Beretta Celebrates with 10th Anniversary DT11 Over-Under

Beretta’s most competition-proven shotgun is getting a 10th-anniversary edition. (Photo: Beretta)

Beretta is celebrating 10 years of competitions and championships with the 10th Anniversary Edition DT11 over-under shotgun. This celebratory edition shotgun spares no attention to detail with intricate engraving, tasteful gold inlays and a hand mirror-polished finish.

An improved version of the professional-grade competition shotgun, the 10th Anniversary DT11 will be limited to a run of just 350 units. The run will be divided between Skeet, Sporting and Trap models, all in 12 gauge with 2.75-inch chambers. Each shotgun ships in a leather travel case with gold stitching and a black-lined interior.

“To mark 10 years of success, achieved both internationally, in the professional arena, and by amateurs on shooting ranges all over the world, Beretta has created an Anniversary edition of the DT11, said Beretta. “With all the outstanding features of the legendary DT11, the DT11 10th Anniversary has been redesigned in a commemorative guise, featuring meticulous engraving with a modern floral motif and hand-polished, mirrored side plates.”

The 10th Anniversary model is of course as tightly fit as the base models for years and years of hard use, with each individual part built and tested by the master gunsmiths at Beretta. The DT11 has long been Beretta’s “vault-tough” cross-bolt action over-under with an oversized receiver for added strength and durability.

The attention to detail is in both form and function. (Photo: Beretta)

The stocks and forends are Beretta’s class 3 grade walnut, with precise checkering on the grip, tang and forend. The triggers can be pulled for ease of maintenance and are set at the factory with a light 3.5-pound pull.

These shotguns all use Beretta’s Steelium barrels with extremely long tapered forcing cones to reduce pellet deformation to an absolute minimum. Barrel length vary depending on the model from 28 to 32 inches long and use the performance-optimized PBHP choke system.

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And while many of these additions are cosmetic, the Anniversary Edition has one small functional new feature, which is a redesigned ventilated rib with hollow bridges. This saves a little weight up front for better handling and helps dissipate heat faster.

The DT11 was designed from the beginning to have excellent handling characteristics, with a fairly direct stock, aggressive pistol grip and an ergonomic top lever that is easier to manipulate while reducing stress and fatigue over a long day of shooting.

Pricing for the 10th Anniversary DT11 is up there, with models listing at around $20,000. For more details about this class-leading special edition shotgun, head over to Beretta online.

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