A New Entry to the SIG Spectre Lineup (PA Range Day 2021)

The new Spectre Series pistols from SIG Custom Works were announced earlier this year as the next iteration of SIG’s beloved 320 XCompact and 365XL series handguns. The Spectre series pistols feature laser engraved frame patterns providing a more functional grip texture, custom lightning slide cuts as well as being milled to accept pistol red dots.

I’m generally skeptical of claims around grip texturing but the laser engraved grips held up against my sweaty hands on a 100-degree Texas summer afternoon.

At Primary Arms Range Day 2021, SIG showcased another addition to their Spectre series line-up with a new black and distressed model. Offering the same popular laser grip texture as the preceding Spectre pistols which provide a functional yet tasteful look to the handgun, SIG has also included an extended beavertail, flat trigger, and an optional gold barrel and trigger finish. These options give consumers a boutique SIG direct from the manufacturer.

The SIG 320 XCompact and 365XL have surged in popularity and recently we’ve seen lots of custom shops tricking out models to accommodate user preferences. SIG Custom Works is continuing to provide additional configurations to consumers and more options are always a good thing.

These latest additions to the Spectre lineup look and feel great. The grip texturing isn’t overbearing and feels comfortable to the touch while simultaneously improving my handle on the pistol during a humid 100-degree Texas afternoon.

Shooting both the 320 XCompact and 365XL it didn’t feel like I was shooting a compact handgun. The grip texture was a noticeable improvement and follow-up shots with the mounted Romeo pistol red dot were succinct and manageable.

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I prefer flat-faced triggers so this is another welcome addition for me. Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of the OEM 365XL or 320 triggers but the improved trigger surface certainly made it more appealing to me.

While mostly cosmetic upgrades to two incredibly popular pistol platforms, the new Spectres simply give consumers extra options without the need to send your firearm in for additional work. The slide work is meticulously crafted and the slide finish felt great. If you’re a fan of either handgun and want to personalize it a little more the newest versions of the SIG Spectre handguns might be what you’re looking for. Expect to find them on shelves later this month at an MSRP of $1,095. Visit SIGSauer.com to learn more.

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