Benelli Expanding Lupo Rifles in Three Calibers for 2021

The Lupo is now chambered for even more popular cartridges. (Photo: Benelli)

Benelli is expanding on their Lupo series of bolt-action rifles with three new chamberings for 2021. The Lupo is a relatively new offering from Benelli, introduced just a year ago, using barrel and recoil reducing features from their famous line of shotguns.

The new Lupo rifles will be available in 6.5 Creedmoor, .243 and .308 Winchester. These are shipping alongside current models offered in .30-06 Springfield, .270 and .300 Winchester Magnum.

The Lupo is a highly modernized take on the hunting rifle, with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee thanks to a modular chassis system. Despite this, it has the style and handling characteristics of a traditional hunting gun.

It uses a modular stock with traditional lines. (Photo: Benelli)

Every Lupo rifle has a standard receiver and an alloy lower that secures the synthetic forend and stock assemblies. The stock is fully adjustable using a set of shims to adjust the drop, cast and trigger reach.

It includes flush and raised cheek Combtech pieces as well as a buttpad spacer for a wide range of different fits. Additionally, the stocks use Benelli’s Progressive Comfort System, which, combined with the cheek pieces, reduce felt recoil and vibration to the face and shoulder.

The forends and hammer-forged barrels are free-floating to ensure repeat accuracy across a range of conditions, and the barrels receive Benelli’s Crio cryogenic treatment that relieves the stresses from the hammer forging process. And of course, the trigger is adjustable out of the box, too.

With a 5+1-round capacity it’s ready for game just about anywhere. (Photo: Benelli)

Unlike conventional chassis rifles, the Lupo is nice and lightweight. Depending on the configuration it weighs around 7 pounds dry, even dropping below 7 pounds with some models.

Features rounding out the Lupo rifles include a down-turned bolt that falls flat into a recess in the chassis when locked, factory-installed two-piece Picatinny rails on the receiver for optics, and a third sling swivel mount drilled into the forend for a bipod.

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Each of the new models has a 5+1-round capacity with flush-fitting detachable mags that can be topped off through the action. The 6.5mm model has a 24-inch barrel while the .243 and .308 Win. have 22-inch barrels, and all are threaded for 5/8-24 muzzle devices.

The suggested retail pricing for all three is $1,699, with lower prices online and in stores. For more details and information about these and other Benelli products visit the company website.

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