Amend2’s Grip Module Allows P320s to Accept P365 Mags

The S300 converts P320 Compacts to P365 XXL pistols. (Photo: Amend2)

Amend2, a polymer firearms accessory company, is making a nifty grip module for SIG Sauer P320 pistols that is going to make a lot of people happy, the upcoming S300. The S300 is a grip module for P320 Compact, Carry and Full-Size pistols that allows them to use P365 magazines.

The P365 is one of the leading pistols in the “micro-compact” format, handguns that are thinner than sub-compacts that often have similar magazine capacities, especially when shooting slightly extended magazines that provide a full, four-finger grip.

Today it seems like every major gun manufacturer has a micro-compact in their catalog and those that don’t are probably working on something to compete in this booming everyday-carry segment. The P365 has been such a success that it’s completely eclipsed the original P320 Sub-Compact.

With the S300, P320 owners with Compact and even Full-Size slides can use P365 magazines for that slight edge in concealability and comfort. The grip module works with Sub-Compact and X-Compact slides, although the dust cover will extend beyond the muzzle.

That means that Sub-Compact and X-Compact users will either have to modify the S300, or install an extended, threaded barrel and a compensator or sight tracker. That being said, the S300 is ideally paired with a Compact slide assembly.

The S300 works with P320 FCUs and is sized to match Compact slides. (Photo: Amend2)

While pistols using the S300 will still be a little larger and heavier than their P365 counterparts, they’ll still be lighter and slightly smaller than in their original configurations. And where they are larger there are some advantages.

The biggest one is that the S300 grip module offers users a full-size standard accessory rail for lights and laser sights. Right away that’s a big deal because the P365 has a proprietary low-profile rail. This really opens up a lot of accessory options that just aren’t available for the P365.

Additionally, the slightly wider P320 slide can be used with larger mini red dot sights, as opposed to the micro red dots for the P365. As red dots on handguns become more popular, more and more people are finding out that the smaller optics are harder to use, even if the size difference isn’t a whole lot.

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And of course, the biggest advantage is that P320 owners won’t have to buy a whole gun to get the grip feel of a P365. This module only costs $59, which is practically a tenth of what a P365 runs. This module plus three magazines will total around $200, which is a lot of flexibility for not a lot of money.

The S300 is compatible with 10-, 12- and 15-round P365 magazines. It sports the Amend2 grip texture all around and up front above the trigger guard. And it will be available at the end of this week.

For more information about the S300 and more, visit Amend2 online.

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