Barrett Firearms Awarded DOD Contract for REC7 Rifles in 6mm ARC

Barrett Firearms is happy to say that they are working on a contract for the Department of Defense for a batch of REC7 DI rifle chambered in 6mm ARC. A new cartridge by Hornady, 6mm ARC is an AR-15-compatible cartridge with an effective range that exceeds 1,000 yards.

When Hornady announced the 6mm ARC many people recognized it as a formally adopted SAAMI-approved version of a number of experimental and wildcat cartridges, while others were curious for why, exactly, Hornady decided to go this route.

The answer is the Department of Defense. Hornady is making the ammo and Barrett Firearms will supply the rifles. The contract was awarded late last year.

The REC7 will be used by the DOD to evaluate 6mm ARC. (Photo: Barrett)

Barrett is working full-time to supply the military with REC7 rifles and after that the company will begin selling them on the commercial market.

Based on the company’s direct-impingement AR-platform rifle, the REC7 in 6mm ARC will use high-end Proof Research barrels for top-flight accuracy. When these rifles go on sale to the regular market Barrett will offer them with either stainless steel or advanced carbon fiber 18-inch barrels.

6mm ARC is a new cartridge just released by Hornady. (Photo: Hornady)

The 6mm ARC is capable of exceeding 2,700 feet per second with 108-grain match rounds out of a 24-inch barrel. Barret says their REC7 rifles with 18-inch barrels are still getting a much as 2,600 feet per second speeds using the same ammo. That guarantees supersonic speeds out to 1,000 yards under most conditions.

The REC7 is offered with a modular free-floating M-Lok handguard and the works when it comes to Magpul components. These rifles use direct gas impingement to reduce weight, simplify the system, and guarantee accuracy across a wide range of operating conditions.

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Barrett hasn’t announced the price but it’s likely to be in-line with other REC7 rifles, plus a premium for the Proof Research barrel, and those are not inexpensive.

That being said it will probably be cheaper than putting together a custom rifle plus it will have all the support and backing Barrett can provide. Standard magazine capacity for the new cartridge is 24 rounds.

Several dozen companies are on board with the new 6mm ARC by Hornady. Barrett stands out for their government contract, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only company backing 6mm ARC besides Hornady.

If you would like to know more about 6mm ARC check out our in-depth hands-on with the newest long-range intermediate rifle cartridge.

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  • Tom Eshleman June 8, 2020, 9:28 pm

    Will this new upper fit on the existing REC 7 5.56 lower? I am wondering if it will be easy to add a new caliber to my existing rifle?

    • KEN June 13, 2020, 2:33 am

      COAL of 2.260″, so yes! BCG will be different!

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