EDC Friendly Banter from WE Knives – Full Review

WE Banter in Black G10. Special colors are offered at different online retailers.

Over the last five years, WE Knife Co. has established a solid reputation for building high quality production knives that rival, and often beat, the top USA and European manufacturers. They make outstanding knives with longstanding, reputable, factories and facilities.

Last summer they released the Banter, designed by a guy named Ben Petersen. Most people in the knife community know Ben from his knife videos made during his time with BladeHQ. He’s not a knife maker, but someone who has handled countless knives in all price ranges. He wanted to design a knife that was extremely reliable, simple, and his version of the perfect EDC knife.

It’s a good looking knife when it’s open!


Model: Banter – 2004B
Weight: 2.86 oz.
Overall Length: 6.50”
Blade Length: 2.8”
Blade Thickness: 0.11”
Blade Style: Spear Point
Blade Steel: S35VN
Hardness: 58-60 RHC
Blade finish: Black Stonewash
Handle Material: G10
Lock type: Liner lock
Liner mterial: Stainless steel
Pocket Clip: Stainless steel, tip up, right carry
MSRP: $108

The pouch is high quality and can hold up to 2 knives.

The Banter comes in a nylon padded zipper pouch with 2 slots to carry multiple knives and a microfiber cloth. On first sight, I thought the Banter looked basic and unassuming which isn’t a bad thing. An every day carry shouldn’t look threatening or be complex to use in case you have to whip it out in public or lend it to a friend.  

Size Comparison Top Down: CRKT Jumbones, Spyderco Delica4, WE Knives Banter

My version is sporting Black textured G10 scales. The golf ball-like texturing is comfortable to hold and adds the right amount of grip to the sclaes. Chamfered edges surround the handle and it comes with a lanyard hole. Both the standoffs and pivots are blacked out and the show side pivot features the WE knife logo. It sits flush with the frame and is a nice change from the traditional looking pivots. The lock side reveals the deep carry stainless steel pocket clip engraved with the model name.

The makers mark on this side is unique to Ben.

Inside the frame sits the liner lock made of stainless steel and features large jimping for easy release. The liner pocket is precisely milled and the lock engages at the same position on the blade each time – no matter how soft or hard the blade is deployed. There is zero blade play and no lock stick. In the closed position, the detent ball keeps the blade firmly in place and remains solid. The lock face is nicely machined and finished.

The lockbar stops at the same position every time I open it.

The blade rides on caged ceramic bearings and is deployed using the dual blue anodized thumbstuds. I like the subtle pop it gives overall. They aren’t too pointy and have a nice step down rounded edge. It’s easy to get your thumb, index, or middle finger to flick it open. The action is buttery smooth and the lock engages with a satisfying click. It’s hard to resist fidgeting with this one. And at 2.8” the Banter should be legal in those states with pesky knife laws.

Blade is well centered and the lines are clean.

CPM-S35VN steel was used to make the traditional spear point blade. It has a black stonewash finish which is excellent for hiding that EDC wear. The spine features jimping which isn’t aggressive and doesn’t hurt your thumb when you really need to push through a cut. On the lock side we find the blade steel stamped near the pivot and the makers mark – WIUG. Which is an acronym for Ben’s signature intro on his knife videos “What Is Up Guys?”  The flat grind is even on both sides and the blade is centered in the closed position. For being such a simple design, the quality is top notch. The bevel is consistent and the steel is very sharp out of the box.

The stonewash helps hide any marks from cutting.

I’ve been carrying the Banter for a couple weeks now and it has proven to be everything I need from an EDC knife. The deep carry clip makes it dissapear in the pocket. I often forget it’s there. The G10 handles are made for resisting wear and can be easily controlled even when wet. They fill the hand nicely and it doesn’t create any hot spots for me no matter how hard I grip.

Can’t even tell it’s a knife.

The simple design and looks have grown on me over time. It wouldn’t be my first choice in a knife, but I know non-knife people are often intimidated by other, larger knives. I’ve handed it to several friends and some people not familiar with knives and they had no problem using the knife. Most of them had a big grin when the blade effortlessly flies from the handle and locks into place. There were a couple people who didn’t know how to operate a liner lock, but that was easy to explain.

No hot spots in the hand when holding.

Everyday cutting tasks with the Banter are easily achieved and I didn’t find the 2.8” blade to be limiting. From food prep to box cutting, the Banter didn’t have issues tackling whatever I threw at it. The S35VN steel is good at retaining its edge, and resisting corrosion while remaining easy to sharpen. I cut through some copper RCA cables and the black stonewash finish did a wonderful job at not showing any scratches or wear marks. The edge didn’t roll and remained sharp. I never felt the lock disengage or budge during any of the activities I performed. The lock remained solid the entire time and gave me confidence when using it.  The only time it struggled is cutting through some heavy cardboard. But anything short of a razor blade isn’t good for that.

Overall I think the Banter is a good EDC blade that was well thought out by Ben and meticulously executed by WE Knives. I like the combination of G10 and higher end S35VN steel for EDC use. For people with exceptionally large hands I could see how this might not be as comfortable to use. The ceramic bearings make the knife fun and easy to use. The deep carry pocket clip makes it easy to forget it’s there until you hit it on the wall or furniture. Unfortunately for lefties the pocket clip is oriented for right-hand carry only.

There’s not much bad to say about the knife that isn’t a personal design preference. The knife does what a knife is intended to do which is cut. And it cuts well. Don’t expect to be using this blade to skin your deer next season. It’s made for light EDC use, just keep that in mind. For me, I now carry this as a backup to my custom knives and offer to people who ask for a knife. It’s also a knife I’ll throw into my luggage when traveling knowing it’s legal anywhere I’d go.

Learn more about the Banter at WE Knives

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  • Dan September 21, 2021, 1:00 pm


    • XERXES036 October 3, 2021, 4:36 pm

      Anyone who knows of WE knives knows that already chief

  • Ken J September 21, 2021, 12:02 pm

    It’s too bad he couldn’t have made the clip reversible and added sales ($$) from the southpaw community. FWIW, I carry a Benchmade and have never had a problem with the clip coming loose. Not sure, but I may have put a dab of Locktite Blue on them long ago.

  • Phillip DeWitt September 20, 2021, 9:29 am

    I don’t like the two little screws attaching the clip to the knife, I pass on all knives with screws because they work lose in a year or do. I like SOG knives because they build the clip into the frame of the knife.

    • Lucky Dog September 21, 2021, 10:12 am

      Interesting… I carried Emerson’s folder’s, Warren Thomas’ folders & Terzuola’s ATCF’s on duty & off and never had clip screws come loose from those mfgr’s.

      Maybe it’s just the mfgr’s you chose…

    • C.Travis September 21, 2021, 10:56 am

      The majority of my knives, custom or production, have exposed screws on the clip and I’ve rarely experienced them coming loose. If it does come loose, it’s easy enough to quickly tighten without disassembling the knife and gives you the option to remove the clip altogether. If it’s really a pain, put a dab of loctite on it (the blue).

      That being said, my SOG Spec Elite Auto, and Trident both suffer from clip wiggle. No matter how tight I tighten the frame screws where the clip is.

      • XERXES036 October 3, 2021, 5:22 pm

        I use rocksett personally

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