BCM Rolls Out MK2 AR-15 Uppers, Complete Groups and Rifles to Follow

The MK2 modifications are entirely functional with only minor cosmetic changes. (Photo: BCM)

For more information visit BravoCompanyUSA.com.

Bravo Company USA is happy to announce a new, updated flattop upper receiver for AR-15 rifles and pistols called the BCM MK2. They’ve taken a wide approach to improve the upper while keeping it compatible with standard off-the-shelf components.

One standout feature of the BCM MK2 Upper Receiver is its price. It’s very competitive, priced at $129, only $10 more than BCM’s standard M4 AR-15 upper receiver.

All of the MK2’s improvements are functional improvements that build on the transition from the original carry handle designs to today’s flattop upper receivers. Starting at the ejection port, the front of the receiver is heavily reinforced on both sides, moving mass from the rear of the receiver to the front.

The front of the receiver is heavily reinforced without adding much mass to the upper. The MK2 weighs .3 ounces more than an M4 upper. (Photo: BCM)

All around the ejection port and cam pin relief is additional material that strengthens the upper at its weakest points after removing the carry handle, which provided some strength and reinforcement. While this isn’t necessary for most, even in hard use situations, it adds significant protection to the user in cases of catastrophic failures such as an out-of-battery detonation.

Bravo Company also moved the forward assist toward the center of the upper receiver. This frees up space behind the forward assist in the charging handle area, which makes it easier to use for both right- and left-handed users.

Both the ejection port and forward assist continue to use standard parts even though some of the geometry is changed. Other small tweaks to the design include a slightly smaller shell deflector and a relocated, redesigned BCM logo on the right side of the receiver.

It’s time to finish those lower receiver builds. (Photo: BCM)

Internally the BCM MK2 uses standard and MIL-SPEC compatible bolt carrier groups and the upper works with all standard AR-15 lower receivers. Like BCM’s M4 or MK1 receiver, it features all 7075-T6 alloy construction with a hardcoat anodized finish and laser-engraved T-marks.

These improved parts don’t really have any downsides. The manual of arms to use the MK2 uppers is the same as any other upper receivers with dust covers and forward assists. They just make the uppers easier to use and a good deal safer in extreme circumstances.

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Bravo Company could have priced these uppers higher with few complaints. A lot of companies that have “enhanced” uppers price their parts in the $200- to $300-range and higher so it’s clear that BCM just wants people to buy these and use them; they’re not meant for safe queens.

Following the introduction of the MK2 Upper Receiver, Bravo Company plans on developing a full line of complete upper receiver groups as a drop-in upgrade for buyers as well as complete rifles after that.

In recent years a lot of AR-15 users have been buying lower receivers and other parts like crazy but have been slow to select and purchase uppers to complete their projects. With the BCM MK2 Upper Receiver it’s time to start finishing these rifles.

For more information visit BravoCompanyUSA.com.

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