Aero Precision Launching M16A4 Special Edition Series

m16a1 retro ar-15

The M16A4 Special Edition series includes the complete rifle as well as separate upper and lower receivers. (Photo: Aero)

Aero Precision is announcing a collection of new products for fans of full-size AR-15s and America’s iconic fighting rifles with their new M16A4 Special Edition series. Based on the M16A4, the Special Edition series includes a complete rifle, a complete upper, a complete lower and a stripped lower.

The AR-15 world is full of carbines and the M16A4 Special Edition is a great-looking break in the routine. There are only a handful of M16-style options out there so it’s good to see Aero Precision throw their hat into the ring. Full-sized ARs have low recoil and less muzzle blast and offer a slight advantage in muzzle velocities as well.

The rifle is competitive with a suggested retail price of $1,049 and of course, real-world prices are expected to be lower, under $1,000. The rifle and complete upper come with a 20-inch barrel, A2 front sight with bayonet lug, A2 flash hider and A2 carry handle rear sight assembly.

The lowers feature a limited-edition engraving that reads “Property of U.S.A., MOD M16A4, CAL. 5.56MM,” with a Colt-inspired circular Aero logo. Following the military pattern, all parts are built to MIL-SPEC including the A2 furniture. About the only thing not totally true to form is the Magpul magazine, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Builders can save a little money if they buy the upper and lower receivers separately, supplying their own bolt carrier group and charging handle. The complete upper is listed at $499 and the complete lower is $249.

Aero just so happens to sell these parts, too; bolt carrier groups run $125 and charging handles just $20 bringing the total cost for a complete M16A4 Special Edition parts kit to just under $900 before shipping. For anyone looking to build from the ground up the M16A4 Special Edition stripped lower is only $105.

The lowers are based on the Aero Gen 2 design and have enlarged, flared magwells and a nylon-tipped tensioning screw that can be tightened to eliminate wobble between the upper and lower receiver without damaging the finish on the upper. Instead of the regular Aero pictograms the selector is marked Safe, Semi and Burst. Of course, these are not select-fire rifles but it’s a nice aesthetic touch.

If you’re in the market for a classic-looking AR-15 this is a solid option at a solid price, with a handful of upgrades that make it stick out even in the smaller market of full-size M16-style rifles.

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m16a1 retro ar-15 (5)

The complete upper minus the BCG and CH. (Photo: Aero)

m16a1 retro ar-15 (2)

The complete lower with MIL-SPEC trigger group. (Photo: Aero)

m16a1 retro ar-15 (4)

Stripped lowers are also available. (Photo: Aero)

m16a1 retro ar-15 (3)

The lowers feature military-style engraving. (Photo: Aero)

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  • zombie March 20, 2016, 6:48 pm

    The upper receiver looks like a flat top with detach carry handle.will you be able to choose? The a1 or a2 fixed carry handle receiver would be awesome.still sweet rifle

  • DB Mangum March 18, 2016, 9:02 pm

    “About the only thing not totally true to form is the Magpul magazine, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.” Also missing is the third option on the safety selector…..pew, pew, pew!

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