuns RPJGuns
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1 Image(s) SLR 106 Krinkov SBR Arsenal Inc Bulgarian 5.56mm
9.5" barrel threaded 1/2x28, folding triangular stock, 5.56 caliber, cone flash hider threaded 24x.5 mm. NOTE: THIS IS A SHORT-BARRELED RIFLE, NFA WEAPON AND MUST BE TRANSFERRED TO... (read more)
Gun #: 987988603
Seller:  OnTargetInc OnTargetInc
GA Sales: 48
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0 Image(s) Vepr Molot
This is a Vepr Molot 5.45×39mm brand new and it comes with 3 new 30 round Bulgarian magazines. Butstock folds to the left. It looks like it has been fire tested by the factory, I b... (read more)
Gun #: 945464204
Seller:  lprenga1 lprenga1
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1 Image(s) Definitive Arms VEPR AK/556
This 5.56/.223 VEPR AK has been upgraded by Definitive Arms to have an AR-style mag release, bolt release, last round bolt hold open, and more. Includes the two-part Krebs Custom K... (read more)
Gun #: 925530149
Seller:  WindyWyoGuns WindyWyoGuns
GA Sales: 6
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CENTURY ARMS C39V2 ZHUKOV AK-47 SEMI-AUTO RIFLE 7.63X39 CALIBER. 16.5" chrome-moly nitride treated barrel, chevron muzzle brake, standard AKM post front sight and tangent rear sigh... (read more)
Gun #: 990032822
Seller:  Grant County Guns Grant County Guns
GA Sales: 1370
5 Image(s) AK 47 Bulgarian SLR 95 Milled Receiver
Folding Stock, 95% condition (read more)
Gun #: 939922348
Seller:  B AND B B AND B
GA Sales: 1255
Full Details
AK-74 BAKELITE MAGAZINES - 5.45x39 caliber, Eastern Bloc military bakelite 30 round magazines. NEW $59.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING. CREDIT CARD SAME AS CASH. NO FFL REQUIRED - WILL SHIP ... (read more)
Gun #: 952762049
Seller:  Victor Reid Victor Reid
GA Sales: 1622
5 Image(s) Rifle dynamics and silencerco summit #11 of 25
For sale is a Rifle Dynamics and silencerco collaboration AK. Suppressed with a Silencerco Omega supressor, these rifles were hand built by Jim Fuller and the guys at rifle dynamic... (read more)
Gun #: 950899294
Seller:  The Hook and Arrow LLC The Hook and Arrow LLC
GA Sales: 1
Full Details
10 Image(s) AK-74 **** 95 ROUND BETA TYPE MAGAZINE **** 5.45X39 CALIBER
AK-74 BETA TYPE MAGAZINE - 95 round BETA type magazine for the AK-74 rifle, 5.45X39 caliber. Complete with pouch, manual, dust cover, graphite lubricant and loader. New, manufactur... (read more)
Gun #: 929817730
Seller:  Victor Reid Victor Reid
GA Sales: 1622
1 Image(s) Arsenal SLR104-57 short barreled rifle
Arsenal SLR104-57 SBR, NIB, 5.45x39, 8.5" barrel, folding stock, one 30 round circle 10 mag, "krink" type flash hider, sling, oiler. This is a NFA firearm, so all NFA rules apply. ... (read more)
Gun #: 928990738
Seller:  strattons strattons
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