Armscor Gearing to Launch STK100 Alloy-Framed Striker-Fired 9mm

Armscor and Rock Island Armory are launching their first striker-fired handgun. (Photo: Armscor)

Armscor and Rock Island Armory, which are best known for their wide range of 1911-pattern pistols, are about to release their first striker-fired handgun. What makes it stand out is that it’s got a rigid alloy frame, and it’s compatible with a wide range of parts already in production.

The new Armscor pistol is called the STK100, and it’s a full-size, double-stack, striker-fired handgun, chambered for 9mm Luger, with a lightened slide cut for optics. It has a 4.5-inch barrel, feeds from 17-round Glock magazines and is expected to retail at a competitive price point.

Because it has an alloy frame Armscor put in the effort to lighten the STK100 wherever possible to keep its weight as close as possible to its polymer-framed rivals. The STK100 weighs just under 29 ounces unloaded, which is comparable to polymer pistols and a bit lighter than the average alloy-framed handgun.

Only a small number of companies release striker-fired pistols with alloy frames, and they’re typically high-end offerings, the type of guns that wind up on many shooters’ wishlists. But the STK100 is a lot different there, with a suggested retail price of only $599.

The upcoming Armscor and Rock Island Armory STK100 is a full-size, double-stack, striker-fired 9mm with an anodized alloy grip inspired by the 1911.
The STK100 is a full-size 9mm with an anodized alloy grip inspired by the 1911. (Photo: Armscor)

That sticker price of $599 is on par with many mid-range polymer-framed handguns, and a fraction of the price of its current competition. And while other companies like Walther and SIG Sauer will not have problems moving their premium pistols, with the amount of aftermarket support available for the STK100, neither will Armscor.

That’s because the STK doesn’t just look like a Glock 17, it’s compatible with many if not most Glock 17 components. Just the same, Armscor addressed a couple of things in the design of the STK100 that will likely appeal to shooters who appreciate Glock’s simplicity, but maybe not its ergonomics.

Armscor stuck with its background in 1911s when designing the STK100. The frame has a 1911 grip angle, with an upswept beavertail that extends a short amount past the slide. The trigger guard is also upturned and undercut, to prevent knuckle discomfort. And it has a straight frontstrap with grooves and checkering for a better purchase on the frame.

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“We think shooters are going to be excited about the STK100,” said Armscor President and CEO Martin Tuason. “It really does give shooters all the advantages of metal for the price of polymer. It’s perfect for recreational shooting, self-defense, and even law enforcement, which makes it incredibly versatile.”

With its stronger frame, similar weight, and improved handling characteristics, the STK100 promises to be a great all-around shooter. And, as mentioned, it’s priced right and that doesn’t hurt, either.

About the only thing Armscor could do down the line is introduce more models based on the STK100 design, because it looks like it’s going to be really popular. For more information, as always, visit Armscor online.

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