3D Printed Mag Extension for the Glock 43–Sintercore

Need a bit more bang for your single-stack buck? Check out the Sintercore mag extension for the G43.

Need a bit more bang for your single-stack buck? Check out the Sintercore mag extension for the G43.

Check out Sintercore: http://sintercore.com/3dplus2/

Read more about the G43: https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/new-glock-9mm-single-stack-glock-43-hands-on/

Buy a G43 on GunsAmerica: https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?T=glock%2043

3D printed guns get a lot of attention these days. People think that you can push the print button and out comes a fully functional firearm. The technology just isn’t there. I doubt we will be able to print out a complete firearm any time soon. Regardless, the media frenzy has people panicking about 3D printing.

Sintercore is capitalizing on that media wave and the real potential of the technology. They’re producing a plus 2 magazine extension for the most popular firearm of 2015 (the Glock 43). And the technology allows them  to produce the extensions at a much lower price point.

Features and Specs

  • 3D printed in carbon-filled nylon
  • Adds two rounds of capacity to the magazine
  • Built tougher than the magazine itself
  • Correct, ergonomic angle
  • Works with factory spring
  • Snaps in place with no screws or fasteners to come loose
  • Hole in the bottom allows you to compress the spring and remove the base
  • Developed with Eric Mutchler, inventor of the first 3D printed handgun in the world, the SC1911
  • MSRP: $19.95

Installation video from Sintercore:

Does the 3DPlus2 work?

These parts are strong. Relying only on the lips of the magazine for retention, they install with a stern click. Once fully seated, installation is complete. The extension itself is actually printed from a stronger polymer than the magazine it’s attached too, but shares a lot of the characteristics of the GLOCK’s polymer frame–mostly the texture and feel in the shooter’s hand.

The angle on the extension matches the angle of the grip and mag.

The angle on the extension matches the angle of the grip and mag.

The angle of the extension is a much more natural line than other extensions on the market. It actually feels like the grip just continues down in a straight line instead of a hook or curve.

This also helps when indexing magazines into the well, as the angle your hand feels is the angle of the mag as it is moving–that is hard to explain, but you know what I mean. There is little to no chance of missing your mark.

Load the magazine and you quickly appreciate the extension. The GLOCK 43 is slim, but has a small gas tank. 8 rounds is always better than 6. Loading is easy due to the use of the factory spring. With more room in the mag, the spring is under slightly less tension which makes loading that much easier.

Plus 2 to hit.

Plus 2 to hit.

Is the 3DPlus2 reliable?

I have had the extension on for the past two months and have taken it to the range on all occasions. I’ve got roughly 500 + rounds through it and I have had absolutely no issues. The spring is more than strong enough to engage the slide stop every time it goes empty, and there have been no failures to feed.

Will it be as reliable as the standard GLOCK 43 magazine? Probably not, but I have yet to see a failure or sign of impending doom in all of this shooting. The fact is GLOCK’s are over built; they are designed to be able to shoot in any conditions–no matter how dirty or gummed up. Under normal civilian EDC conditions, even at the muddy shooting range, these mags will almost always work.

In the End

The 3DPlus2 is a great product at a great price. They are cool, available, and worth every penny of $20.00 if you own a GLOCK 43 and carry it daily.

It adds grip length, capacity, and can even be stippled if you want.

It adds grip length, capacity, and can even be stippled if you want.

The look matches the GLOCK aesthetic perfectly.

The look matches the GLOCK aesthetic perfectly.

The only branding is on the bottom of the extension.

The only branding is on the bottom of the extension.

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  • Russ November 23, 2015, 12:02 pm

    I took my daughter to the range to shoot the rental Glock 43 before trying to buy it if she or I liked it. My daughter iss 5’02 and weighs about 110 pounds. I am 6’00 200 hundred pounds and my hands are obviously bigger than hers. The gun fit her hand well and she loved it. It felt very small in my hands. I thought oh well back to my Glock 27 using 22 or 23 mags for comfort. This is a great idea and I will be ordering three to run in my daughters gun just to make sure the fit is right. If it works Glock will be getting more of my money. Sometimes it is just inconvenient to carry any of my .40 caliber Glocks. I will difinitely carry more in the summer wearing lighter clothing if the Glock 43 works out. Carrying more often is only a good thing. This is a great idea for me and my needs.

  • wolf November 23, 2015, 11:32 am

    the purpose of the single stack 9mm glock is to get the most bang for your buck in the smallest possible space. this product seems foolhardy to me, it just makes this compact gun an inch longer and heavier.. id say this is a pretty useless idea and product unless you think it just looks pretty. is that going to save your life???? that gun is a back up to save your life, not a pretty little toy!!!

    • Mike November 23, 2015, 2:08 pm

      I agree with your evaluation of the appropriate application of the Glock 43, however, I don’t agree with your opinion of the viability of this product. While use of this product on the magazine loaded in the firearm would be pointless as you mentioned, there are many shooters who choose to carry a reserve magazine(s) and this extension would be ideal for that purpose.

    • Thadius November 23, 2015, 10:23 pm

      Mike, here nailed it. this is for the second mag, your (try to stick with me here, “Wolf”..) “follow up” mag.. and yes, it is even two rounds MORE likely to save your life when you use it in that fashion, and as you can see, not very pretty at al (it is a very utilitarian design, not even nicely curved). That said, for some, this will make a Glock 43 more viable for undercover/concealed carry.. the biggest gripe about the G43 is that Glock stuck users with too few rounds when compared to contemporary pieces. On may folks, this will not cause any issue with concealability.. with the mag extension, it is simply a slightly larger, TLG (tiny little gun.)
      I’ve always carried a second mag, whether carrying a full sized auto on plainclothes or UC assignments, or a mini-pistol when total concealment is what its all about. If you can get a pocket pistol into a faux wallet, you can get a second mag stashed away somewhere.. Now, knowing that this is what you see every day (if you pay any attention) from G17s being carried holstered with the stock mag, and extra 30 round mags in pouches on a Tac Vest, or just any blurb on the latest extended mag for ANY pocket pistol out there (usually adding a finger groove and a few more rounds, gaining more real estate for more grip)… one would wonder why the visceral response?!? Is there some personal impact to you in re: the adding of extra grip space on arms typically carried concealed? Why does this anger you so? Or.. and I would HATE to think it true.. are you one of those people who desperately await what they see as errors by others, just so they can jump on it, shouting, “AHA! I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU!”.. in most cases only to find that, as in this case, that indeed, they do not??? If so, it is generally considered by Mental Health Personnel to be a lack of Self Esteem.. you build yourself up (in your mind), only by tearing others down.

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